TMZ Live -- More on Charlie's Wild Interview with TMZ

2/28/2011 6:00 PM PST
Want to know what happened behind the scenes of Charlie Sheen's crazy interview on TMZ? Plus, did The Oscars broadcast suck THAT bad? We answer these questions and more on today's TMZ Live!!!

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(0:00) Mike says Charlie Sheen's neighborhood is like "Disneyland for rich people."
(2:15) What was it like inside Charlie's house? (3:50) Was Charlie sober?
(5:45) What started the war between Charlie and "Men" creator Chuck Lorre?
(6:50) Charlie's attorney goes after Warner Bros. -- do they have a case?
(8:05) The Oscars sucked ... and Harvey isn't afraid to say it.
(10:15) An unbelievably satisfying Oscar fashion roundup with Anna.
(13:20) Mike had a question cheat sheet during his interview with Charlie ... but decided to ditch it.
(21:00) Charlie's two goddesses -- and his two kids -- were at his house today during the interview.
(25:58) Who should host The Oscars next year?
(27:13) Lindsay Lohan's grand theft case ... and why she's screwed if she's placed on probation after her likely jail sentence.
(28:10) Charlie dodged a bullet over his Plaza Hotel trashing.