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Nancy Reagan PRAISES Obama

3/1/2011 3:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama has at least ONE famous Republican supporter ... Nancy Reagan.

Nancy Reagan

The former First Lady of the United States was leaving Spago with her Secret Service team yesterday when a paparazzo asked, "How do you think Obama's doing now?"

Reagan simply replied, "He's doing well."

Obama recently announced that he read a book on Ronald ... we're guessing it scored him a few points with the Gipper's wife.


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She will always be the 1st lady. She brought class and dignity back to the White House.

1340 days ago


Class personified

1340 days ago


Please, she was just being classy.

1340 days ago


And the taxpayers are paying for her Secret Service escorts. Wonder if we pay for her transportation, lunch and what other expenses. Guess the tea party pols will put a stop to all the perks politicians and their wives get. LOL

1340 days ago


Don't count on it Cregis. Those Tea Party pols want those perks for themselves and their families too. They'll throw Joe Citizen under the bus to cover the expense too. Your not going to to see them cutting their own salaries and benefits. No freakin' way, because when it comes to politics that's the American way. lol

1340 days ago


She only meant that he is not Ill, not that she thinks he is a good president. He isn't.

1340 days ago


No one is hating on her, "Puckett". And not everyone who hates our current "President" is a right-wing nut. Get a clue.

Posted at 10:51 AM on Mar 1, 2011 by miabella29


Judging from the obtuse, ignorant, and demeaning comments that right wing extremist fruit loops have left here since you made that comment... i'm gonna assume that it's you who needs to purchase a few clues. These hateful comments were entirely predictable.

1340 days ago


now here is a play on words! he's doing well (as compaired to what?) he's doing well (as in screwing up the country!)he's doing well as in (a no body not a u.s. citizen, suckering in voters by saying "change!"......)

1340 days ago

Hot Blooded    

I didn't want to comment, but I just had to say:
I HATE politicians!
It doesn't make me a liberal crazy because I can't stand Sarah Palin or a right-wing nutjob because I greatly dislike Obama. I just wish the politicians would realize that this war of "I'm right, and since you disagree you must be stupid" is pointless and not getting anything done! The well-being of the American people should be what matters, not which party is better.

1340 days ago


Poor Nancy has lost it...

1340 days ago


For you dumn asses out there bitching about mrs. Reagan having secret service,learn the law.All Former Presidents and their family are protected by the Secret Service regardless if the president is a live

1340 days ago


looks like more like the sea hag rather than a former first lady.

1340 days ago


Commies supporting commies. What's the shocker here?

1340 days ago


#90 or Lucybird (what a stupid ****!ng name) she is 90 and probably looks better than your trailor trash

1340 days ago


"He's doing well."

Nancy is still a sharp lady, and she probably said what she meant. She hasn't missed the fact that the Obamster:

-Vacations a week out of every month.
-Plays golf a couple times a week.
-Has his own personal trainer flown in.
-Has more wild parties at the WH than most previous presidents.
-Eats really well (kobe beef, etc).
-Sends his kids to private school.
-Basically refuses to work and still gets paid.

I'd say that's "doing well"...

1340 days ago
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