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Charlie Sheen Offends The Warlocks

3/2/2011 4:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A coven of real-life warlocks are BOILING at Charlie Sheen -- claiming the actor's constant use of the W-word is disrespectful to the entire male-witch community ... TMZ has learned.

After Sheen declared himself a "Vatican assassin warlock" during a radio interview last week ... an actual, practicing warlock from Salem's Coven of the Raven Moon in Salem, Massachusetts told us he's "fuming" over the statement because it's a "blatant offense against our ways."

The warlock -- named Christian Day (pictured above) -- tells us he plans to take action against the actor ... not legal action -- but magical action.

Day explains, "I am going to magically bind Mr. Sheen, not to harm him, but to simply prevent him from using this word in such a negative manner in the future."

Day continues, "If Mr. Sheen is open to it, our coven would be willing to perform a cleansing on both him, his home, and his career."

So far, no word if Charlie will accept the offer.



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Christian Day is Salem's biggest joke. A fake, fraud and a tourist trap who will do anything for attention - especially media attention. Trying to worm his way into Charlie's problems is about as low as one can go.

1299 days ago


As someone who has followed the Wiccan path for more than 20 years, my Lady and Lord could this Christian Day person be anymore ill educated on what he purports to be his chosen belief system. He's a 'Warlock'? Really? So he's calling himself a Traitor and Oath breaker. The term for a male witch is just that, a 'male witch', or even just 'witch'. What did this chump do, watch a couple episodes of 'Charmed' and decide he was the Alex Sanders.

1299 days ago


Christian Day has posted on another forum that five months ago he made a bet that he can resurrect the term "Warlock" within 5 years. The prize was a Sushi Dinner. I'm not sure if this is the only motivation but it does make you wonder if our spokesman is on our side of just out for himself. Sushi is more important the the integrity of the pagan community he claims to love and serve? For me I get images of Maurice from Bewitched when I hear the term, along with a reminder of what the true definition is - a witch who betrayed his people.

1299 days ago


I agree with all the posts from other people that live in Salem.....Christian Day is a joke !! He wants to be the new Laurie Cabot and that will NEVER happen. He and his "posse" are also very rude. I worked in a local restaurant in Salem for a while and when they came in you would think it was the second coming of Christ (and they don't tip well, either !!) He thinks he's all that because Ghost Adventurers did a piece on Salem and he was featured on, yes, he is a media whore !!!

1299 days ago


Does he do children's birthday parties?

1299 days ago


It was only a matter of time - Charlie Sheen quotes on t-shirts:
They're kind of poetic actaally

1299 days ago


Christian Day is an embarrassment to the Wiccan community.

1299 days ago


ughh really. I live in Salem, MA. This guy is a complete moron for the record. He's also a douchebag and gives gays everywhere a bad name. Yes you are all correct in saying he would live in his mother's basement.... if not for the fact he scams tourists into buying his sh*t every year. Even the other witches in Salem don't want him here. I wish he would take a big dose of STFU because he offends me and gives Salem a bad name. He's an embarrasment to this town. Can Someone do a cleansing and rid us of him? Salem would really appreciate your help

1299 days ago


@salem res..... omg don't even get me started. That episode was the biggest joke of all lol. And you are soooo very right. Him and his posse are aholes. They are like the unpopular kids you had in high school that are now trying to get revenge by thinking they are cool and being nasty to the normal ppl who picked on them. Losers. They are completely inept members of society and a complete waste of useful ppl's oxygen and the resources that our precious Earth has to offer. I HATE THEM.

1299 days ago


um... most male witches do not like to use the label 'warlock' due to the negative connotations associated with it so... um, yeah.

1299 days ago


Charlie probably just wants whatever drugs this guy is on.

By the way, wrote some Charlie Sheen haikus. Trying to get people to read them. Hopefully someone will find them funny:

1299 days ago


Why doesn't he just take all the pills etc. That is career criminal father was selling . Even in a school zone. Talk about losers

1299 days ago


No, thank GODDESS he does NOT do children's parties.
I happen to know Christian hates women and children.
Its about time the truth came out about him. This individual has done more than enough damage to Salem, and its Witches.
If you do not join his minions, he will find a weakness, then ways to ruin you. He put Laurie Cabot's grandson (a child at the time!)on a porn site, to hurt her.
This is nothing new, he does his best work, not with "magic" or sorcery, but through media, gossip, intimidation and lies.
A Warlock? Yes, that title fits the bill.

No love for Salem, the religion of Witches, or any one, not even his family.
His only love, is for himself, attention and money.
He will use you, lie to you, and then ruin you if you do not bow down to him.

Nothing in this Universe is a "mistake" we all have our roles to play out. I am a better person now, because of the damage he has dished out on me and mine.

Until then, we sit back and watch.

1299 days ago


What I find really comical is that Christian Day is offended by Charlie Sheen using the word 'warlock' when Christian constantly calls women the "C" word all the time - that's much more offensive! And, no I wouldn't want him around my children!

Salem would be a much better place without him and his gang of degenerates/minions!

1299 days ago


I have to agree that

Christian Day is an embarrassment to the Wiccan community.

Posted at 9:06 AM on Mar 3, 2011 by Leigh

He is an embarrassment to society, Him and his little coven friends use to troll me on the internet in the name of Laurie Cabot when I was a teen, he even went as far as to shove it in my face that I myself wasn't really anything but a liar when I said I was 30th generation Strega... These people hurt me so much I wanted to seriously kill myself, but I rose above they're mainstream bullsh*t and am a much better person for it now! Hey look where he is now... a slob who is a complete joke... law of three what comes around goes around... Moondancer...

1299 days ago
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