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Charlie Sheen Demands Apology from Jewish Group

3/1/2011 1:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen claims he doesn't hate Chuck Lorre because of his "Jewishness" ... he hates him for other reasons ... and now Sheen is lashing out at a Jewish org. for insinuating he's an anti-Semite.


Sheen is still FURIOUS with the Anti-Defamation League for saying the actor exhibited "borderline anti-Semitism" when he referred to the "Two and a Half Men" creator by his Hebrew name Chaim Levine.

Now, Sheen's lawyer -- legal pitbull Marty Singer -- has fired off a letter to the ADL demanding a retraction  ... because Sheen's only intention was to "address the man rather than his television persona."

In the letter, Singer points out that Chuck has referred to himself by the name Chaim on a vanity card back in February ... a vanity card in which Charlie claims Chuck writes about "a lifetime of distancing himself from Judaism."

In fact, Team Charlie insinuates the ADL should denounce Lorre for acknowledging his "disdain for the Jewish religion."

Calls to the ADL have not been returned.


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Charlie is the one needing to apologize. He is causing such a shundah (Yiddish for shame) for the neighbors! I feel so bad for his parents.

1329 days ago

George M    

Perhaps everyone should start referring to Charlie as Carlos Irwin Estévez seeing how Charlie Sheen is his television persona and not his real name. Just something to ponder.

1329 days ago


Team Ma-Sheen!

1329 days ago


where's my apology? charlie basically called me jealous and a loser because i don't subscribe to the way he lives his life...

1329 days ago


CBS and WB will lose...if they want the gravy train to keep rollin' then they better wise up and beg Charlie to come back!

Sheen and Cryer = magic!

1329 days ago


When all of this first came down, I thought Masheen was touched.

Now, he is raising good points and arguments for his side of the story.

And Lorre is flailing.

Sheen all the way!

1329 days ago

Lily Daisy    

I totally agree with the 11th comment here. I also think Charlie has plenty of personal problems too. However, his bosses didn't have the right to pull the plug on the whole show and should at least compensate all involved for their "mistake".
I do hope that Charlie eventually pulls himself together, with the support of his whole family.

1329 days ago


Screw Sheen and the horse he rode in on. Those were racial slams and he knows it. He knew exactly what he was saying. there is no place at all ever for any racial degradation of any kind, black, white, jewish, whatever. We will NOT stand for it, jerk!

1329 days ago


I hope they tell him to kiss their Jewish butts.

1329 days ago


Sheen is more addicted to publicity (any publicity) than Britney and Lindsay combined. It's sad to watch lives become train wrecks through over-inflated self-importance.
These celebrities are surrounded by sycophantic "yes-men" to such a degree that no one gives them a reality check. With no reality check, they believe they have significance to society beyond their status as ordinary entertainers. Sad indeed.

1329 days ago


#49 don't feel to bad for his parents they raised that piece of garbage.Besides they are use to it by now.
At 16 he got busted for pot on his moms b-day there is a nice present for ya ma.
Hes been a loser since he was a kid.Got a rap sheet longer that most career criminals.Just had money and perks to keep him out of the big house.His day is coming,only a matter of time till he steps into something that too big for this arrogant pile of pooh to pay off.

1329 days ago


Color me dumb but isn't it more anti-semitic to deny your Jewish heritage by changing your name to hide it rather than to point out that someone is in fact Jewish??? I don't know Charlie seems to be right about this one. He made a very valid point when he used his own name as an example

1329 days ago



We can all expect Harvey to target Charlie as he did Mel Gibson. The chosen have to stick together [gang up].

1329 days ago


I kind-of-sort-of understand what Charlie Sheen is doing. I don't agree with his drugging and skank worship and he is acting mighty goofy, but he's got some good points on some things. He is really super pissed with all the AA and rehab pressure bull crap and now this discrimination crap. He is rebelling the way a lot of people would love to, he just has the balls and crazy to actually do it. People are sick to death of this rehab/AA crap being shoved down their throats. Even people who get DUI's and in trouble with alcohol are dismayed with being FORCED into programs where people are F**KING with their heads. Get better, Charlie. Get off the drugs and heal your mind. But don't let these people walk all over you and mess you up anymore than you already are. Do it your way when you are ready.

1329 days ago


He demands an apology for being held accountable for his behavior? What a joke! Welcome to the real world - LOSER.

1329 days ago
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