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Spencer Pratt -- I Wanna Be Charlie Sheen's Publicist!

2/28/2011 7:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's only been a few hours since Charlie Sheen lost his all-star publicist Stan Rosenfield -- and he's already getting an offer for a new replacement ... from SPENCER PRATT!!!

Spencer Pratt Charlie Sheen
Spencer tells TMZ, he's so serious he'll even work for nothing -- claiming, “I want to be Charlie Sheen's new publicist…. I am offering to be his media point man and that I have great contacts with media outlets and will work for free just to be part of his 'WINNING TEAM'."

Isn't there a saying about the blind leading the blind?


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bye bye Charlieeeeeeeeeee

1333 days ago

lando gregori    

oh forgot 406-781-8158 for you spencer *** boy...

1333 days ago


Hasn't anyone figured out that this loser connects himself and his plastic wife to the day's hot topics? Just like he did a few weeks ago re: Real Housewives, every time Charlie Sheen or Real Housewives is googled, up he and his 3rd appendage show up in the search results. It's the only way they can try to stay relevant because you know, no one in their right mind would do a search for them otherwise.

1333 days ago

t jam     


1333 days ago


Here's the lowdown from Big Poppa Razzi:

Sheen has issues to deal with. We all do, it is in our nature to be flawed.

When you are filthy rich and so disproportionately successful, your problems become impossible to relate to, for most people.

All you haters with the judgments and the (many heartless and disgusting) makes you feel so good for one fleeting moment to vent your frustration at your own life and cir***stance...against a person whose existence you cannot fathom, whose success and power in the world makes you feel so, so small. Then to see him struggle...makes you so anxious and excited to tear him down in order to make yourself feel bigger. Pathetic. You're not giving Sheen karma he deserves; just making your own.

I believe Sheen to be an extremely, extremely highly functioning addict. I do agree with some here, that withdrawal symptoms are obvious in his recent appearances. His weight is another strong indicator of emotional dependence upon something other than food. (food being many, many 'normal' peoples drug).

I believe Sheen to be a true artist, hence he is dedicated to revealing the greater truth. The noble goal of any true artist. I believe this may be the ultimate, greater message at the heart of his plan to use this instance and attention to direct toward information such as is disseminated by his buddy Alex Jones ( EXREMELY telling information that, when examined and linked together, makes a compelling case for some very dark truths that need to be pulled into the light.

Go Charlie.

Sheen is educated, and has recently begun championing issues of truth in government (educate yourself, for real - there are SO MANY VALID concerns about 9/11), and ultimately I believe he intends to tackle the related issue of the state of the financial hierarchy in America, and how corporate America has a choking grip over the country and are the true, invisible power that guide most of the moves America makes. Moves made in the interest of private, profit making agendas, and/or power-mongering corporate cowboys with no morality, only a lusting thirst for more control.

Remember, technically speaking Sheen is not at the top of the 'hierarchy' he works within. And seeing things unfold the way they did, I truly believe that (depending how the contract is laid out) Sheen will have an excellent chance of victory in court, or more likely, forcing a settlement (that the studio no doubt, will want confidential so to minimize embarrassment of Sheen 'winning').

In summation, I do hope Sheen's mind, and heart are truly powerful enough to carry him through all that he intends to accomplish in his tour on this rock. I watch him with great interest and appreciation...and cringe as he courageously lets loose the cannons of his truth.

Did you know the American people had 2.3 trillion dollars GO MISSING from the pentagon coffers leading up to 9/11? AND that Donald Rumsfeld announced the shocking amount of lost funds on 9/10?!?!?!

Charlie is dismayed about more than losing 16 million....the guys gotta be worth 10's if not 100's of millions....don't you people realize that real-life, earthling adult heroes often have severe flaws??? Didn't you see THE WATCHMEN???

Big Poppa

1333 days ago


SHAME SHAME ON YOU TMZ! A long time ago Chelsea Handler vowed to never give these 2 people anymore publicity with out calling them "Herpes1 and Herpes2" You might wanna go with that for a lead story headline if you EVER mention them again! They are really so below a slow news day.....even for you.

1333 days ago


Spencer P. would be a drag on Charlie's career. Charlie can handle damage control better with his candid interviews than anything anyone else could do for him. When a publicist speaks on behalf of a celeb, everyone discounts it and knows it is spin. Charlie's in-your-face live interview tactic will help him.

1333 days ago


Butthole meet Mr. Butthole.

1333 days ago


Spence, something tells me that you don't have the power of the mind that Charlie possesses right now. I suspect that they're nothing you can do for him that he can't do for himself, just by thinking about it. Perhaps you should go find yourself some "godesses" too!

1333 days ago

John Tyler    

And to think, we were just asking ourselves... Is there anyone more stupid than Charlie in LALALAND?

Yes, yes there is.

1333 days ago


Wow. What a pair - a loser and a looney!!

1333 days ago


What an arrogant, pompous A**, And concieded, condesending son of a b####.

What goes around, comes around..

I cannot wait.

1333 days ago

Adam S    

Charlie may been insane right now, but no one is too far gone to be stupid enough to have anything to do with Spencer Pratt.

1333 days ago


that is cool! They could both gay marry Mike Vick! Ha ha ha ha!

1333 days ago


pratt your just looking for coat tails lol. i make like 15,000 a year and i'm not looking to ride them bro. grow up

1333 days ago
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