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Spencer Pratt -- I Wanna Be Charlie Sheen's Publicist!

2/28/2011 7:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's only been a few hours since Charlie Sheen lost his all-star publicist Stan Rosenfield -- and he's already getting an offer for a new replacement ... from SPENCER PRATT!!!

Spencer Pratt Charlie Sheen
Spencer tells TMZ, he's so serious he'll even work for nothing -- claiming, “I want to be Charlie Sheen's new publicist…. I am offering to be his media point man and that I have great contacts with media outlets and will work for free just to be part of his 'WINNING TEAM'."

Isn't there a saying about the blind leading the blind?


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WTF. Are you ****ting me? Is the world coming to an end. Are the sea's parting, or do bears not **** in the woods.Can this be a dream come true? Pratt and Sheen together. Why this is better then peanut butter and jelly. This is better then any script that could be written. Sign me up.. I'll watch that train wreck.. Hey PRATT want to be my manager, since you and Sheen will be the providing my material as a comedian.. I should be rich within a week with all the **** they talk.. So come on boys, why don't you move in together with the god-ass-iz and start your own reality show. Or hey start your own network, call it "Sheprat!". I'd subscribe to that network of insanity! You give me hope,for job security as the butt of all my jokes!

1271 days ago


Spencer Pratt should be waiting tables at Steak & Shake. But he would be fired for being a douchebag.

1271 days ago

Lindsay Lohan    

Can someone please tell Spencer that he and his Stepford wife are so last year. go away already.

1271 days ago


Hey karissa...I love Steak & Shake...Can't even think of him handling my burger

1271 days ago


LMAO, he just wants free Cocaine.....
get a life

1271 days ago


No, It's actually called "THE JERK LEADING THE JERK"!

1271 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

The delusional leading the delusional.

Idea: Just throw in LiLo, Palin, Bachmann and the Randy Quaid family and you'd have one bat***t-crazy sitcom. You could set it in an asylum and it'd make millions if there was anyone out there with the fortitude to produce it with these narcissistic nutballs bouncing off the walls.

1271 days ago


I guess if your gonna pimp your wife out, and your wife happens to be Heidi the only thing these douche****s need to complete their resumes is a low-rent porn flick involving heidi the plastic girl with no nerve endings and Mr. Sorry CHarlie there aint enough Colombian marching powder to get my **** up...I'm thinking of a whole new comedy!!!

1271 days ago


Like a fly to **** I see. Douchebags attract Douchebags.

1271 days ago


RUN CHARLIE RUN!!! What ever is going on in Charlie's world right now will die down `````````
Spencer Pratt wishes CS would take him under his wing!!
~~~~ Gag me now!! ~~~~
Go ride someone else's tail coats Spencer, you `f`u`c`k`i`n`g`

1271 days ago


charlie keep being yourself. don't let other people influence who you are. and for all of you that have never experienced greatness. shut tfu!!!!! two and a half men is only great,because he rocks it,like i would if it was me. keep it goin sheen!!

1271 days ago


OMG!!! Could this menagerie get any worse?? If Charlie takes Spencer up on his offer, he's really lost his marbles!!!

1271 days ago


poor Charlie - good bye!

1271 days ago


*** Maybe he'll just Speidi...he can add Heidi to his harem LOL! ***

1271 days ago


This is too sickening.

Charlie deserves to die along with Spenser.

1271 days ago
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