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Charlie Sheen:

John Stamos is a

Tragic Joke

2/28/2011 10:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen thinks the rumor about John Stamos replacing him on "Two and a Half Men" is a "tragic joke."

John Stamos and Charlie Sheen

Charlie tells TMZ, "If they do that then they deserve their failures and the follies."

But Charlie is getting all hot and bothered for nothing.  People directly connected with the show tell TMZ ... the off-handed comment about Stamos replacing Sheen was a joke.

We're also told there is NO plan -- at least not now -- to replace Charlie.


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bring back recent posts    

Charlie is on Peirs Morgan now

1333 days ago


¿Quién hace este idiota cree que es? John Stamos es tan bueno si no mejor!

1333 days ago


There's nothing to replace. CS is nothing. No talent, no personality, not easy on the eyes, like I said a nothing.

1333 days ago


John NOW as opposed to Full House?

Now and he could just pull it off....if anyone watched the Two Mrs. Kissels, he played a more seedier guy than CS, so a CBS version.....pretty sure he can man it up!

Plus, he has a few inches on CS height and that works a little better with women.

I'd watch with John, although....he is not as pastey as CS and JC.

They can just send JC to the bahamas, get a tan and come back.

1333 days ago


Why don't they also Bring Mary & Ashley Olsen sister , Candace Cameron Bure, Dave Coulier, Bob Saget and Lori Loughlin and change the show's name to Full House and and half Men too?
can't believe it! ,PRODUCERS OF TAHM START KISSING THE BALLS OF SHEEN or think of something better to finish the show in a decent way ...jezz!!

1333 days ago


Nah...I don't think John Stamos would work. Charlie is the only one who works for the character. Especially after this whole debacle.

1333 days ago


I was watching Showbiz Tonight that I had recorded on my DVR...And it showed clips of Sheen's interviews he had with ABC and NBC this morning. I found those interviews to be more focused and candid than TMZ's. What really stood out is that Sheen IS most DEFINITELY BIPOLAR!!!! He said something to the effect of: If someone had my brain they'd hand it back and say they couldn't handle it -- cuz he goes mile a minute...THIS IS BIPOLAR DISORDER to a T. HE NEEDS MEDS!! Apparently, they had the Interventionist on Showbiz Tonight and he said Charlie's delusional and that maybe Jail would be something that would wake him up.

Another thing about Sheen...He GLORIFIES his drug use!! When asked how much he's done he replied 7 grams of rock...And when the ABC interviewer asked if he's afraid to die--he said, no because "dying is for fools"!!! GEEZUS!!! HE'S OUT THERE ON PLANET CHARLIE...And needs to come back to earth!

1333 days ago


Charlie just said on Piers Morgan that he has saved NO money from his salary. Shocking and scary. No wonder he is freaking out!

1333 days ago


Well, finally Charlie says SOMETHING that makes sense .... Stamos is an mullet-headed putz! I'd rather see them close the show down completely.

1333 days ago


He hasn't saved any money! Jeez....that was stupid! What about his kids?

1333 days ago


Why is CHUCKLES getting his panties in a bunch over ANYONE replacing him? Last week he said he was GOD and that no one "hit's their marks like I do"...

"they could never replace me"...

then..."Are they going to replace me? EFF 'EM"...

then "Seriously? they think they can replace me"? "Well I don't want the job anyway!"


What a tool.

1333 days ago


Charlie Sheen no vale madrrrrrrrrrre!!!!!!!!!

1333 days ago

Sad sad    

I turned on tv first thing I heard they said look at his face. Meth face. No ****. Compare pictures just from few moths ago. I'm just saying there's bigger reason to the madness. He's playing games. Hiding and seek.

1333 days ago


Ya know...I've only watched Two and a Half Men like twice before, but maybe Stamos would be a good option!! He has always been handsome, and Charlie's character was the ladies man on the show...So perhaps it may work.

1333 days ago


I don't think he's an addict. And I don't know if he has a mental illness. I think he just might have the biggest sense of entitlement there ever was.

1333 days ago
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