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Sheen Allegedly Wanted Associates Killed

3/2/2011 1:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the restraining order Brooke Mueller got against Charlie Sheen ... which led to his children being removed last night -- among the most incendiary allegations ... that he wanted some of his associates killed.


 Brooke also says Charlie "spit on my feet.  He also punched me in the arm."

According to the docs, Charlie allegedly told Brooke he wanted her to give him back $20,000 a month in child support payments  -- "untraceable cash to knock off a few people because the people I hate violently are going to get severely punished."

As for Charlie threatening to cut Brooke's head off and put it in a box -- something we reported last night -- Charlie allegedly said, "If you are having this conversation taped, then consider it done.

Brooke also claims -- referring to the Aspen blowout in December, 2009, which led to the domestic violence case against Charlie -- "I should have killed you when I had the chance!"

Brooke also claims on the way to the Bahamas, Charlie randomly told people on the plane "that he hated his ex-wife, Denise Richards, violently and he was going to have her hair shaved off."

Brooke says while they were in the Bahamas last week, Charlie blurted out, "I'm untouchable!  I'm Charlie Sheen!  I'm more famous than Obama!"

Brooke also references Charlie's interview with TMZ last week, claiming he's made "bizarre, disturbing and violent statements to the media" and "I believe his rage is the result of an intense mental issue."



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Keep living the dream Charlie.I am impressed,few have achieved such success in that Ultimate quest for Sex,Drugs and Entertainment.

1298 days ago


sheen has the best quotes of all time "I'm untouchable! I'm Charlie Sheen! I'm more famous than Obama!"

find more winning quotes at

1298 days ago


I'm not sure who is crazier: Charlie, or this guy (CEO) calling him out on YouTube! #tigerblood!

1298 days ago


People need to stop blaming his behavior on drugs, etc...Truth is ...he's a pr*ck!

1298 days ago



"BUHH RING IT!" on one the front...and


On the BACK!!!

Would some enterprising young person get on that please?

1298 days ago


Go Charlie !!!!!!!!!!!

Two and half men forever......A lot of legal stuff.

Harvey you and I know he's going to now get three mill a show.
20/20 was great.God bless the man.He is right about one thing......his is the king of his trade right now,It must be powerful! I think that is what he tried to tell us.....He gives us great hollywood entertainment........because its so real.Let him have his private life.
It's not illegal to be strange or diferant you agree.......His ex pulled a legal powerplay for what ever.... who know's....She has to prove he's bring harm to those kids.....In fact who is really bring harm to the children with all this legal manuvering......In the end is he a bad parent?...are the kids getting proper care.....I think they are.

Its tough being in Hollywood.....know I know why Actors get paid the big bucks!!!!!!!!

1298 days ago


Altho Brooke is a bit of a hot mess herself, Charlie is an embarrassment and his track record speaks for itself. He needs help, but he feels entitlement and his rants are all over the place.
The saddest thing about this is all the children involved and what they are subjected to. They need a much better role model to live by than him. What a sad legacy he's leaving.
Hey Charlie, instead of watching porn, pumping yourself up all over tv, and all the other trashy things you do....let's NOT see or hear from you in the next couple of weeks while you do things that REALLY GOOD FATHER'S DO !!! build a Lego house or something productive. Don't use your -goddesses- as surrogate mothers while your talking a bunch of gibberish, chain smoking and 'winning'. Loser.

1298 days ago

Rolex sucks    


1298 days ago


The ultimate payback by Chuck Lorre would be for him to replace Charlie. Need a better looking (not drug abused) slightly younger man... I think John Stamos is an excellent idea. Good looking enough to be believed as a ladies man. Excellent. Charlie is feeling on top of the world and he doesn't even know how hated is he for abusing the money that the fans gave him. He seems to think he's some sort of untouchable god or something.

1298 days ago

Rolex sucks    

@104cindy the troll

If Charlie snapped his fingers you would bow down and worship him as a god. You're just another loser troll jealous of his success.

It's called "Winning" dear

never watched 21/2 men but if cbs brings him back not only will I tune in but also buy the first season DVD.

1298 days ago

Queen Karma    

Yeah,Charlie Sheen is menatlly defected,genticallyflawed, batshet crazy,substance abuser,etc.Noting new there.Why would anyone want to have kids and pass onthose genes ,oh yeha, BIGMONEY FOR MOMMY!!
Those kids with Denise used to never smile and the eldestkept a thumb sucking for a while.Some amiss there folks. Denise,dareI say, is a decent enough mom. Charlie is a good family friend figure.
Now,we know about Cahrlie. Brooke isa lying,subsatnace abuse,money grabbing,crack user at one time, suppposedly recovering addict. At Thanksgiving 2010,she entered a sober living faicilty. They picked her up fromahotle.Google her.Look her up here at this site.
Those boys are 2 and have neither a parent between Brooke or Charlie. They only got here by IVF,two in one shot,to get BRooke uptimumpay eqaul to Denise.
Brooke is filimg a reality tv show with her friend, Paris Hilton,a known cocaine user.
Those boys , who have lost eyes, need to in the care of Martin Sheen and wife,or dar I say, Denise Richards.

1298 days ago

Ur Gay    

Just want to chime in:

I do agree with most comments here-
The sad thing is, most women who have had contact with this man are very much afraid of him.
He shot one-and if you really listen to his interviews, he sounds friendly one minute, and then angry in the next.
I hope someone gives his kids a chance-and happy childhood.
P.S. I like the people who have been named as possible substitutes for 2 1/2 men.
Please keep suggesting more substitutes, maybe somone with the show will notice.
Thank you all for the interesting comments-whether I agree or disagree I am still glad people write in!

1298 days ago


Like I said: Winning!

1298 days ago


Its funny that Charlie is so ****ed up that he actually is shown and talked about in Hispanics' news (PRIMER IMPACTO).

1298 days ago


As a fan of Charlie Sheen and Two and a Half Men, I hope some intelligent folks in his inner circle step in soon and have a serious intervention with Charlie (not for drugs, but for mental health issues). At this stage, it appears this dramatic episode is on pace to end badly if things dont change. Charlie, Chuck, Les and team, lets work together and resolve this issue. If calmer heads prevail in this situation, could you imagine the ratings for the first Two and a Half Men show when it returns to air. WOW!

1298 days ago
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