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Charlie Sheen:

John Stamos is a

Tragic Joke

2/28/2011 10:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen thinks the rumor about John Stamos replacing him on "Two and a Half Men" is a "tragic joke."

John Stamos and Charlie Sheen

Charlie tells TMZ, "If they do that then they deserve their failures and the follies."

But Charlie is getting all hot and bothered for nothing.  People directly connected with the show tell TMZ ... the off-handed comment about Stamos replacing Sheen was a joke.

We're also told there is NO plan -- at least not now -- to replace Charlie.


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Oh my, please someone save Charlie!! He's out of his freaking mind already. It's not even funny anymore. This is serious. I'm so sad for him I just wish someone would help him. He is deteriorating right in front of our eyes and no one is doing anything about it. Everyone is turning their backs on him because they think he is just being a jerk but honestly I think his situation is way beyond that. He needs therapy, counseling something!! I love you Charlie so please get some help. Lots of your fans including myself are praying for you to get better. We don't want to lose you.

1333 days ago


Throw him out. Replace him and go on with the shows. A lot of people are going to suffer on behalf of this nit wit. He doesn't even know when he has it good. He's not good enough to work on the show and he did it to himself. Time the producer moves on and put the people back to work.

1333 days ago


While watching him on Piers Morgan - I feel like I'm watching a therapy session for some reason.

1333 days ago


Charlie Sheen, just stop already. You're the tragic joke and you're just making it worst for yourself with all these "interviews" aka rants on how bad the network and creators are.

I love John Stamos, he's good-looking and would be a sweet replacement...but I wonder how the storyline will work? Alan's brother Charlie suddenly disappears and John Stamos takes over Charlie's life? Kinda awkward...

1333 days ago


Mel Gibson and Sean Penn support him? Wow, 2 guys who also have a reputation for abusing woman and alcohol. Not helping you Charlie. He also keeps contradicting himself. He admits to the cocaine use many times but then when asked can't that be reason for letting him go from 2 1/2 men because it's illegal, Charlie says, it's only illegal if I admit to it?? WTF. Dude has completely burnt up his brain with all those drugs.

1333 days ago


He's on Piers Morgan right now, and he is acting normal. Really - very calm, cool and collected. I sort of feel sorry for him, cause you can tell he's very concerned about his future.

1333 days ago


this pos needs to od NOW!

1333 days ago


I'm sorry, but John Stamos is WAY better than Charlie Sheen in every way possible. Charlie Sheen needs to stop thinking he's GOD. He's not. He sucks!!

1333 days ago

Sad sad    

Cherie no it's called crack abuse. When you have someone like him with the type of mentality (everyone's naming a million disorders) throw crack in the mix and it = Charlie Sheen. He's playing games because he stayed clean since the last story to show he's up and up. Right now he is clean. There's always a reason why someone does what they do. Crack is some nasty nasty **** to be hooked on. And he is defiantly "cracking". Therapy would be a top choice but I doubt he'd let anyone near his golden brain of distortion.

1333 days ago


Don`t kid yourself, sitcom actor, you are replaceable.

1333 days ago


Rob Lowe should replace Charlie. That would be good. Rob can actually act and how nice that would be for the audience.

1333 days ago


Replace him with Martin Sheen.

1333 days ago


Obviously Charlie has a massive Meth addiction. I would say cocaine but after the warlock comment, its def Meth!!! Sober my ASS!!!He also looks like death! His lawyers must be so proud they've allowed him to rehab at home!He's getting worse by the day..

1333 days ago


Replace him with Martin Sheen.

Posted at 6:48 PM on Feb 28, 2011 by johnstamos

marty the religious atheist peen is too busy kissing chavez's ass. or chavez's whatever.

1333 days ago

Sherlock Bones    

This reminds me of Celebrity Rehab when they all hit the dope sick stage. Withdrawls, lots of them.

1333 days ago
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