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Warner Bros. To Pay 'Two and a Half Men' Crew

2/28/2011 8:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Warner Bros. will open its corporate wallet and pay the crew of "Two and a Half Men" for the 4 weeks they would have worked for the remainder of the season ... TMZ has learned.

Members of the crew tell TMZ .... they were told "Men" creator Chuck Lorre spearheaded the move, got Warner Bros. on board and as a result more than 100 people will be getting their paychecks.

Members of the crew estimate they will collectively get around $2 million for the 4 weeks of work.

One crew member tells us he and his colleagues are "ecstatic."

Warner Bros. had no comment.


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January Jonez    

That's great!! The crew deserves to be compensated..Charlie was barkin about the crew getting paid since the beginning..So after chatting it up w/the legal eagles, the A-hole suits realized they best get movin on this..Aside: I think Charlie is an honorable guy who likes to get F*cked up & bang some sluts.. Who cares -

1333 days ago


Hey "Team Lorre"--where are the scripts????

Sounds like your star was ready but your writer was NOT.

1333 days ago


Good old Warner...everything can be solved with a check.

1333 days ago


They should produce one more show, without Sheen. The plot, he was in a car accident. The cops show up at the door to tell the news to his family, explaining how Charlie cause the accident that killed a number of people because he was drunk. The show ends with the cast in the hospital surrounding a guy in a coma, completely wrapped up in bandages...they can decide what to do over the summer...just saying they can write him out...they can even stretch it a couple of episodes...just to end the show.

1333 days ago


The funny thing is that through all the insane babbling that led to all this last week Sheen was still willing to come into work. Other people will cuss out the boss and say screw the job he was willing to face his boss and work like nothing ever happened.

Too bad. The is/was the most perfect thing on t.v. since probably Seinfeld. For all we know this could be a big publicity stunt dreamt up to benefit everyone associated with the show. hahahahaa. It is Hollywood after all.

1333 days ago

January Jonez    

Poster # 63:

I totally agree w/your post - well said.

1333 days ago


Huh... Collective Bargaining? Sounds familiar. Now let's stand up and fight for Wisconsin workers and their rights.

1333 days ago


To Poster #58
Chuck Lorre did NOT fire everyone. The network waited a couple of days then announced they would not be filming any more new episodes for the balance of this season. They also said they would decided later what to do about the show. They are discussing it. Who knows, maybe they are talking about how to keep it going, or who could step in , or any of a dozen other things. We won't know until the new season is supposed to start. Remember, when Michael J. Fox had to leave Spin City (he was actually ill, not a 2 bit drunk druggie like SHeen) it was kept on the air but Sheen stepped in and the show didn't even stumble. They are weighing their options (as they said in the last report I read).

1333 days ago

And thats the truth    

I think that Charlie needs to pony up that money. He is the entire cause of this fiasco. The cast and crew will probably not have a job next season because of him. Charlie needs to be sued for breach of contract and slander. He needs to be knocked down a few pegs.

To a previous poster, I think Jack Black would do a great job. He can be serious when he needs to be or a joker when he needs to be. I watched the show for about 15 minutes and anyone can replace Charlie. He wasn't all that. Charlie, dont mess with the Duckie!

1333 days ago

Sad sad    

Will Charlie be one of those getting paid? LOL Chuck is the man. Charlie had his chance to be a man but no he's too smart and witty. Comedic brilliance.

1333 days ago

Charlie Clean    

You can thank Charlie for this. If he hadn't been so vocal and critical of Chuck Lorre and the Producers of the show they would've never paid up. This is a PR stunt to take off some of the heat Charlie is laying out.

1333 days ago


Uh oh! Looks like Lorre is in BIG trouble, judging by the letter that was sent to Warner Bros and CBS, coupled with the fact that Charlie has passed numerous drug tests, this opens the door to ALL kinds of trouble for Lorre, AND it looks like my favorite show is going to be back on the air soon.


1333 days ago


$20 grand a month, are you freaking kidding me for that IQ of 70 and below show, Charlie/Ahole be lucky you reaped that salary. Because Buddy you Ain't splitting the Atom or changing this world with any new inventions to help humanity.

How in the Hell has this world been inverted to such a point that this s*** can reap these type of dollars for the crap he does??

He's another uneducated idiot or a semantic monkey as all actors are.

1333 days ago


I say send Charlie to Mars where he thinks he is a bitching rock star....... Who died and made him GOD... His history with girls and drugs leads a pathway to hell. Good for the other employees who didn't cause the hold up on the show but Charlie should get NOTHING. Find someone who WANTS your arrigant self. Hope his kids don't turn out like him. He isn't that funny, and everyone is replaceable at every job.

1333 days ago


Don't be fooled people Chuck Lorre is a douchebag and so are CBS, WB are the only ones stepping up to what is right while Chucky boy tries to take all the credit, his wallet stays full.

1333 days ago
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