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Natalie Portman DISGUSTED At Designer's Hitler Rant

3/1/2011 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oscar winner Natalie Portman says she's "shocked and disgusted" at new footage of a famous Christian Dior designer praising Hitler and telling a young woman that her forefathers would have been "gassed."

Natalie Portman John Galliano

Portman -- who's Jewish and recently signed an endorsement deal with Dior -- released a statement saying, "I am deeply shocked and disgusted by the video of John Galliano's comments that surfaced [Monday]."

Portman adds, "In light of this video, and as an individual who is proud to be Jewish, I will not be associated with Mr. Galliano in any way."

Galliano -- the chief designer for Dior -- has been FIRED by the company after a video surfaced showing John launching into a VERY anti-Semitic rant at a cafe in Paris ... and insulting a woman for being "ugly."

In the video, obtained by The Sun, John can be heard saying, "People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be f**king gassed."

John was allegedly involved in another anti-Semitic incident last week -- in which he verbally assaulted a couple at a Paris cafe.


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I'll definetly be supporting him now.. Let's face it...Natalie's one of the most overrated jewish sluts in Hollywood. She's completely disgusting.

1339 days ago


I agree Eric!

1339 days ago


oh pls oh well in another news It's confirmed hibs and little monsters are hated everywhere XD open the oven! XD

1339 days ago


Galliano was not just "whupped with an ugly stick", the entire tree fell on him. I watched the video of his insults, this incredibly ugly drunken sexual deviant was weaving in his chair, slurring his words. I despise flaming fruits, and I hate drunken hideously ugly swishy fruits even more.

1339 days ago


Thanks dreamon. He had a live in girlfriend for years....same difference. I don't condone anyone sleeping with another person's significant other. These hollywood types think they are above everyone. Guess man stealing and getting pregnant without the benefit of marriage FIRST is the norm these days....No wonder the next generation has no morals....heavy sigh....

1339 days ago


To #11 - Rico - John Galliano is not French. He was born in the British territory of Gibraltar to Spanish parents. He moved to Great Britian at the age of six. Do your homework before you berate an entire population.

1339 days ago


What a moron. Um, hello, you're wearing makeup and you're probably gay. You would have been marched to the gas chamber with everyone else. What s***.

1339 days ago


well Natalie: What else are you disgusted and shocked by..maybe husband stealing, no morals.Check yourself.

1339 days ago


Do we even know for sure the person(s) he was talking about were even Jewish?

Plus what did he say that was so anti-semitic?

Anyone can be "gassed". Fart perhaps? The Vietnamese were "gassed" too.

Typically blown out of proportion.

1339 days ago


He looks like the very devil himself!!! What a loser

1339 days ago


HE's ugly ..... and should be gassed.

1339 days ago


He needs to do some more research, because he also would have been gassed under his hero's regime.

1339 days ago


... and yet she was "team Polanski"... supporting a man who raped and sodomized at least one (that we are aware of) 13 year old girl.

1339 days ago


he just fired from DIOR - Mazel Tov!! dont mess with the Zohans!! s*** bag..burn his clothes

1339 days ago


Oh God, Im disgusted Natalie Portman can even get movie roles.

She sucks. Who cares what this man has said... good for him. Freedom of speech should be everywhere. He didn't threaten anyone.

1339 days ago
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