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Negotiations with Brooke


3/7/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller negotiated all weekend, trying to hammer out a custody settlement, but sources tell us it didn't happen and now everyone's getting ready for court.

We're told several issues stand in the way of a settlement.  For starters, Brooke insists that a monitor be present whenever Charlie has the kids at his house. And Brooke wants to make sure any current or future goddesses are blocked from exercising parental responsibilities.

We're told both sides are gearing up for a court fight on Tuesday. In order for that to happen, Charlie's lawyers must give Brooke's lawyers notice by 10:00 AM Monday.

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Simple question for you Sheen Loyalist's still out there...whether you like the man or not. All the media coverage and interiews and such...has he once made a public apology to his fans and viewers for putting them through this? Other than the morning of when his kids were removed...have we heard any other feelings or concerns from C. We know he can't talk via restraint. But I would think that "Sheen's Korner" would be a good vehicle to show my love for my kids. Instead he's making desperate pleas for endorsements to pay the bills. But most addicts are self-absorbed.

I know if I was in a custody dispute and had 2 million people watching me on the internet? I think I would use that to show the courts my love and care for my kids. "DUH-WINNING"

1328 days ago


Brooke wants a monitor for visits with Charlie? She needs a monitor as well. She's pretty whacked out of her mind.

1328 days ago

Fred Farkel    

You cannot negotiate with a woman who suffers from estrogen deprivation.


Thank you.

Mr. Man has spoken.

1328 days ago


Sounds pretty reasonable to me and certainly not anything any other mom wouldn't want when their ex is inviting women of unknown character into her children's lives. And while we may be calling these women 'goddesses', they are anything but. They are women/people who sell themselves and their bodies for money. Oddly enough, people still get arrested for that.

Sheen should move to NV and open a brothel (except I'm thinking it wouldn't work since he wants to be the only client). Then he could fight it out with Harry Reid since he's trying to close prostitution down in NV.

1328 days ago


#33 - Yeah. Where was his apology to his 'fan'? I'd like to know why he is acting like he needs money. What has he done with all he has earned? If he's not careful, he won't even be able to pay the $100K a month child support for the next 13 + years let alone their college or anything else. He thinks he's invincible.

1328 days ago

patricia adler    

why should she have the children? anyone that would go on a trip with her ex and two girls and do drugs does not need to be with her children. this woman wants money not the children. i hope charlie gets the children. charlie is not high this is called good acting. we are all laughing again. go charlie and get your boys! YOUR WINNING.

1328 days ago


good for brooke! she MUST stand up to him and protect those boys. i'm sure it's difficult, because he's probably attacking her every step of the way, but she just has to do it.

everyone was so harsh on denise when she went through her fights with charlie, but that was before the world got to see how unstable and volatile he is. now we can see what a strong woman and good mother she is.

brooke needs to just follow in denise's footsteps. her boys deserve as much protection as denise's girls.

1328 days ago


Since CA doesn't even want you smoking in a car with kids or on your deck or outside on the beach, how can he have the babies around him when he's smoking two packs of cigs a day?

1328 days ago


Brooke is no prize but I got to agree with her.

Simple solution...Charlie get yourself a house for you and your kids so when they come to visit they spend time with their Dad. They play with their Dad, go out with thier Dad and have fun with their Dad. Just Dad.

The kids want to spend time with you not your girlfriends.

When the visits are over go back to your lifestyle.

1328 days ago


Apparently, Sheen did do a 2nd webcast last night and boy is he pissed. I'm guessing he won't be appearing on Howard Stern anytime soon. And you have to listen pretty hard to hear what the guy he's talking to is saying but the first time you hear him he's trying to convince Sheen to say stuff about love to which Sheen responds with a lot of expletives. BTW, pain is a myth apparently. If we weren't sure he's out there before, there is no question now. And no one else is there, just him talking. Sure makes me wonder about other reports that 2-1/2 might drop Lorre for somebody Sheen thinks has Tiger Blood or Adonis DNA or whatever so the show continues; otherwise, if that were true, why would he be so obsessed with money? The clip at the address below is short, just a couple minutes. Sheen is none too happy the entire world isn't lapping at his feet, well, cuz he's Sheen. Enjoy.

1328 days ago


Why does Brooke always look a tad crazy in all her pictures? Is TMZ just showing us bad pictures or is she just as batty as Charlie.

1328 days ago


Sheen is doing nothing to help himself with the custody.

Slow down. This is getting very old fast. Everyone knows your opinion already.

1328 days ago


Had to add this about Sheen's Korner clip which can be seen at the address below and is well worth the watch - they edited the part where he says "cut their heads off and the heads of their"...and you can just hear him start the word 'children' - yup, that's going to go over big at the child custody hearing.

1328 days ago


Lot of stuff going on, but no one really knows what happened with Charlie. He has parental rights too.

John P McNiff Philadelphia

1328 days ago


Had to add this about Sheen's Korner clip which can be seen at the address below and is well worth the watch - they edited the part where he says "cut their heads off and the heads of their"...and you can just hear him start the word 'children' - yup, that's going to go over big at the child custody hearing.

Posted at 6:35 AM on Mar 7, 2011 by Sammie


WHOA, so Brooke wasn't making it up ... he said that to her too about cutting her head off and sending it in a box to her mother!

1328 days ago
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