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Da Brat

'Every Female in Prison

Wanted Me'

3/4/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Formerly incarcerated rapper Da Brat tells TMZ she did NOT strike up a romance with another female inmate during her time behind bars ... though she insists everyone wanted a shot at her "goodies."

Da Brat -- who last week completed a three year prison stint for attacking a waitress with a bottle in 2007 -- tells us, "Every female in prison wanted me ... all of them wish they could have gotten these goodies."

Brat insists her goodies were never gotten.

Brat tells us ... some of her famous friends reached out during her time -- "Jermaine Dupri sent me the most money ... Omar Epps and his wife looked out. "

Lisa Raye, Katt Williams, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon also helped her out.

Brat is currently on house arrest for the next 3 to 6 months -- but tells us the first thing she plans on doing when she can leave her home is "making it rain at a club."



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She just oozes class, doesn't she?

1327 days ago


Wow what a glowing endorsement on how sexy she is. A bunch of criminals that have been locked up for a long time wanted to get with her.

AND if Duh Brat has so much money she can make it rain at a club then why did she need so many celeb friends sending her cash in jail? More like Da Broke

1327 days ago

Moe Howard    

It is a pretty safe bet that she will be revisiting all of the VAGitarians that wanted her again in the near future.

1327 days ago


Don't you "love" those people who go on comment boards and call others losers for leaving comments when they are doing the same exact thing (leaving a comment). Or those fools that berate others and call them names for leaving negative comments when they are doing the exact same thing. Just becuase their negative comments are directed at the commentator and not the celeb there's no difference. These people have no self awareness.

1327 days ago


I really don't understand all the hate! She committed a crime and is paying her debt to society. It's clearly apparent to me, that the Internet has become a mechanism for very "hateful", "envious", "ignorant" people to anonymously vent their "BLATANTLY RACIST" hostilities towards people of color regardless of their stature in American society. Perhaps you cowards should check your attitudes because the GOD I know, "SITS HIGH, AND LOOKS LOW". Nothing happens that he isn't aware of and "KARMA IS ALIVE AND WELL"!!! WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND AND THAT'S A NATURAL FACT!!!

1326 days ago


Why does she get 3 years and Lohan, Hilton, and the rest of em get like 12 hours because of over crowding. OH...they're MORE famous!

Posted at 5:46 AM on Mar 4, 2011 by onelove627

It appears you're not educated on the American justice system and/or you don't know the facts of the case.

Lilo's case was in CALIFORNIA.

DaBrat's case was in GEORGIA.

Celebrities are treated different in CALIFORNIA. Look at Orenthal James Simpson (OJ) - he was black, a celebrity and murdered two people - nearly decapitating one. But he was let loose.

If Lohan had pulled her cr@p in another state - she'd be sitting in prison right now.

Even in New York - celebrities don't get away with the nonsense celebs get away with in California.

1326 days ago


eeewwww she is fugleeeee!!

1326 days ago


LMAO, she wasn't giving up her goodies 'cos she was too busy taking everybody eles! Da Brat is a stud boi--she's a taker, not a giver.

1326 days ago


DaBrat your an idiot. You made mouthy comments about others and had forgot to look in the mirror. YOur career is where? Gutter, yep the gutter just like your personality... I didn't even know who the hell you were or even any of your music, goes to show NO ONE CARES...

1326 days ago


@#24 if a "black" man with a white mother committed a crime, I'm sure you wouldn't be quick to correct anyone calling him black!!

1326 days ago


How the fawk does she get 3yrs and every lame shiet that other super stars do.. get an over night visit or even a few months and that with being caught with crack and weed lmao .. America's finest Criminal law at its best.. your system is a JOKE..

1326 days ago


She was in jail because she nearly killed a person. In my opinion this piece of s*** should stay in prison for the rest of her misserable life.

1326 days ago

Big Dog    

Maybe she can make it rain on that waitress who's head she cracked open with tha champaign bottle 3years ago.Need to save that rain money for the civil suit.Since it was Jermaine's club;he can help out as well.

1326 days ago

Popa Smurf    

That just goes to show you how it is in America anytime you have Da Brat in jail for an assualt and Lindsay and The Myth himself CHARLIE the creator Sheen doing every and anything they feel like and the Law does absolutely nothing about it. "HEY I JUST STOLE YOUR $$$$$$$DOLLAR NECKLACE AND I'M DRIVING DRUNK IN THE WRONG DIRECTION DOWN A ONE WAY STREET YOU GUYS CAN'T STOP ME. OR EVEN BETTER "HEY I'M A COMPLETE CRACKHEAD AND I DO AS I LIKE AND THE COPS WON'T EVEN COME AND GET ME, MY DRUG DEALER IS THE BEST, THE COPS GIVE HIM AN POLICE ESCORT SO I CAN GET MY FIX. CAUSE I'M CHARLIE AND BESTS BELEIVE YALL WILL NEVER STOP ME. IM EVEN BIGGER THAN THE NFL, MLB, NBA AND ANY OTHER SPORT YOU LAMES LIKE. Now if the Brat were to smurf around like that the cops would've been locked her smurf up. SMURF ALL YALL.........SMURFERS

1326 days ago


3 words: dream on b1tch!

1326 days ago
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