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Natalie Portman DISGUSTED At Designer's Hitler Rant

3/1/2011 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oscar winner Natalie Portman says she's "shocked and disgusted" at new footage of a famous Christian Dior designer praising Hitler and telling a young woman that her forefathers would have been "gassed."

Natalie Portman John Galliano

Portman -- who's Jewish and recently signed an endorsement deal with Dior -- released a statement saying, "I am deeply shocked and disgusted by the video of John Galliano's comments that surfaced [Monday]."

Portman adds, "In light of this video, and as an individual who is proud to be Jewish, I will not be associated with Mr. Galliano in any way."

Galliano -- the chief designer for Dior -- has been FIRED by the company after a video surfaced showing John launching into a VERY anti-Semitic rant at a cafe in Paris ... and insulting a woman for being "ugly."

In the video, obtained by The Sun, John can be heard saying, "People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be f**king gassed."

John was allegedly involved in another anti-Semitic incident last week -- in which he verbally assaulted a couple at a Paris cafe.


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Mickey Kafka    

Hitler hated ***s too, that ****sucking pig would have been first in line in any gas chamber.

1243 days ago



1243 days ago


First, Portman is a hypocrite for denouncing Galliano but supporting Polanski... when her kid is born, I hope someone asks her if she still thinks it's ok for an adult man to have sex with her child.

Second, the irony is that GALLIANO would've been gassed himself - why no one will mention *his* hypocrisy I can't figure.

1243 days ago

think about it    

1. Intolerant people of any race, religion or creed make the world a crappy place. Every race/religion has jerks as well good people. No one religion or people should be held as the master race or the chosen people. Feeling good about or proud of you heritage is one thing, but believing and advocating that your group is innately superior or worth more due to your race/religion is BS*.. The sooner more people learn to accept others, and cut people some slack the better off we will all be.

2. If you really must insult someone during an altercation, just leave the race thing out, cause once you go racial, all bets are off and you just prove yourself to be an a** hole. Galiano's remarks, were despicable & just way to hate filled to ignore.

3. I would like to know however Are jewish for some reason more deserving of special recognition and protections than others? For some reason I get the feeling that making fun of blacks, latinos, chinese, indians etc, is one thing, but if you dare say anything that can be construed against jewish people it is a way more serious offense.

4. Why is Hannukah the only non christian religious holiday honored in the US. What about Chinese New Year? What about Hindu, Buddhist or Muslim holidays...WHy not give us all more religous, cultural days/ holiday's so we can all get extra holiday time, and learn to acknowledge everyone's beliefs as worthy. Come on who would turn down another St Pattys Day, or CInco De Mayo... . Partying, fun ,food,that is the way to unite people...

5. Now let me smoke some dope and send in the hookers...I am going Charlie SHeen on y'all.

1243 days ago


John, kiss your career goodbye, you ill-educated piece of s***. I'm so angry that I have to cut my comment short or else I'll totally unleash what I think of him.

1243 days ago


The video of him was shot by people that were not Jewish. Not that it matters but if you're gonna insult a whole people, why not do it to the group in question? He just lost his job and now no one will have anything to do with him. Mel Gibson might find some work for him but that's about it.

1243 days ago


Real-Life Brüno!

1243 days ago


Wherever that flaming deviant was born, he is an idiot, and Hitler would have taken care of him. Hitler killed many retards and homosexuals.

1243 days ago


"That's Entertainment"...boring and drama queen tale from the start. The designer was drunk and ego pumped just off whatever fashion circus. Natalie you really don't need the free press at this point in time honey.
Here is a quote from John Lennon 'Showbiz is an extension of the Jewish Religion' and truer words are rarely spoken...And who cares? Hollywood is a very Jewish run town and always has been. So what? They rule the roost and that is just a fact. Move on now.

1243 days ago


everybody can say whatever they want... im with him when anybody says something about jews or blacks omfg the whole world is down get a life ppl and leave him alone ..... his the greatest designer ever for now

1243 days ago


this is nothing surprising about this development. many know it is the fashion world itself that prizes themselves for racist beliefs,, the entire industry is full of "supreme beings and diva's.. you'll still go out to the stores and buy their clothes.. needless to say no matter how or what a designer may say..

this isnt even close to the tip of the iceberg about the fashion world.

the fashion world is the NWO.. in real life.

Christian Dior, Tommy hilfiger are only ones that have slipped and made such statements.. they all believe and think this way.. yet many chicks will still stop eating,, get to a size 0 ( as if thats really a size) and go about their way to walk the runway..

fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake,

1243 days ago


oh for heavens sake people are just blowing the whole thing so out of proportion. the guy was drunk he said a lot of stuff but it was a mistake thats it. he could have been referring to any race. hitler wanted everyone dead to say the least. plus look at the video those women were clearly prompting him on.. so i think he should have apologized yes but firing him is just extremes.

1243 days ago


Mel Gibson's new friend.

Posted at 8:19 AM on Mar 1, 2011 by Bubbles The Chimp

Gibson has already called Galliano and offered him room and board.
Hutton has offered him a 'bishopship' in their Cult (oops... church)

1243 days ago


This douchebag needs to think twice (although, he probably has barely enough brain-power to think even once) before he celebrates the horrendous atrocities committed by Hitler, because old Adolf hated everyone - including ***s like this guy...

1243 days ago


If he insulted me, the mutha would be in ICU.

1243 days ago
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