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'Men' Co-Creator -- The Show MUST Go On!!!

3/2/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who co-created "Two and a Half Men" with Chuck Lorre is FIGHTING to make sure the show does NOT get canceled ... and has been telling people, "This show is not over."


Lee Aronsohn – an executive producer on "Men" and "Big Bang Theory" -- has been vocal about NOT wanting to cancel "Men" .. especially because Lee recently made a deal to leave his post on "Big Bang Theory" to focus on Sheen's show.

But that was before the drama started.

Now, sources connected to the production tell us Lee had a "big meeting" with Chuck and a mystery third party yesterday regarding the fate of "Men."

We're told the mystery person could be another actor from the show ... or a bigtime exec.

Stay tuned ...



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Charlie Sheen Fan!    

There is no replacing Charlie on Two and a Half Men. I will continue to watch the reruns but will not watch any new shows without Charlie and I hope all of his true fans will follow suit! Ban Two and a Half Men without Charlie!!!

1324 days ago

Charlie Sheen Fan!    

Fire chuck Lorre and bring back Charlie!

1324 days ago


Spin City continued after much-beloved Michael J. Fox was replaced with Charlie Sheen, and Two and a Half Men can certainly continue when somebody replaces Charlie Sheen. The ensemble cast and great writing is what makes this show so entertaining. It's time to get somebody in who is acting the role, not living it. Or, as the "half" man is nearly grown, perhaps he and Alan can continue to live in the house after Charlie's 3rd strike DUI arrest, and a new generation can be born making the new "half" man.

1324 days ago


Rarely do shows work when you bring in new actors to replace the already established ones, like the goof they brought in to replace Eric Forman on the last season of That 70's Show and he was terrible and by then, so was the show.. I also think Sheen is going to win some $$$ out of this for CBS breaching his contract and when he showed up ready to tape awhile back, they should've been ready to go when he said he was ready and they didn't and that's CBS's fault..

1323 days ago


As great as the show was I think the time has come to pull the plug or risk ruining the syndication value.

1323 days ago


We need Charlie back....straighten up Charlie!! Rob Lowe could never measure up. No way!! Charlie is a natural! Give him another chance,..or he will spiral downward even more.

1323 days ago

doug myers    

I was watching one of the entertainment programs the other day and it segued from a Charlie story to one about Adam Lambert. I thought at that moment that the show could be kept going in a new and very edgy direction by casting Lambert, if he can act.

1323 days ago

Billy McKinney    

We need Charlie back in Two and a Half Men. Those who want to replace him are wrong and sould be fired. Are you too young to
remember Mickey Rooney and other great comedians who wandered afar for a short time? Charlier Sheen is CHARLIE hARPER help
him out put away YOUR egos. LORRE is a traitor. The comedy
is great but it needs Charlie Harper. He is NOT replaceable.
We shall never forgive Lorre or WB if they dump it. They
have NO RIGHT to take our pleasure away from us.

1323 days ago


ok,i explained this idea in detail commenting on the chuck lorre rob lowe would make an interesting replacement story.see pg 36 37 and 38.i write this in the hope that maybe someone will bring this idea up to aronshon or short,charlie dies,leaves house and mortgages to alan who obviously can't afford to walks steven tyler,charlies arch nemesis neighbor.alan asks why are you here.tyler responds-i hated the sob,i wouldn't miss this.alan tells tyler how happy charlie would be seeing him finally have to move out.tyler says hell,i spend a fortune renting for just a few months every year,i'll buy the house and live there spite charlie he tells alan he can continue living there.meanwhile,judith throws herb out,or herb leaves judith after finding out allans actually the father of their baby.whatever.both allan and herb want visitation rights on the child.herb moves in with alan.tyler is the occasional and nominal charlie harper type roomate.berta was tylers housekeeper so thats not a problem.after the first few episodes featuring tyler his role would be reduced to maybe one or 2 scenes,a days work.the show completely changes to the story of clueless alan and herb,now semi famous ala entourage as "steven tylers roomates".don't replace charlie harper.make a whole new show around jon cryer and the hilarious ryan stiles and how they deal with being semi- famous for nothing more than people thinking they can help them get to somebody who's actually famous-tyler.replacing sheen with say, rob lowe and trying to outsheen sheen in the same type role is not the way to go.this idea gives the producers and writers the chance to make jon cryer the star,ryan stiles as the sidekick and open up a whole new world of storylines for this very talented cast.there wouldn't be a charlie harper replacement.tyler would just be a supporting charactor,a means to an end.tyler would say,you know what,i just got a regular gig in hollywood,i need a place available spite charlie letting alan stay fits.sheens thinks his starpower is irreplacable.the names you hear are all a step down and sheens expecting to get the last laugh on lorre when the show fails without him.well,the starpower steven tyler would bring as the show transitioned to being about alan and herb would be a stroke of genious don't even try to replace charlie harper.he just sort of fades into the past.somebody,please get this idea to lorre or aronsohn.i can only imagine how much they would love to beat's how they could do it.don't forget who came up with the idea.that would be rya...uh,pete at tmz

1323 days ago


You are right Joann. The character became more like Sheen. No big acting job for Charlie to be drunk and lewd. The rest of the cast is talent enough to go on without Harper or Sheen.

1322 days ago

Joe Fitzsimons    

Have Charlie & Rose elope and dye in a plane crash in vegas. Alan inherits everything. Herb and Judith get divorced. Herb moves in with Alan because now he's broke. Now you have a new Two and a half men. Good bye Charlie

1322 days ago


They should have Rose run off and Charlie follows her. Leaving all his stuff to Alan. Then bring in Stamos/Lowe as cousin on hard times and have him do to Alan what Alan did to Charlie..... They could then use flash backs with Charlie. . . . .

1322 days ago


Do you people have a clue????????? Charlie Sheen is the show. Just because he has medical issues you fire him. What does that say. I am a 3rd year Psychology student and I love Charlie Sheen, yeah he may be irratic and be off kilter at times but the man is awesome as an actor. I know so many people that say if he is replaced they will never watch the show again. I agree I won't.

1321 days ago


Pretend Charlie is away in Europe,...bring Herb into the house with Alan...and just let the writers have a heyday! Best writers I have seen in ages are on this show!!! They can pull this off! Herb is a riot anyway, coupled with leaving the wife, and moving in with Alan should save this show. Thus, giving Charlie a chance to get back on his feet.

1321 days ago

Wm Scott    

Sorry for all your troubles men. But listen, you have something 'EPIC' here. Stop being babies, all of you, and hug and makeup. Charlie was wrong, you probably were wrong. Get past this and move on and continue making great tv and tons of cash for all of you. Replacing Sheen is instant death for this great show. The show centers around Sheen. They are all brilliant together, but without Sheen, adios. Please come to an agreement and move on. Greico, Stamos, Lowe are all good.... but no Charlie Sheen.

1321 days ago
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