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Lindsay Lohan -- Surveillance Tape Backs Her Story

3/1/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was in no hurry to leave Kamofie & Company the day she allegedly stole a $2,500 necklace -- in fact, she yakked with the owner for several minutes before leaving the store.

According to sources who have reviewed the tape, Lindsay wore the necklace almost the entire time she was in the store. We're told the surveillance video clearly shows Lindsay trying on the necklace, checking herself out in the mirror, and appearing to ask her friend and the store owner for their opinion (there is no audio on the tape).

We're told Lindsay took off her own necklace to try on the store's necklace.

Lindsay never took the necklace off, according to our sources, and she wore it in plain view for the next 45 minutes while she tried on several rings.

According to our sources, before walking out of the store, Lindsay put her own necklace back on, but it in no way obstructed the store's necklace.

Even better for Lindsay, with the store's necklace in plain view, Lindsay is seen talking to the owner for several minutes before strolling out.

Doesn't sound like the actions of someone that tried to steal a necklace, does it?



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Sloane the way....

ever heard the saying


1340 days ago


This is fine and all (though it sounds like the work of a veteran thief to me), but please explain why the necklace wasn't immediately returned when Lindsay realized she had it on? Why, if this was all an accident, was she she seen in paparazzi shots wearing the necklace like she owned it? She sounds pretty darn guilty to me. It also sounds like she has royally screwed herself.

1340 days ago


Lohan got caught. Charged. That simple.

Lohan doesn't have a stylist, a publisist, a camp.

Lohan recently got ticketed doing 59 in a 35 in her porche.

1340 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

This bullsh*t story is from the Lying Lohans, there spinning there LIES to see the publics reaction, and how a jury would respond

The Lying Lohans have nine days left to come up with more LIES

Doesnt matter either way she is going to JAIL!!

Danette Meyers would not of gotten involved in this case, if the case wasnt STRONG

The judge even reviewd the tape and thats why he BLASTED her, on her last court date and he believes the case is STRONG!

I hope Lying Lindsay goes to trial, cuz they will question her buddy Patrick that was there with her

Patrick will fold on her and sing like a canary
Patrick will NOT risk all he hs for Lying Lindsay
Patrick will NOT go to jail for Lying Lindsay

The Lying Lohans are looking for your help to come up with a good excuse, BUT little do they know there is NONE!

Lying Lindsay stole the necklace...Case Closed


1340 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

The Lying Lohans are spinning this bullsh*t on here to see if they can go to trail, they want to see the publics reaction if they twist the story

Lying Lohans have nine days to come up with more LIES

Doesnt matter, either way she is going to JAIL!

Danette Meyers wouldnt get caught up in all this bullsh*t if she didnt have a STRONG case

The Judge wont have blasted her, on her last court date, if he didnt have a STRONG case

I hope they question her buddy Patrick, cuz he will sing like a canary on her

Patrick will NOT risk all he has going on for Lying Lindsay and Patrick will NOT do jail time for her as well

This bullsh*t story is just the Lying Lohans spinning there LIES

1340 days ago



the fact that she was photographed a bit later that day with the necklace turned around backwards on her neck so you could only see the clasp in front andnot the diamonds shows me that she was very aware it was on her neck

the fact that she turned it around shows what they call "CONSCIOUSNESS OF GUILT"

here is a little info I googled on it:

The general rule on the admissibility of evidence regarding how a defendant acts after an alleged crime was committed is usually that the prosecutor can introduce testimony that tends to show that the defendants actions prove he knew he was guilty (at least of something). This is labeled, at least by prosecutors, as “consciousness of guilt”.

1340 days ago

normal person    

Bad day you Lilo haters.

1340 days ago


I will say it again when this story broke I thought it was BS and now the video I suggest Lindsay's lawyer ( or how about you TMZ?) hire someone who can read lips so we know what was being said.

1340 days ago


It's not like she was going to make it obvious that she had it on and was planning on taking it.. She was blending in with the crowd and OOPS accidently left it on and kept it until she got the search warrant. GIVE ME A BREAK!! Tired of people being on her side for being an irresponsible stupid little girl that gets off every freaking time she does something wrong.. I wish those laws applied to the rest of us.. just like Charlies law of getting caught with a bunch of cocain and letting him go on his way.. Hollywood Justice at it's best.. So proud of those judges and lawyers!!!!!!!!!! They are losers as well...

1340 days ago


Are these "sources" Blair Berk and Shawn Holley? Now that the defense has gotten the surveillance tape, it's time to plant a little slant.

Posted at 1:06 AM on Mar 1, 2011 by dimes


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, brilliant thought, dimes. I had WONDERED how in the heck TMZ could have gotten a copy of the tape to make such a determination! I wish to crud that TMZ would *name* sources so we could take them with a grain of salt...or not. This is disgusting if it's put out by her lawyers to obviscate the truth...and I'm guessing that you are right on this matter. Good work!

1340 days ago

normal person    

Bad day for you Lilo haters. You all know to much about how to steal. Make me think you haters are thieves.

1340 days ago


That may be what the "source" says, but keep in mind the police investigators and the D.A.'s office found it was enough to charge her. They're busy and have a lot more to do than mess around with Lindsay Lohan. As such, I wouldn't jump to conclusions that the tape actually backs her up just yet.

1340 days ago


If the necklace was on loan... And say it was a verbal commitment... don't you think the owner would have at least put it in a box, so that she had someplace to keep it? Or something to remind her where she got it from? Anything??? The enablers state she gets items loaned all the time. How does she keep track of what was on loan from where? Especially without paperwork? There is no way the owner is going to have Lindsay wear the necklace out of the store without SOMETHING...whether it is paperwork, or a box to keep the necklace in, or something.

Or maybe now the enablers are going to go with the theory it was a gift???

1340 days ago


That's how I do it when I'm ready to nab something. Totally confuse the sales clerk, get real chatty, talk about current events, etc...Divert their attention.
It works everytime!
Ok now, How long was it before she made her assistant return it? If within hours, I'll let her slide, but...IF it was days/weeks, she's soooooooooooo guilty!

1340 days ago


Hey #15 FriendofLindsay, "imbuded"? No need to be able to spell when you know how to flip burgers.....

1340 days ago
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