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Brooke Mueller: I Didn't Send Anti-Semitic Text!

3/2/2011 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources directly connected with Brooke Mueller tell TMZ ... Brooke has an airtight alibi to prove she didn't send the anti-Semitic text on Charlie Sheen's phone to herself -- and the alibi is Paris Hilton.

Brook Mueller Charlie Sheen Text Message

We're told Brooke claims she can prove she was shooting her reality show with Paris at her Los Feliz home in L.A. the entire day in question.  Brooke says she was never near Charlie or his phone on that day -- February 19.


TMZ broke the story, the text in question reads in part, "I must execute mark b like the stoopid jew pig that he is." 

Charlie denies sending the text.  And Charlie claims both goddesses will testify they saw Brooke with his phone that day.

And, sources connected with Brooke tell us ... she is stone-cold sober. 


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I never thought I would be saying this, but Paris needs to distance herself from Brooke FAST!

1309 days ago

Davey Boy    

I don't get the whole anti-Jew thing that some people roll with. Makes no sense. Knew that lady was still dealing with "issues" and that she's making up the whole, "Charlie threatened me."

1309 days ago


Charlie Sheen Pills for sale! Ever since I started taking Charlie Sheen, I am WINNING!!!!!!! I love that new drug, Charlie Sheen. As Charlie Sheen himself testifies, he is on Charlie Sheen... But beware most mere mortals would not be able to handle the Sheen.... it is more potent than Viagra on crack.

1309 days ago

Joe Blowe    

Let it go already Harvey Levin, you regularly refer to Zsa Zsa's husband as Von A-Hole, whats the difference??

You're just another hypocrit, Harvey

1309 days ago


Goddesses... makes me laugh everytime I read the word. Must be embarassing for those women to be reminded everytime that they are actually the opposite. Sheen is a women-hater but addicted to sex. Put goddesses in that context and it begins to make sense.

1309 days ago


The word was it was the rock that brought them together in the first place.
She's clean, he's clean?
He's mentally rocky.

1309 days ago


#12 Why dont you STFU before I cut your head off, put it in a box and send it to your mom. Winning!!!

1309 days ago

Davey Boy    

Suuuuuurrrrreeee, she's "sober". Puhlease. Hanging around Paris Princess the Party Queen. That's like saying Lindsay doesn't still feel compelled to stealing anything that's not hers.

Put the kids back with Charlie. He may be a little "out there", but he's past ALL his recent drug tests. A little off kilter is better than delusional, in my book.

1309 days ago


#3: if you don't like seeing celebrity coverage, then don't visit this site.

Posted at 10:20 AM on Mar 2, 2011 by kewom

In reply to your caring post.

I "visit" this site as to try to talk some kind of sense into the power that be about being a bit more less greedy towards Mr. Sheen. Harvey Levin is taking part directly with his "news station/website" in helping Mr. Sheen to an early grave. There is no denying that TMZ's conduct is having a negative effect on Mr. Sheen.

As for your post of out of sight out of mind attitude, your lack of empathy is noted.

Celebrity coverage? What a joke. Celebrity dirt is more like TMZ's and Harvey "Slippery" Levins style.

1309 days ago


I'm not believing any of them until there is proof of this text message.

Most of the people who represent him are jewish, if he had any real anti semitic issues he would have been caught saying those things way before this strange text message.

It smells kind of fishy and Brooke seems like an untrustworthy person if you aks me......

1309 days ago


ONE: I believe he did it. It sounds just like something that would have come out of his mouth.
TWO: I doubt seriously if just Paris is his alibis... the story states "She was shooting the show". There would have been several other people on site.
THREE: I'm glad to hear she is clean and working because her boys are going to need her.
FOUR: I hope that the LAPD have plans to arrest Charlie after his national admission to purchasing and using 8 balls (coke) and prostitutes. It is against the law in the US and he did admit it like the big man he is on national TV which makes it an admission to a felony.

1309 days ago


New video of Charlie calling his wife a "dirty ni**ger cu**" and his nanny a "stupid mexican ni**er"

Charlie's racist black hatred

This latest video of Charlie Sheen is very disturbing and should not be seen by young children. The level of hatred Charlie Sheen has for blacks is evident in his rage against them here.

Posted at 10:14 AM on Mar 2, 2011 by Mike
You're a LIAR. this is from 2008

1309 days ago

steven katona    

omg i skipped my class charlie to be here minute to minute reports!!!!! omg brooke is soooooo hot!!! awesome tmz pics!!!! i can't believe the sabotage and the name/blame calling! its obvious that charlie needs these women more than ever! brooke is soooooo hot!!!

i can't believe charlie said anything wrong! he's an actor and in the privacy of his house he's being characters in new and upcoming movies. people hear his ranting outta context while he's practicing for movies. its time to put in ear plugs cause this superstar's gotta lot more lines like this comin out cause i heard he's been casted in a big 3d movie!

1309 days ago


If you look at the times, it doesn't make sense.

1:34 message is preceded by a message wishing she was with "u guys."

There are 6 messages showing and (8) total messages. Which means there were only two previous/post messages we cannot see.

It's and odd conversation that doesn't make a lot of logical sense.

There is a gap from the last message before 1:46. Which means either she was afk or busy, or he was. Maybe she was calling him during this period but why would she wait so long. Especially if she didn't have the children and he is saying "please call me."

It looks like she totally sent the first messages and waited on purpose to act like she was trying to call him.

Also, why is MOM OF THE YEAR all caps? Unless he has a jailbroken phone he would have had to hit the shift key each time. All the other messages show that he clearly doesn't like using the shift key to capitalize words as do much people on iPhone SMS.

Can't say for sure, but it really looks fake. The only thing I would say, is if she did fake it, she remembered to capitalize her own messages and not his. This would have been very smart of her. You could argue it's an indicator it's not fake, but if you were going to fake a SMS it's probably something I would think about in deciding what and how to phrase the fake SMS.

It would be cool to be able to see the other two missing messages.

1309 days ago


I believe he sent it.

He's been terrorizing women for 2 decades. Kelly Preston, Brittany Ashland, Denise Richards, Brooke, the hooker in the hotel from NY..and on and on and on.

I don't feel sorry for Brooke though. She's a gold digger who has endangered her children's lives -- for money. She hooked back up with Charlie because he promised to buy her a new home and for "financial security".

Why is she on a reality show anyway? What has she done --- besides marrying a famous actor--- to warrant a TV show?

Wasn't she SUPPOSEDLY a real estate agent? (was anyone ever able to find record of her having a real estate license??)..

1309 days ago
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