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Brooke Mueller

Gets Restraining Order

Against Charlie

3/2/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller just got a restraining order against Charlie Sheen ... TMZ has learned.

Brooke's lawyer just got an emergency order in L.A. County Superior Court, without giving notice to Charlie.

The order requires Charlie to stay 100 yards away from Brooke and have no contact with her.

We're told the issue of the custody of the twins was raised in court but they are not mentioned in the order.

TMZ broke the story ... Brooke went to cops today trying to get the twins, but under the custody agreement it's Charlie's day.

Charlie tells TMZ, "Great.  I was already planning on staying 100 parsecs away from her."  BTW, a parsec is a "Star Wars" term for 3.26 light years.



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I'll say this - Charlie Sheen is making my day with his humor. I don't want anything to happen to him, but I'm enjoying his media frenzy. And he's too cute!

1331 days ago


Please, if there is a GOD, DO NOT GIVE BROOKE MUELLER CUSTODY OF BOB AND MAX! They really need to go into foster care at this point. Forget them going to Martin's house - he hasn't stepped in and helped Charlie and neither has Charlie's brother or sister. The kids need to be taken from Charlie, but NOT GIVEN TO BROOKE! She is a CRACK ADDICT!

1331 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Tell that bitch to be cool,
Say bitch be cool, say bitch be cool!
Tell that f*cking bitch to chill!
Chill that f*cking bitch out.

(Pulp Fiction, Samuel Jackson's character)

1331 days ago

Sad sad    

From my understanding it was said they had a fight on that trip. It seems she is trying to work things out as any parent should. We don't know if they just had a conversation since the earlier story. Drug addict or not they are her kids too. I would be questioning her if she did not what to intervene in this situation. Not saying to give her full custody I don't know her story but the kids should be elsewhere. Denise Richards scored points in my book how she is handling this that's for sure.

1331 days ago


@Tammy, maybe you should quit depending on Wikipedia for your education and LOOK AT THE ACTUAL STAR WARS SCRIPT. It WAS used in Star Wars as a measure of distance. There are hundreds of references to it on the internet, how could you not find just ONE?

Speaking of Brooke, I was right, she had no legal ground to get those kids, so she got mad and got a restraining order to make herself look like the sane one. When in fact, it was CHARLIE who kicked her off the plane and wanted to stay away from her.

1331 days ago


You morons.
No doubt Charlie got in contact with her today and threatened her.
Notice Charlie the spaz isn't asking why?
This is Charlie, same psycho that's beat many chicks (even shot one, Travolta's wife).

These "goddesess"? -they're homely, rancid and diseased looking to boot. You'd think with his money and ego he could have gotten better, but then you have to add his personality and, well, only street scabs need apply.

Charlie looks nast himself. Like a 62 yr old burn out with greasy hair plugs and no teeth. No doubt he smells like ass, sweat and nicotine.

Duh-uh, gnarly, winning, trolls, crack, meth ...

1331 days ago


Brooke is an IDIOT for thinking she could work things out on that trip! OMG....Tell me another one! I doubt that SERIOUSLY! That was too messed up of a situation!

Look, Brooke is bi-sexual. She went on that trip to play...face it.

1331 days ago


Oh the drama...I pray for the kids!!!

1331 days ago

The Real Victim    

The dude is definitely up on his alien speak…

Nano Nano!

1331 days ago

Queen Karma    

Look at Nancy Grace tonight.
Brooke was on crack when preggers.
Look at her on TMZ,she was in a soberity house while filming her reality tv show with Paris Hilton of all people.

Martin Sheen needs to take cusody of those poor kids.
Even Denise Richards should raise them

1331 days ago

Queen Karma    

Martin Sheen and his wife were wonderful parents and raised good kids.One of those,Charlie, became an adul and unraised himself.
Parents are at fault if they do a poor job to kids, but once kids become adults,they can't blame their parents.

These innocent baby boys,Max and Bob,do not stand much of a chance having a good life,right,being with Charlie and two huukers. That is crazy. His parents have to call CPS and get those babies. Strike a deal with him and Brooke,a drug addict party girl before marrying Charlie and after divorcing him, that she and Charlie can see the boys any time, at the Sheens ' house and without "friends" and cameras. She is mentally unstable and in many other ways.
She only the kids, two in one shot no doubt IVF,in oreder to get the same big payday as Denise.

Maybe Denise could raise the boys since they are brothers to the girls.

1331 days ago



1331 days ago


She's a crazy skank anyway.

1331 days ago

Alan Carver    


CBS Corp. CEO Les Moonves broke his silence on Charlie Sheen going rogue and the implosion of his top-rated comedy Two and a Half Men.

Addressing a Morgan Stanley Technology conference in San Francisco and reported by THR, Moonves said in response to a question that Sheen is “on the air quite a bit these days. I wish he would have worked this hard to promote himself for an Emmy.”

CBS confirmed Moonves’ comments, which sought put a positive spin on the show halting production and recent dramatic events. The executive noted that in the short term the show not producing more original episodes “is actually a gainer for us.” He explained that since the Men repeats perform quite well, producing eight fewer episodes this season saves the network “quite a bit of money.”

Of course, if Men doesn’t return next season, or if Sheen is replaced by another actor, that could be a ratings loss for the network, though some point out that if CBS can inject a solid comedy into the Men slot, that the network might end up with a fairly even financial trade given the high cost of producing Men.

“I’m not saying long-term I want this to go on,” Moonves added. “I hope it’s back. We’ll see.” -


Moonves is right. The cost to pay this douche-bag and the one's NOT causing the problems, must be astronomical. The $1.2M per episode will not be the 'standard-bearer' much longer. These shows as they gain in popularity, EVERYONE wants a piece of the pie (i.e. Sheen wanting $3M per episode). His demands will go unanswered. Moonves has a responsibility to make sure the show is profitable and they are making money instead of breaking even, or going into the RED. Right now they are in the black, and if they are smart and ditch Sheen and the $1.2M salary can go back into production costs for the remaining actors that could possibly carry the show. After Sheen's very public rants against CBS/Warner Bros., it is very unlikely they're going to be cow-towing to Sheen. He is not going to get paid, he can SUE all he wants, but the lawyers are ready for him - so BRING IT ON SHEEN! You Lose - EPIC! GNARLY!

Again, the court of public opinion thinks very little of you Sheen. Glad that you and your ego are big enough for the both of you!

Bring on the lawsuits CBS/Warner Bros.,!

1331 days ago


I betcha Brooke is still on crack.

1331 days ago
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