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Warner Bros. To Pay 'Two and a Half Men' Crew

2/28/2011 8:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Warner Bros. will open its corporate wallet and pay the crew of "Two and a Half Men" for the 4 weeks they would have worked for the remainder of the season ... TMZ has learned.

Members of the crew tell TMZ .... they were told "Men" creator Chuck Lorre spearheaded the move, got Warner Bros. on board and as a result more than 100 people will be getting their paychecks.

Members of the crew estimate they will collectively get around $2 million for the 4 weeks of work.

One crew member tells us he and his colleagues are "ecstatic."

Warner Bros. had no comment.


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Nice corporate move. Good for the crew, and judging by the comments of many of you lemmings here, also successful in the way of buying up good will in the face of Sheen's battle stance and overall favorable position.

This move was %100 in response to Sheen's no-nonsense actions over the last few days, his response to the corporate attempts at interference into his personal life. Get your head around it people.

Smart people see Sheen's role in pressuring this move by the studio.

Big Poppa

1342 days ago

Mr Furley    

The ONLY Crew Charlie is paying for are the Trolls on the internet- Sorry, but your "typing fingers of fire" Are STILL outnumbered by REAL posters about 10 to 1. FAIL.

1342 days ago

Sad sad    

And thats the truth : That would be hilarious have Jon Cryer look at Jack Black and say dude what have you done to yourself? You let yourself go. HAAAAAAAAAAAHA. I love JB

1342 days ago


Team Lorre! Sheen had every chance to step up and do this. He just talks and talks. Nothing but hot, insane air.

1342 days ago

Mr Furley    

"This move was %100 in response to Sheen's no-nonsense actions over the last few days"

Really???? REALLY?????

1342 days ago


"This move was %100 in response to Sheen's no-nonsense actions over the last few days"

Really???? REALLY?????

Posted at 4:37 PM on Feb 28, 2011 by Mr Furley

yes really. They would not have gotten paid. There are articles everywhere saying that the crew would not be paid. Charlie said he would pay 1/3 of the crews salary if the studio paid as well. Something happened were charlie reneged and decided wb should pay the whole thing them self. All the information is out there.

This is lorre and cbs/wb attempt to save face.

Charlie sheen..WINNING

1342 days ago



Cryer (and the rest of "Men") have been asked/told not to comment...let him bury himself.

And yes, Charlie has talked to Jon and Angus's mother.
Go to RADAR and watch Saturday's interview after the test.

1342 days ago


Sheen told the crew to be patient in one interview not 48 hours ago. Now they're getting paid.

In your angry little mind, these actions by the studio have nothing to do with Charlie Sheen's refusal to back down under pressure?

Not long ago, the crew was and I quote "not my (Lorre's) problem".

Sheen is gaining momentum big time and this was part of the corporate attempt to mitigate.

Put that in the old pipe Furley. Your mind can't find the truth, only anger and judgment.

Big Poppa

1342 days ago


Would they have done this on their own without Charlie being so vocal about it? I kinda doubt it.

1342 days ago


If Charlie hadn't spoken out the crew would never have been paid. If they pay the crew, don't they have to pay Charlie too? CBS/Warner Bros need to buy him out of his contract.

1342 days ago

They are crayz!!    


There are alot of idiots that think Charlie should be paying the crew. Why? none of this is his fault. He showed up and did his job, made everyone money including CBS, WB, Producers

Charlie has no moral clause in his contract, what he does on his personal time is his to do....

Chaim pulled the plug on the show when Charlie mouthed him off. Chaim is a little cry baby and wanted to show Charlie he wasa the boss and pulled the plug.

When Chaim gets nailed with a 300+ million dollar lawsuit, I hope he signs the check to Charlie with a smile on his face.

Paying the crew is nothing more than damage control and PR by WB. Charlie has been pressuring them for weeks to do it, and finally the have been guilted into it

1342 days ago


Oh please, Warner Bros. is just paying the crew so they don't hop on the Charlie Sheen lawsuit bandwagon. It has nothing to do with being the right thing, otherwise they would have made the offer days ago.

1342 days ago

Alan Carver    

IT has nothing to due with Sheen's national tv interview debacles, that got CBS/Warner Bros., on board with this. Believe me the bigger picture here is that they have a fiduciary responsibility to the crew that produces this show. What they are doing is ... now pay attention kiddies, when Sheen files his $320M Dollar lawsuit against CBS, they can include this 'payout' to the crew, as part of what Sheen owes them back since he is responsible for CBS/Warner Bros., to have to quit taping and reduce the number of shows due to Sheen's forever booze, drug, sex addict bender he is on right now.

CBS is not commenting and rightfully so, since it will all come out when after Sheen files his lawsuit and CBS counters and they discuss this case in front of a Judge and Jury. No JURY in LA CTY that is, is ever going to believe or side with SHEEN. The contractual obligations Sheen is suppose to be adhering to have been broken, severed, irretrievably broken down and CBS will have a nice parting gift for Sheen as a consolation prize for trying to PLAY A LAWSUIT GAME a HUGE BILLION $ lawsuit countering all of his claims! He is in direct VIOLATION of his contract with them!

Unfortunately, until a SMART/WISE Entertainment lawyer gets to Sheen, he'll just keep spouting off, and giving CBS much more ammunition to use against him, aside from the ALREADY obvious!

I look forward to seeing the final nail in Sheen's coffin as he continues down this path of self-destruction! He clearly thinks that he is in the right, that CBS is responsible for his VICTIM role. Clearly delusional, irrational, and unstable CBS's case is strong and in-the-right.

Remember Sheen - you are PROMISED Jails/Institutions or Death! Your CHOICE! Choose wisely!

1342 days ago


Then this is the one good thing that has come from this mess.

Charlie will self destruct, his character on the TV show, I don't think its acting, its just him the way he is, except now he is crazy and I don't see that fitting into the show

Isn't is fun each day to see what this idiot does !!

1342 days ago


The publicist, Stan Rosenfeld, CBS, Warner Bros. have been a long term part of the problem. They should have taken this seriously years ago but instead these people shredded Denise Richards, Brooke Muller, the NY City girl when they knew Charlie has been a problem missing "practice" for a long time. This is a frightening time for what is going to happen to Charlie. Now all the people who made money off him are bailing because they see the inevitable everyone else did a long time ago. Charlie has interviewed like this for a long time but these people just sat back and mae their money rather than doing something when they should have. We would like to see some of Stan Rosenfeld's past PR releases.

1342 days ago
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