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D.A. On Verge Of Charging Mel Gibson

2/28/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the Mel Gibson criminal investigation tell TMZ ... Gibson is about to be charged with domestic violence, but Oksana Grigorieva will not be charged with extortion.

Mel Gibson Charged
Multiple sources say the die is not officially cast, but the powers that be think there's enough evidence to prosecute Mel, however not enough to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Oksana extorted him -- notwithstanding that she demanded $15 million from him in return for keeping the tapes secret.

All of our sources say ... the turning point for prosecutors was the fact that prior to Oksana going to the Sheriff's Department and accusing Gibson of domestic violence, Mel's family law attorneys filed a declaration in the family law case, in which Mel admits to slapping Oksana -- he says because she was shaking baby Lucia wildly and feared Shaken Baby Syndrome.
We're told the likely charge against Mel will be misdemeanor domestic violence -- he will not be charged with a felony.  Misdemeanor domestic violence carries a maximum penalty of six months in jail.

Sources say the extortion investigation has become a bone of contention between the D.A. and the L.A. County Sheriff's Department.  We're told Sheriff's investigators believe there is sufficient evidence -- much of which has not been made public -- to prosecute Oksana, but the D.A. doesn't agree.

As for a timetable ... we're told the decision is expected in the next two weeks, and very possibly this week.



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Mel admitted to slapping her (why I don't know). That's why he's being charged.

Posted at 2:51 AM on Feb 28, 2011 by dunamis

That's what gets me. Mr. Gibson could have easily denied it. That is why I believe his story over Ms. Oksana's.

1336 days ago


I agree with JLS. And if he's found guilty, I hope they throw his nasty ass in jail.

Posted at 1:27 AM on Feb 28, 2011 by me
All of you thinking Mel would be thrown in jail are just hating on the man. No history of this type of behaviour - misdemeanor at best.

No matter what, Ox is history. She is getting old, plastic surgery will no longer help her (not that is really did), everyone knows what she truly is and she has no talent... Mel will prevail.

1336 days ago


I've known NARCs who gave put together wonderful cases on
drug dealers, only to have a DA that is either lazy or incompetent, refuse to prosecute.

Posted at 3:05 AM on Feb 28, 2011 by gonesi

You said a mouthful.

1336 days ago


OG is playing the DV card to keep her from being charged for illegally recording Mel.

Also, as someone else stated, it's a set-up for a civil suit.

1336 days ago


Good Morning Everyone,

Oh My Gosh, this is not what I wanted to wake up to. Harvey are you trying to stir the pot again? Get every body upset and screaming for blood. Why wait all weekend to throw us this piece of sh it. Nothing happens on the weekend so they just didn't decide this. I swear that if Ox gets off without extortion we will all pay the price in the long run. I have said it before and I will say it again, out judicial system is so screwed up especially in LALA LAND that the inmates are running the asylum.

1336 days ago


she caused all this trouble and she walks.......yeah that's justice for you.

1336 days ago

Jack Cook    

I hope they bury the pig bitch. Shame he didn't hit her properly. What a peice of work. I wouldn't believe this nonsense but if its true we are obviously looking at one bent DA

1336 days ago


No, he admitted to defending his baby daughter.

Now, if what T.M.Z. states is true, the D.A. is applying politics. Doesn't take a lot of imagination. Just illustrates how stinking corrupt the system is. That's all.

Posted at 3:22 AM on Feb 28, 2011 by Ira Black

He admitted the offense, then came up with an excuse.One which you choose to believe.That is all.

1336 days ago


Thanks for your thoughts on this, when push comes to shove, both MG and OG are telling their versions, but in the end its all in God's hands, Karma or "What goes around comes around" will prevail, both parties will get their come-upance based on their versions of honesty. My opinion or yours don't matter a hill of beans in the end. Just hope everything works out for the absolute best of that little child Lucia.

1336 days ago


IF THIS STORY IS TRUE, the California justice system will be the laughingstock by the citizens of the world...

hopefully, this is an incorrect story planted by Oximoron's PR like they so often like to do...

i hope this story is just full of crap! since we all know what this POS tried to do and has done to Mel and his family!

1336 days ago


I agree with JLS. And if he's found guilty, I hope they throw his nasty ass in jail.

Posted at 1:27 AM on Feb 28, 2011 by me

Were you will be waiting with open arms, right Bubba?

1336 days ago


Finally thank god!

This douche may finally get his come uppence.

And the DA should chastise the L.A. County Sheriff's Department for their blatent misuse of resources and man hours on the supposed extortion claim.

No extortion ever took place infact it's quite the opposite Oksana ran everything by her lawyers first.

This has been nothing more then a typical high profile child custody case from the begining,Like it or not everyone's dirty laundry comes out in divorce and child custody cases.

He's been a douche for a long time but because of who he was and his friendships rarely was he called out for being a douche.

This time his friends at L.A. County Sheriff's Department couldn't even save or help him,Even though they tried hahaha.

Though I'm sure whatever happens to him he'll just chalk this one up to the JEWS again like the sick bastard he his.

1336 days ago


Mel's not going to jail.

1336 days ago


Gee, imagine that...another woman being the so-called "victim"...yet, Mel is charged....give me a frickin' break....the laws in this country make it so women get away with ANYTHING!

How often do you see a huge SUV tailgating you only to pull over and see it's a soccer mom in a hurry to get to Starbucks.

1336 days ago


The only looser in this case are the tax payers of california. The city wasted millions of dollars to prosecute a misdmeanor. The DA office is hopping at best for a plea deal because there star witness can't get her story straight. Blair Berk will kill the DA and once again the taxpayer of california are left holding the bag. Im glad I don't pay taxes in california. The DA should be embrassed, but Danette the DA savior still has lindsay.

1336 days ago
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