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Samuel Jackson RIPS Oscars -- No Black Men!?

3/1/2011 9:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Another HARSH criticism of the Academy Awards ... this time from Samuel L. Jackson . .. who's pretty damn upset that there weren't more black actors involved in the show.

Samuel Jackson Video
Jackson was in L.A. yesterday, where he told a photog, "Where were the black actors?"

He continued, "I guess they didn't think we were available to read teleprompters that night ... not a big deal, hopefully it'll get better ... it wont happen again."

Jackson added, "We work in town ... they know who we are, they know we're available to be on that show to represent the people of color who are in the business in town."

For the record, there were no black male presenters during the show -- to which Jackson stated, "Hopefully they wont make that mistake again."


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Weren't any chinese presenters but you don't see jackie chan bitchin' about that.

Posted at 4:35 PM on Mar 1, 2011 by Strummer101er


1309 days ago


Oh PUleeze. WHITEY keepin' ya down again? Wah Wah Wahhhhhh.
Everyone KNOWS black people can't enunciate well ... just watch Jennifer Hudson's stilted, cautious delivery on this year's Oscars. LOL!

1309 days ago


@87: Actually, Africans made slaves of themselves well before the New World ever came to the party. Indentured servitude and the transfer of individuals as a commodity existed between African and Nubian cultures since the beginning of recorded history.

1309 days ago


Stop acting like Samuel is delusional. We ALL (including everyone leaving a comment here) know dam* well the "decision-makers" in the film industry are racist against African Americans and it reflects in these "films" (which lack substance, real talent, and culture) and at the Oscars. We ALL know dam* well 98% of "Hollywood" is racist against African Americans. Cut the bull with telling African Americans to get over whining--YOU get over your racism with your miserable, scared as*.

1309 days ago


I am really so tired of this, you know that they have the BET Awards and the The Latino Awards and we all know that if we had a "Caucasian Awards" we would never hear the end of it.
I agree the Oscars are NOT ABOUT COLOR!!!!!!

1309 days ago


Wow certain kinds od white are racist and I can see on here.BET is not what the average blacks watch at alland if you think that you racist period. Majority of my black friends do not watch that garbage at all. You will here asians bitching about it maybe as a group never in front of white people because asian americans are scared of whites lol but asians will bitch over in asia because they are not afraid of white. I mean asked India, China and North Korea they are not scared of whites. Mexicans will also bitch about it and it will not make news George lopez ect will make a joke about it.

1309 days ago


what is it with black people always whining? Does anyone ever here asians or hispanics complain about this stuff? Hollywood is very liberal and I guarantee if you are black then you have an edge over any white person. Time for black people to get their heads out of the 1950's!!

1309 days ago


#5 (anotherfriday) It's obvious your parents were very stupid in your upbringing. The animals that brought you into this world are probably first cousins. Let's hope they're dead, lol.

1309 days ago


#5 who goes by anotherfnday

**** you! why don't you go back to Europe. You do not own North America or central America or South America. Stop this bull**** and if we blacks look like monkeys then what do whites look like maybe neanderthal. This is a young women thatn is with a white men and has a child that is mixed.

1309 days ago


he also made the same complaint to george lucas about no black people being in star wars so lucas put his goofy bald ass in the prequals and look how they turned out (****e)

1309 days ago


I don't think that there are enough whites on the black entertainment tv channel either... what a crock of crap

1309 days ago


Do Halle Berry and Oprah not count?? Geez this just reinforces the racial stereotype that all black people are apathetic and just know how to complain... specifically about "how hard it is being black." If you want change get off your ass, work hard, and show respect for ALL people; because one day all the effort and accomplishments you strived for will proof to the world of your greatness. (if Oprah can do it, so can Samuel "Lazy" Jackson)

1309 days ago


Is Oprah not black now?

1309 days ago


You guys are all ignorant racists! I'm not even black! He was simply saying that there wasn't even a black presence on the show. Not to host. Not to present. Not to sing. Nothing. Well, very little. He has every right and he IS right to call the Oscars out on their BS!!!! Way to go on this story SLJ!!

1309 days ago


Maybe they were all getting ready for the BET awards. Can you even imagine the uproar a WEA (White Entertainment Awards) show would cause?

1309 days ago
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