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Charlie Sheen's First Tweet -- The 'Naked' Pose

3/1/2011 8:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen joined the twitterverse today ... and for his first trick, dude posted a photo of himself along with his other favorite things ... a hot chick, chocolate milk ... and something naked.

Bree Olson aka Rachel Rachel Oberlin Charlie Sheen

FYI -- the chick in the photo is one of Charlie's goddesses -- Bree Olson (aka Rachel Oberlin).



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All he does is WIN!!!!!!!

1308 days ago

QueenBCici Lakeland,FLORIDA & LKPT NY    

wow! u gt a porn star n ur house ****ing u..big whoop. they're nt even pretty..1 looks alright but tha other looks like a train wreck. uuk! and how r u not ging 2 ask where they r taking ur kids when they come 2 ur house and tk them from u. really? yea ur a GREAT Dad!! loser.
ps "goddesses" go get real jobs and stop letting that "A List" piece of **** pay u off. i bet ur mothers r so proud!

1308 days ago


The Sheen month long monologue was mildly entertaining for a short know, the whole train wreck syndrome. We may be drawn to stare at the train wreck but every decent person looks away in sorrow as casualties begin to appear. I've turned away from the Sheen mess in sorrow. My heart hurts for his family as it becomes apparent that he's not just a little deluded, he's insane and a casualty of his lifestyle or something else.
My hope for them all is that the senior Sheen gets court papers filed and gets his son admitted someplace. The only good news is that they can afford to get Charlie the best mental health care that is available. Blessings to the Sheen family and anyone he has hurt or will hurt before lockdown.

1308 days ago

Gene Boy    

If I Had a suitcase full of cocaine in my house, I would
probably be doing 20 years in prison. Why nothing is being
done by the police......

1308 days ago

cathy Head    

I love Charlie, leave the man alone. He was doing his job just fine and what he does in his personal time, should be his business. Do they go after Hef because of all his young twits hanging around. What is the difference? He has kids, so does Hef. I say, finish the show if he will work for you anymore and then go on with eachother's life. Maybe he is trying to be the next Hef, just a younger one. Come on the man's got the looks to get anyone he wants, I don;t know why he waste his money when he can get the cow for free. They just want to harrass him and its enough already.

1308 days ago

mark teller    

Charlie Your awesome Dude. I have never been so entertained by celeb gosip. Paris, Britney and Lohan are booring compared to you. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

WINNING LMAO you should trade mark that before CBS or some other retard steals it for some other show

1308 days ago


Hello Folks:

I said it before and I'll say it again...I love Charlie Sheen. I'm praying for him and for God to give him peace.

A couple of nights ago, I watched THE THREE MUSKETEERS with Charlie Sheen as Aramis, Kiefer Sutherland, Chris O'Donnell and a few other guys whose names I don't recall at this moment. I love that movie because I still believe that "chivalry is not dead!" I will always believe that.

Charlie was so cool in that movie. He had long hair (which I love), he was very chivalrous, gorgeous, charming, strong, funny, adorable, poetic, romantic and spoke words right out of the HOLY BIBLE. I'd like a man like that in my life when the time is right.

So, although that was just a movie, it shows that Charlie is well able to be a man like that with all those wonderful qualities and attributes.

Please don't give up on him, don't trash him and don't call him names. "Mercy triumphs over judgment!"

IF you show kindness and mercy, it will come back to you.

May GOD Almighty bring Charlie Sheen through this and deliver him from anyone and anything that is trying to destroy him and, may he have a wonderful and powerful testimony to share with the world and may there be restoration between him and family members and kids!

GOD BLESS YOU CHARLIE SHEEN. There are many of us praying for you. Love and hugs to you. IF God can set me free, HE can set you free too!

Charlie, you believe that you have a strong mind...."as a man thinketh, so is he." That is in the BIBLE.

1308 days ago

Rod Russell    

My new urban dictionary entry .."put a sheen on it" ; spinning ones coked up narcissistic self destructive morally bankrupt behavior as somehow normal and God-like, and portraying it in a way that announces to the world that you are nuttier than a squirrel fart but haven't got a clue your brain chemistry has reverted to jello.

1308 days ago

David from Aussie    

Charlie we love ya show, we want you back.

1308 days ago

Cabin Guy    

Hey, I saw the Charlie interview on your show last night and the first thing I thought was " Charlie needs to stop pretending he's Hunter S Thompson".

1308 days ago


Are the boobs on these 2 bimbos real? if so, fantastic---charlie's a lucky guy getting this every night, two at once!!

1308 days ago


It was only a matter of time - Charlie Sheen quotes on t-shirts:
They're kind of poetic actually

1308 days ago


I think Brooke Mueller is in serious danger from Charlie Sheen! She had his kids taken away, she's embarassed him on nat'l tv, she's taken away some of his power and control over this situation, and filed charges against him. Remember OJ Simpson?

1308 days ago


We loved Charlie and his Show. We are very disappointed in his action. He has a lot of responsibility and should be adult enough to deal with his family, leave the tramps and drugs alone and think of his Children and the embrassement he is causing his parents. I hope he can take time to think what he is doing to himself, if not I can see him dead in a couple of years or less.

1307 days ago


I think Charlie Sheen displayed exceptional parenting skills as his children were being taken from him. I have seen numerous examples of parents literally hanging on to their children, crying and pleading as they are being removed from their parents care, which is devastating to the children. Charlie on the other hand, kept his energy focused and calm. The children did not appear to pick up on any negativity from Charlie. It appeared he made them feel safe and that everything was normal. Considering many people have accused him of having a violent temper, he held it together amazingly well in my opinion.

1306 days ago
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