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Aguilera's Boyfriend -- The SAD Walk Out of Jail

3/1/2011 2:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Christina Aguilera's 25-year-old boyfriend Matthew Rutler has just been released from the pokey following his DUI arrest early this morning ... and he couldn't have looked any sadder.

Matthew Rutler
Rutler -- still wearing the sportcoat he rocked last night --  was totally silent as he was escorted out of the West Hollywood Sheriff's Department. 

He was whisked away by a waiting SUV ... probably to Christina's house ... where the two will have plenty to talk about.


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Uncle Rufus    

WHY did they arrest CHRISTINA? It ISN'T Illegal to be DRUNK. Drunk "in public", YES, but, she was IN A CAR, NOT in public...the SHERIFF'S put her IN PUBLIC. And, if, according to this Whitmore clown (wants to FAMOUS like his DADDY!), she was a "DANGER to herself" and THAT'S why she was arrested, why didn't they just DRIVE HER, OR CALL HER A CAB AND SEND HER HOME?!

1142 days ago


In West Hollywood, if you are driving around drunk at three in the morning they will find you. The Sheriff's love to bust celebrities and hang out at certain areas they frequent. They should have called a taxi or limo service, but he must have felt in control, enough to drive at least. .09 is not being too drunk, but the sheriff don't care who you are. Now Christina surely has at least a hundred people she could call to pick her up after they were stopped. That should have been allowed, but then the arresting officer's wouldn't have had the big fish. I know drunk driving is wrong and can end up with fatalities, but when you start arresting passengers just because who they are, that's just as wrong.

1142 days ago

northern gypsy    

i just don't get it...why-o-why didn't these twits call a cab ???
better yet...get a limo for the evening...that's what responsible people do...
what were they thinking ???

1142 days ago


The WillO said from the beginning, Christina has been 'drunk' on numerous occassions!

Poor Christina!

I guess all the pressure of trying to live up to err'body's expectations, and not really knowing who you are yet, drove her to self medicate, or she just wants to PARTY!!

1142 days ago


Whatever, there is nothing wrong with drinking and driving as long as you dont get hammered or know someone that can help you out if you get stopped. Besides if your out drinking at that hour theres a pretty good chance others are too. Get over it and use defensive driving.

1142 days ago

Mark Santeramo    

The guy has nothing to feel sorry about. He blew a .09 which in reality means THAT HE WAS NOT DRUNK. He could have easily driven that car home without any impairment on his driving ability whatsoever. Having a set line at .08 for DUIs is just assinine; cops should be allowed to use DISCRETION for these kinds of cases, i.e. situations where drivers blow within .01-.02 of the legal limit. They can also use their own assessment as to whether or not the driver is capable of controlling his vehicle or not. It's a shame how we in this country are so damn quick to demonize people that get a DUI charge because the more cops are forced to look for it, the more people are going get popped. And then you have MADD going at people that have DUIs trying to have government create a law that forces even one time offenders to have a breathalyzer lock on their car. That's just so un-American and unConstitutional it's disgusting. You have every right to get in your car and drive it if you think you are capable of doing so; whether it is right or not is a different issue, but the fact is you still have the right to do it. MADD should be ashamed of themselves for their extremist agenda AND the fact that the other day one of their loudest proponents WAS BUSTED FOR A DUI! I'm just sick of this crap, trying to ruin someone's life over .01 on a breathalyzer. THE LAW SHOULD BE REWORDED SO THAT COPS CAN USE THEIR OWN JUDGEMENT IN THESE CASES. The End.

1142 days ago


Another megamillionaire too cheap to hire a driver. Surreal.

I live in L.A. It's cheaper to hire a limo for a few hours than to take a cab because everything is so spread out. For a few hundred bucks, Xtina, Mel Gibson, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, La Lohan,
Michelle Rodriguez, Heather Locklear, Diana Ross, Richie Sambora, etc....all impoverished folk who could not hire a driver or call a taxi and have one of their go-fers pick up the automobiles in the AM. Pathetic idiotic, selfish, narcissictic, moronic a&&holes.

BTW folks, California is a zero tolerance state. That means even if your BAC is under the legal limit, you can still be arrested for DUI.

1142 days ago


Why isn't anyone commenting about how out of control law enforcement is? Seriously she was in the PASSENGER seat not driving.
Absolutely no reason they couldn't of had a friend pick her up immediately. Also .09 is questionable. ?????
DUI's are about money $$$$$$ for the law enforcement and lawyers.
It's been proven over and over again that talking on the phone while driving is far more dangerous.
We are such a passive mindless society.Wake up folks!!!

1141 days ago

Mark Santeramo    

Um, if you read my comment I'm stating that exact fact. Sometimes the cops should be able to use discretion in these cases; at .09 you are in no way drunk, and its a damn shame that you can get nabbed for it. It's a total moneymaker; in DUI class they tell you flat out that the entire goal is to NOT educate you, rather, they want to hurt you in the wallet as much as they can so you think a bit more next time before you get behind the wheel. But again, .09 IS NOT DRUNK, and its a pathetic scam that unfortunately ruins a person's image because the majority of people out there that are so quick to judge people obviously think they are as pure as God himself. Just another problem this nation has that is dragging it down to low levels of embarassment.

1141 days ago

Colt Cutback    

Ive known Matt for 4 years. Ease up on the kid. Hes actually an awesome dude and very sensitive. We played in a band together and toured all over until the stupid singer let it all go to ****. But I got to know Matt and hes funny and would give you the shirt off his back if he liked you. A couple of years ago he was just a lifeguard in Newport Rhode Island. You should be happy for him. Hes living a killer life while most 25 year olds are living at home and working ****ty jobs that will never get them out of the house. So he got busted. YOU HAVE ALL DRIVEN UNDER THE INFLUENCE! But because he got caught its a big deal? Leave the kid alone. Hes just living a life. You should try it.

1135 days ago
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