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Warner Bros. To Pay 'Two and a Half Men' Crew

2/28/2011 8:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Warner Bros. will open its corporate wallet and pay the crew of "Two and a Half Men" for the 4 weeks they would have worked for the remainder of the season ... TMZ has learned.

Members of the crew tell TMZ .... they were told "Men" creator Chuck Lorre spearheaded the move, got Warner Bros. on board and as a result more than 100 people will be getting their paychecks.

Members of the crew estimate they will collectively get around $2 million for the 4 weeks of work.

One crew member tells us he and his colleagues are "ecstatic."

Warner Bros. had no comment.


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Like a good game of chess, this was an excellent strategical move. Who will make the next move? Charlie or CBS? I think Charlie is going to be check-mated very soon.

1311 days ago


Hopefully Sheen stays off the booze and drugs.

Unfortunately, I think when it sinks into Charlie's pea-brain that his gig is over, he will go on a major month-long bender.

1311 days ago


UMMMMM!!! I'm no expert, but I believe that Sheen has a very powerful case against Lorre and WB. First of all there is not morale clause in his contract, so they cannot fire him for whatever he chooses to do during off hours. Also, if Charlie does indeed have a drug problem, by Lorre making fun of him AND posting the vanity cards after each show, well that is a BIG NONO when it comes to labor laws. I'm sure that Lorre and WB have been advised by their lawyers that Charlie will win whatever lawsuit he has and will put forth. Good for Charlie.

Posted at 3:41 PM on Feb 28, 2011 by Mag

Are you a contract law attorney and have you read this contact? Is that what you mean by 'not an expert'?

If I were a production company, I'd rather pay my staff legal eagles than give another dime to this overpaid replaceable meglomaniac. I'd also find a replacement for him and finish out the season and see if it works. Or not and focus on a new project.

1311 days ago


FINALLY the "crew" gets some consideration.

Charlie Sheen's butt has been "kissed" far outside the realm of reasonable for far too long (years).

1) We all know it's a perfect media public relations move.

2) It IS the RIGHT THING to do.

1311 days ago


Wait, the crew gets 5 grand per week!!!
2 million divided by 4 is 500 grand. 500,000 divided by 100 people is 5000. 5000 times 4 is 20 Grand.


1311 days ago


It's really a shame.I use to just Love cs.Now I can't even spell or capitalize his name.He's such a baby.His Father should wash his hands of him like his Publisist.He's still on Crack.If He was in his right mind he would go to Treatment and come Crawling & Begging for his job back.Because anyone who Hires him THE WAY HE IS NOW would be on Crack as well.

1311 days ago



1311 days ago


CBS you just gained back everything Katie Couric lost for you and then some. Very very upstanding move for the crew and their families who have suffered for this jackwagon.

There is one person to blame for all this and we all know who it is, don't we? Someone else said "Charlie's responsible for this."

No Charlie is apparently only responsible for giving a daily confirmation of what an A$$ he is and has yet to show anything but hot air concern for the crew.

If I was on that crew, if you handed me a dime Charlie, I would personally help you to put it where the sun doesn't shine and I don't care how much you handed me.

Sometimes a person has to stand on principles and not be a bunch of ki$$ a$$e$.

1311 days ago


Lorre owed it to the crew. Now what about the remain actors?

Let's not forget. Charlie talked about the boss and the boss got mad and FIRED EVERYONE. THink about it. The show could have gone on without Charlie. They only had 4 shows to film.

Lorre should have just fired and barred Charlie from the set. Then redo the last 4 shows without him in it.

It's like punishing the whole class for one clown's antic. The class is good why should they be punished for one kid's antic. This is just a bigger class. Canceling the show hurts EVERYONE (FAN'S INCLUDED) BUT CHARLIE. He will go on and make more money later. So in the end Lorre owed it the crew and hopefully the cast will get paid.

1311 days ago


Good, those are the only people working on the show that are really financially affected by this whole situation. They dont make millions of dollars per week like the actors do.

1311 days ago


CBS's next step should be to fire sheen. He's too much of a liability and not even remotely talented.

1311 days ago

Home Skillet    

I used to work for WB. Best. Company. Ever. Way to step up to the plate, WB!! WOO HOO!

1311 days ago


Way to go Warner - what a show of class something we don't see much of anymore - thank you for showing us America still has it!

1311 days ago


They had better do something like this if only for PR sake! After today's interviews, they are looking like they have a vendetta our for CS with no real basis in fact.

Although very angry (as anyone would be) Charlie appears lucid and spoke intelligently- clearly ready for work.

1311 days ago


For those of you calling names on the people who actually watched the show, shame on you. Nitwits? Well, not much difference between watching THAT show and sitting at your computer talking about a guy you don't even know. I myself watched for quite sometime and found the other actors entertaining. Charlie Sheen has never been a big favae of mine but I like Jon Cryer (Alan) and Conchatta Ferrel (Berta)
As for the comments about Chuck Lorre's vanity cards, I read each & everyone of those last night, looking for all the horrible stuff he was supposed to have said about Charlie Sheen. Wasn't there, folks. A few references to drinking, but nothing specific that couldn't have been attributed to several other celebs I can think of. Most of Lorre's VC's were basically his point of view on a bunch of different things. He stated very clearly they were HIS opinions.
Charlie Sheen is a common drunk, street druggie, whore monger. He is no better than the average druggie found in the allies & crack houses, other than that he has money & a home. He knows very little about anything, and when he dies (and we all know he will) I hope no one is stupid enough to write some amazing eulogy about im. Maybe the only way for these jerks to learn anything is to hear, at someone's funeral, "He was a jerk, a know it all, and he brought this on himself"

1311 days ago
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