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Nancy Reagan PRAISES Obama

3/1/2011 3:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama has at least ONE famous Republican supporter ... Nancy Reagan.

Nancy Reagan

The former First Lady of the United States was leaving Spago with her Secret Service team yesterday when a paparazzo asked, "How do you think Obama's doing now?"

Reagan simply replied, "He's doing well."

Obama recently announced that he read a book on Ronald ... we're guessing it scored him a few points with the Gipper's wife.


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@ Sincerity...

Zing! You nailed it when it comes to N.O. Bag Lady. lol

1330 days ago


the liberal/conservative extremists of today seem to be from the TMZ Generation". Ignorant, Obtuse, Hateful, Intolerant, and convinced they are absolutely morally right about everything. NO COMPRISE, either we get what we want 100% or it's a scorched earth policy... If they can't live in the America they want they would sooner destroy it then compromise.

1330 days ago

Taylor Dadson    

This is proof that only old people with Alzheimers think that that fraud Barry O is doing a good job. Anyone with one-eighth of a brain left knows otherwise.

1330 days ago


It is a shame to see a once bright mind, go bad.

1330 days ago


TMZ camera men need to get a CLUE! Calling the former first lady a "pretty young thing" is ridiculous! and why oh why did one of them keep calling her Miss Reagan??? She is a 90 year old widow....not a "Miss" by any stretch! These camera men are complete idiots.

1330 days ago

Jeb Bush 2012    

We must all unite as Americans to defeat the Kenyan born, muslim communist residing in our WHITE House. He is waging Jihad against America and is imposing Sharia law! The only way to stop him is to demand more Tax Cuts for the Wealthy and prevent building of the Obama 9/11 victory Mosque at Ground Zero. Say no to Obama death panels murdering millions of our Sr. Citizens.

Also, he is a Negro!?!?!? He is name is HUSSIEN, muslims are scary!

Support your local Tea Party / Republican Candidate and save America by implementing more Tax Cuts for the Wealthy. No more $$$ for so called "unemployment benefits" for those lazy poor people, get a J O B you bums!

1330 days ago

Fred Farkel    



Mrs. Reagan???

I dare you to say that while you stand near your husband's grave.

Why, you ask??

Because your husband would awaken from the dead, open the casket door... stand up and then SLAP YOU WHERE YOU STAND.

1330 days ago


oh wow, i thought she died.

1330 days ago

Palm Beach, FL    

For gods sake, the woman doesn't even know what town shes in.

1330 days ago


So TMZ thinks it is newsworthy to report that Mrs. Reagan say Obama is "doing well." She has respect for the office, unlike most socialists... I mean liberals.

1330 days ago


For those of you who seem to forget the Hell that George Bush and Satan (Cheney) put this country through, I just would like to say the following: OBAMA 2012, HATERS!!! We love you Nancy!!!

1330 days ago

my opinion    

I do NOT believe Mrs. Reagan likes President Obama more because of the mention that he read Reagan's book...She is speaking her mind telling the truth that President Obama is doing well, which he is, after inheriting this MESS from BUSH...lets NOT forget the truth...I have read mostly RACIST ignorant sad.

Love President Obama keep up the good work cleaning BUSHES mess!!!

LOVE,PEACE,RESPECT & KINDNESS makes a better world for US ALL!!!

1330 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Just for kicks, I thought I would bring up this little Reagan factoid:

At the Reagan Library - guess who's name is engraved in stone as one of the VERY FEW MAJOR CONTRIBUTORS to the Reagan Library???

I swear to Jesus this is true.


1330 days ago


Sincerity and #48....

You are both IDIOTS!!! I am so sick of people calling those that oppose Obama racists!!!!! I am sure you two were the ones screaming that Bush was spending too much, but won't say a word about Obama spending us into bankruptcy! He is a Socialist that even hired a known communist to work in the white house! That is NOT racist!! That is just the FACTS!!! Then, he didn't even get rid of the communist until the media pressured him! I live in America! If you like Obama, maybe all three of you can move to Europe in 2012! UGH!!! Idiots....

1330 days ago

my opinion    

@ Sincerity...WELL it!!!!

1330 days ago
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