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Brooke Mueller

Shut Down In Custody Fight

3/1/2011 8:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller couldn't get her kids this afternoon ... because cops told her the custody arrangement she signed put Charles in Charge -- at least for today.

Brooke Mueller Charlie Sheen
Sources connected with Brooke tell TMZ ... she's upset that Charlie Sheen is cavorting with a porn star and an Internet model, and feels the twins shouldn't be around the group.

Charlie, on the other hand, is telling people he questions Brooke's sobriety and thinks the kids should be with him, because he's sober.

Charlie tells TMZ ... he's angry at Brooke for stirring the pot and thinks her move today -- going to the cops to try and get the kids contrary to the custody order -- is "absolutely ridiculous."

Lawyers for both sides are already involved, and the dispute shows no signs of resolution.



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Those two porn stars are far-and-away better human beings and potential mother figures to those kids than Brooke could ever be.

Brooke is a complete degenerate--should have had her tubes tied on her 18th birthday.

1297 days ago


Didnt Brooke just get outta REHAB recently?? any judge would hand over kids to her.

Posted at 4:53 PM on Mar 1, 2011 by Azgrl21
Yes, she WALKED out of rehab without finishing the program. She's nuts and still an addict!

1297 days ago

get real    

Sad... Babies should Not Be With the HOOKERS.

1297 days ago


The only time Brook and Denise travel with Charlie and his porn girls is when Charlie demands the kids go on the vacations and they cannot stop Charlie from taking the kids.

That is exactly why Denise was nearby in a hotel room with the kids when Charlie had the hotel room incident with the porn girl.

I bet Brook was upset when Charlie wanted to take the kids on the vacation out of the country with the porn girls and figured all she can do is go with them as Denise has done.

1297 days ago


Charlie Sheen Doesn't Hit Women (Oh, Really?)
by Jeanne Sager
on March 1, 2011 at 2:45 PM

Have you heard the news? Charlie Sheen is now the hero to the All-American male. Able to take more drugs than nature allows and still survive. He's able to rant on network TV and avoid the psych ward. Able to convince a bevy of "goddesses" to move in with him after he successfully did the above plus lost his job on Two and a Half Men (where, let's face it, he didn't do any work to begin with -- he just played a lazy drunk).

Who knew being a wife-beating criminal was such a great thing, America? Yup. While certain American males are sitting, as you read this, furiously typing "how the f--k do I get Charlie Sheen's life?" they're conveniently ignoring a whole long history of Charlie Sheen's brushes with the law. Piers Morgan hasn't. In a bit released from tonight's highly anticipated interview, Sheen claims:

Women are not to be hit. They are to be hugged and caressed.

Oh, really? Remember the time he allegedly slammed a girlfriend's head into the ground, knocking her unconscious? How about that time he choked his own wife? America, let's wake up. You are currently fascinated with a man who is a criminal, and a dangerous one at that.

Sheen's goddesses, Natalie Kenly and Rachel Oberlin, plus soon-to-be ex-wife Brooke Mueller and two of his children, are now said to be living with a man who was once arrested on felony assault charges for threatening Mueller with a knife and trying to choke her (he was later convicted). These women and children are living with a guy who allegedly once slammed girlfriend Brittany Ashland into a marble floor, then threatened to kill her if she told anyone about the assault. A guy who didn't care that ex-wife Denise Richards was holding daughter Lola in her arms when she says he pushed her to the ground, making death threats. And let's not forget way back in 1990, Sheen "accidentally shot" then-fiancee Kelly Preston in the arm. He wasn't charged, but Preston immediately broke off the engagement (moving on to marry John Travolta).

Still sound like a guy we should be laughing about and celebrating for living the high life? Really? Because that's just brushing over the domestic violence charges. We also have Sheen's alleged trashing of a room at the Plaza Hotel last fall, when -- surprise, surprise -- his "escort" was said to be locked in a closet, terrified.

We could go on. Talk about the rehab stints. His link to Heidi Fleiss. But we shouldn't need to.

Charlie Sheen may think he's a tiger with Adonis DNA. I think he's a s***bag. America, when are you going to follow suit?

1297 days ago


#59...Bein in rehab is not a crime, though I agree with you that she's not any better as a parent than him. Rehab though is a medical and behavioral intervention. At least she was (ostensibly) trying to get better. Charlie on the other hand is an arrogant, mentally ill lost cause.

1297 days ago


Why in the heck is she complaining now? She knew the type of person he was, with the partying, drugs, alcohol and lots of women. She also knew these type of people hang around him all the time. If she had any common sense, she would have gotten her act together and kept custody of her children.

1297 days ago


A little over a year ago Brooke was high on cocaine and booze when he accused CS of threatening her with a knife while the babies were in the NEXT room!

Next day she was still high and smiling and laughing all over Aspen. Lots of people SAW her.

Brooke's reality is tiny. I think Charlies cavorting with porn stars is significantly less threatening to the boys than her high on drugs.

1297 days ago


And YES, I think she's high and using again. She didn't even realize it's his day to have the boys when she tried to claim he wouldn't give them back to her today.

I'd bet the police rolled their eyes at her stupidity.

Shes a major addict that just got back from a free mini-vacation to the Bahamas. She swings wide in her moods but perhaps it's because she realized he isn't going to be supplying her with a free mansion now that he's not working.

1297 days ago


Ugh. It's like an epic soap opera. I'm hoping CPS will step in and take the kids away from both of them.

1297 days ago


Well that's what happens when you have two druggies but one has more money and is famous. Watch Charlie start calling all the shots when it comes to the kids. Brooke is going to left out in the cold unless she has a good lawyer or she might give up and let Charlie have the kids. I really wish one of the grandparents or someone in either family would intervene and get temporary custody of the little fellows and get them out of that house.

IMO, Charlie is not sober. His body may be clean for now but his mind is still in a druggie binge mode. I have seen druggies who have not had any drugs for a few days and they overdo everything, speech, mannerisms, can't sit still, have to be on the go and they have that wide eye look just like Charlie has.

When he did the TMZ interview Charlie was constantly moving and I think he smoked about 6 cigarettes in 40-45 minutes. He's thin as a rail and looks like he 60 years old. The TMZ interviewer said there were no drugs in Charlie's house...he's not going to have them out in the open but I bet you there are drugs in the house, he just has them hidden.

IMO, he's taking something to keep the edge off so he can function while he's on his "interviewing tour". This dude is getting ready to crash and burn or take more drugs. He can't keep going like this.

If he crashes because he didn't take more drugs and have to go to the hospital his camp will say it's from exhaustion and stress....yea right.

1297 days ago


Loosers both. Get the kids to the grandparents and
let these "adults" implode out of the public eye. Who gives
a hoot about either crackhead Charlie and boozer Brooke.

1297 days ago


I think both Charlie and Brooke are a danger to those kids. Charlie Sheen went on air admitting to serious substance abuse that would have killed anyone else, has porn stars walking around the house caring for his kids like nanny's, having wild parties... and Brooke is a drunk whose shown a knack for making bad decisions.

Emilio should step in and get the kids until one of those two get their acts straight. Seriously, I think Brooke has a better chance at this point.

1297 days ago

t jam     

she is gross uck ,,definetly need to drink a lot to make her look decent ,,talk about drug abuse look at those eyes ,omg --bug out

1297 days ago


Where the hell are Martin Sheen and his wife? They need to get those poor innocent babies away from both Charlie and Brooke before any more emotional damage is done.

1297 days ago
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