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'Men' Co-Creator -- The Show MUST Go On!!!

3/2/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who co-created "Two and a Half Men" with Chuck Lorre is FIGHTING to make sure the show does NOT get canceled ... and has been telling people, "This show is not over."


Lee Aronsohn – an executive producer on "Men" and "Big Bang Theory" -- has been vocal about NOT wanting to cancel "Men" .. especially because Lee recently made a deal to leave his post on "Big Bang Theory" to focus on Sheen's show.

But that was before the drama started.

Now, sources connected to the production tell us Lee had a "big meeting" with Chuck and a mystery third party yesterday regarding the fate of "Men."

We're told the mystery person could be another actor from the show ... or a bigtime exec.

Stay tuned ...



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I think he should be able to do what he wants in his personal life. He obviosly made people a lot of money. I think he's no different than a rock star. Every deserves a right to do what they want in their own home, as long as its not infront of kids. Work and play are seperate things also as long as your showing up to film. Is he right in the head? No, but he's obviosly coming down off a binge, and he angry, as most drug users feel coming down.AND CBS saying he's acting inappropriate is a joke, saying he should lay low becaus eits a family show. THIS SHOW IS NOT A FAMILY SHOW! hello! Prostitutes,sex with mutiple women, partying, womanizing...Its an adult show, and their punishing Charlie for something they make money showing on their own show..ridiculous. I think he needs time to sober up and they both need to put on their big boy pants and agree to disagree and film the show..

1292 days ago

Randy Jones    

The only one who might be able to fill in for Sheen is Neil Patrick Harris, I dont see Stamos at all

1292 days ago

Rowena Keefe    

The show was barely tolerable save for Sheen, and he seemed like little more than a glorified lamp post.

Axe it and move on!

1292 days ago


Sheen has been around for so long, and he will continue to be around until most of us are dead and buried.
Lorre, on the other hand, is just a pretentious one-off success that has finally found a way to get back at Sheen who he believes had always taken credit for what he created.
The show will end, and soon, all of Lorre's other show will too. And all of us will forget about Lorre. But Sheen, he will be here still. Genius' are always flawed.

1292 days ago


Stop the show it's a no win situation. No one can do "Charlie" like Sheen. It will lose ratings, and doing the show with just the others will only make people resentful because of the drama attached. All of them are stellar actors/actresses equally important to the show the formula worked change it now and CBS/Lorre/WB wears the blame. Cancel it and then you lose money but it would remain clear that Sheen did this by forcing hands. Thanks Charlie "a$****" Sheen for screwing your fans and the fans of what was a great show! DillHole!

1292 days ago


ha.. they do not need Charlie at all.. kill his character off.. it would be dramatic and touching end to the story line...
to fill all 8... have him go missing... having him go crazy.. then have him found dead of an overdose... make a public statement of it.. drugs.. at bad and they will kill you.. it seems to go against the grain these days.. but hey.. go for it.. kill the character off... it would be fun for the writers.. I am sure they have been wanting to anyway... let them at it..

1291 days ago

canada chick    

If TWO AND A HALF MEN stay on it wont be the same and i am sure ratings will go way down or the show will be canceled. Chuck your a dumb jerk. Sure my favourite show is now dead. grrr. Not very happy with both charlie and Chuck you have let your Canadian fans down.

1291 days ago


End it now! It is not funny anymore. Watched last night's rerun on CBS. I think Charlie jumped from a sinking ship.

1291 days ago

C. Grant    

Simple solution. First, have the family meet a 1/2 brother. Second Have the family find out Charlie Harper had been arrested. Best of both worlds. Never need to have Sheen on camera! The writers could come up with looney ideas to update the family with, "the recent shena****ns old uncle charlie's been up to since he was moved to that up state prison." Meanwhile they could write up any ideas with the new 1/2 brother......or have the 1/2 brother be friends with a police officer who works at the prison...or mental ward...where "old uncle Charlie" ended up at.

1291 days ago


Charlie Sheen is gone from 2 and half men...but the show may go on. Here is my idea. The next new episode there is news that Charlie is in a serious car wreck. His face is all bandaged and he can only communicate by notes. After serious plastic surgery to rebuild his face the doctor starts to remove the bandages when removed and the doctor turns the chair and the new Charlie is....Mel Gibson. No one on the show know who the replacement is. Bobby Ewin's dream combined with the new Darin. What big ratings it will have for the NEW Charlie. Plus the looks on the cast's faces when Mel Gibson is their new money maker.

1291 days ago


I am mad as Hell. I love Two and a Half Men. It is the ONLY show I look forward to watching. Now the big so called Execs have gone and spoiled it for the viewers. There has to be a significant number of people who would agree with me because how else could it have made so much money? Ah yes. The big $ measuring stick that usually decides what happens in these situations. It's just unthinkable that the corporate guys can get away with this kind of judgemental crap. I hope Charlie wins a huge settlement from those people. The show will not be as good without him.

1291 days ago


Enough already. Charlie has just gotten too big for his pants. There is not a person in this world that can't be replaced.

1291 days ago


They're dreaming. The show is Charlie...and Charlie is the show. Charlie Harper IS Charlie Sheen...a fact which the producers have promoted for their own benefit from day one.

I WILL NOT watch the show without Charlie Sheen. He IS THE FRANCHISE and the show will have no chemistry without him. Yes, he is a bad boy, but CBS and Warner have capitalized on that image and how much the life of Charlie Harper mirrors the life of Charlie Sheen for years. Now, they want to distance themselves from the very behavior they tacitly promoted.

As recently as two weeks ago they had said that he still hit his marks, still knew his lines, and was still productive in the studio. Now, suddenly, they claim he missed rehearsals and flubbed lines. Their past defense of him and his actions will come back to bite them in court as will Chuck Lorre's inflammatory "vanity card" comments.

Without Charlie Sheen, the show will DIE. They can kill it quickly, and cancel it without another season, or try to string it along while it dies a slow...and none-too-funny death.

1291 days ago


If they were to get a personality such as Rob Lowe, he would have to be more sophisticated and egotistical. The kind that
woman can't resist. Because the character Charlie Sheen has
brought to the show can only be played by Charlie.
In other words try a high class Romeo. Don't know how that would play with the others, they are all so very talented.
I miss the show, looked forward to it every week, am now watching re-runs.

1291 days ago

Betty Jo Mathes    

I love Two and a Half Men and I can't imagine anyone else on it but Charlie Sheen. However, to the general public it sounds like Charlie really screwed the poouch on this one. If he was sick of the show or thought he was being treated badly, why not just simply quit instead of leaving 200 people out of work? I don't know Charlie, this did not take a high school degree to figure this one out, which by the way I understand you don't have!

1291 days ago
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