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Christina Aguilera's Boyfriend -- The Mug Shot

3/1/2011 4:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained Christina Aguilera's boyfriend's mug shot -- taken moments after he was arrested for DUI this morning.

Matthew Rutler

As we first reported, Matt Rutler was arrested for DUI around 2:45 AM in West Hollywood.

Law enforcement tells us Matt blew a .09 on a breathalyzer ... just over the legal limit which is .08.

Shortly after Matt got out of jail his ride was also liberated -- he was spotted picking up his Mustang from the impound yard ... which we're told set him back $192.

Christina -- who was riding with Matt -- was popped for public intoxication ... but officials say she won't be prosecuted.


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Mustang? Seriously?!?

1329 days ago


Please if your under 18 don't watch

1329 days ago



1329 days ago


It's scary how much this guy looks like her husband. Actually, when I first saw the picture, I thought it WAS her husband until I read the article. Christina, rather than date a look-alike, why didn't you just stay with the ORIGINAL, you know, since he's your husband and the father of your child and all? Breaking up a family only to go out with somebody who looks just like your husband is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard of. I hope your soon-to-be-ex-husband sues you for FULL custody of that precious little boy and wins.

1329 days ago


#5 Wah wah wah... oh poor little millionaire Christina is going through so much stress. Look honey, she was drunk in public. The cops aren't prosecuting her. That's quite enough slack.

#2 Good point. Why does he have that silly smirk? Because he's a spoiled brat who doesn't care if he kills somebody while he's driving drunk.
Yep. That's the look. Doesn't care about the law. Doesn't care about recklessness. Thinks he's better than everybody else. Young, careless, selfish, stupid. That's what that smirk is.

1329 days ago


She sure likes her dudes ugly...

1329 days ago


People, stop whining about poor Christina. All that happened was she apparently was so drunk, she couldn't walk, so they put her in the can to sleep it off, just like most of the other drunks.

The real issue is the car; a Mustang? A MUSTANG? I would have thought a Porsche or something.

1329 days ago

Rafael Mendoza    

2009 mustang GT. Baller.

1329 days ago


Yup, just like I thought. Looks like a total D-bag.

1329 days ago


He paid with her money and got into her car. This is why I don't like her at all, she makes women look like easy marks,it's so desperate to have to buy a guy's affections. She wasnt even out of her marriage a month when she went public with this unemployed musician (he stranded his band for her).

1329 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Haha, damn I own a Mustang GT. Maybe Christina would date me too.

1329 days ago


I understand why ordinary people drink and drive, not intentionally but go out for just one, turns into two... I know someone who got a dui after two very strong drinks. As far as #27 he won't get off the charges. They test you at the station which is the most accurate after the field test. If you really feel you are sober you can request a blood/ urine, or breath test at the station.

He could plead to "wet reckless" and get lesser charges but if you get another dui it reverts back to being considered a 2nd and the first a dui, so it doesn't do much but lower fines.

Back to "ordinary" vs wealthy or celebs, why at all drive? If you can afford a car service, cabs, etc its money well spent. Save your reputation, lives of others or yourself.

For the rest of us...we have to use as much common sense, or find alternate means of transportation. (for me its the bus) or buy a tester and test yourself and wait hours until you are below at least .06, or take a cab, call a friend, whatever.

I'll get off my high horse now, because no one is perfect, I'm sure half the posters and most people in general have driven over .08, we all make mistakes in life.

1329 days ago


Oops forgot to mention the reason I'm saying he won't get off the charges is at least here in L.A. in court and yes I know, if you want to fight a dui, the D.A. says okay. But here's the kicker they can give you a good deal of time in the pokey! The maximum which is never imposed unless you have a history of other crimes, or a mean judge, is 6 months for a first DUI.

So what they do is plea is out, no contest or guilty and you get no jail, but probation and significant fines.

1329 days ago


Xtina... get with the program and dump the fool. He's driving a Ford.

1329 days ago


and, it's sitting on stock rims. What can be worse?

1329 days ago
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