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Eric Clapton's Dirty Laundry -- CAUGHT ON TAPE!!!

3/3/2011 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eric Clapton doesn't just WAIL on guitar -- he also fluffs and folds -- and yesterday in L.A., TMZ spotted the rock icon washing his clothes at a PUBLIC LAUNDROMAT!!!

Eric Clapton Video
There have been reports of Clapton sightings at laundromats in the past ... now, we've got the proof -- Clapton DOES HIS OWN LAUNDRY!!!!!!!!

... and if Eric Clapton can find time to wash his own clothes, your college kid has NO EXCUSE!


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If that's Eric (and it looks like him), he does this mundane stuff as part of his 12 step program. It's not all that strange for him. Up until now he's been able to do it without that much fuss. I for one don't really need to see a short vid of someone just trying to get on with his life.

1269 days ago


Good for him.
Let the man do his damn laundry.

1269 days ago

Misha the CrackHo    

I don't know why this is a story until I realized that people at TMZ don't wash their clothes... that is very obvious.

1269 days ago


TMZ, you keep finding ways to outdo your self with new lows. As #1 said, "Let the man do his laundry." Hopefully, one of your photogs doesn't find some celeb on the krapper. Celebs all do that too, just like all of us do and even like Harvey Levin does.

1269 days ago


It wasn't him...he was in San Jose and then Sacramento when this was supposedly taken.

1269 days ago


I had to use a laundromat for a few weeks when my washer was broken. All I can say is PUKE! Some girl stole a book I had sitting on the counter and another low life girl (who was dressed like a stripper) and her low life boyfriend walked around like they owned the place, pushing people into the washers, and making rude comments to people. She then came in and screamed at one hapless girl and her loser boyfrind jumped in and said to the girl, "Anything you say to HER you can say to ME". A six foot tall turd was threatening some poor 5 foot three inch girl. I almost called the cops.

I would rather stick pins in my eyes than use a public laundromat ever again. If this really is a picture of Eric Clapton, he must think its really fun to slum with the common folk.

1269 days ago


Sammy: A six foot tall turd was threatening some poor 5 foot three inch girl and you ALMOST called the cops???

The six foot turd wasn't the only turd in the laundromat.

1269 days ago


Whoever that is, they are wearing "Red Wing Eric Clapton Classics" (his signature model) shoes. Do a search, you'll see.

1269 days ago


Holy CRAP on a CRACKER! If I saw Eric Clapton at the local Wash N Go I'd grab my guitar and beg him to teach me a few licks!!! What else has he got to do while the loads are washing and drying themselves?

Oh I love me some Eric Clapton!

1269 days ago


I betcha one of his pets pooped on his bedding and that's what he's doing there. No one wants to wash poop smeared sheets in their own washers at home. That would be really gross. On the other hand - public washing machines are super gross. Just think of all the nasty that gets washed in them.

Just a thought anyway.

1269 days ago


Oh the humanity! Someone doing their own laundry! Break out the lynch mob already. Must be a slow news day at TMZ.

1269 days ago


Geezzz what are you trying to implicate here TMZ??? FYI people, the guy is ON TOUR. I love this guys work and seeing him do his own laundry on a laundromat even makes him cool. You could hardly see men of his kind doing this. Tears in Heaven, WOnderful Tonight, Change the World, Knockin on Heavens Door and so forth..... great musician! He will be in Vegas after California tour if im not mistaken.

1269 days ago


Pretty cool that the guy isn't above just being a normal person...but I'm kinda curious..... why not the hired help do it .. and why not at his expensive home ???? I'm just saying ....

1269 days ago


That isn't Clapton.

He's presently on the road and yesterday he was in San Jose. Doubt very much he would be doing laundry the day of a show.

1269 days ago


I don't think that's does TMZ know for sure

1269 days ago
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