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Kim Kardashian Releases FIRST SINGLE

3/2/2011 1:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian has finally debuted her new song Jam (Turn It Up) ... in which Kim "sings" about topics close to her heart ... including partying, drinking and getting "paid."

Kim Kardashian Song

Kim dropped the single on "On-Air with Ryan Seacrest" ... and Ryan says he digs the song.

So, we gotta ask ...


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it sounds like some horrible 90's style of music they play at the gym while you do a cardio class....eewww I bet they're going to play this at Curves."Let's Go Ladies! Work It Out" LOL...on top of that she can't sing and she sounds like she took a bunch of sedatives right before singing. Stick to taking photos Kim, it's the only thing you're good at. Can't wait to see the video for this hot mess.

1330 days ago


I don't think she can sing , we know she can't dance!And she's had more men in her ,in the last year than I have had my whole 45+ something years.Yuk! I wish she'd just get prenant and go away!!

1329 days ago


WOW!! so the real talent doesnt get a real chance to be heard and u play this attention (whoops)song and make a video. she so tired and im so sick of everyone goo-goo eyed for her. She makes money off of doing NOTHING but taking pictures and making sex tapes... What we all need to worry about is this economy and GAS PRICES uh you know real like crisis things that matter. KIM KARDASHIAN your career is about to be over in a spit second boring show kourtney and kim take NEW York and the song is lifeless!

1328 days ago


Sure, it's not a very good song in some opinions, but I'm sure there are people out there that will listen to it happily. Most people that are making fun of it would probably sound so bad, they'd make ears literally bleed.

And for everyone that keeps hounding on her about her celebrity, remember, she has made opportunities for herself that other celebrity socialites never even thought of, and is ridiculously successful at most of them. Maybe she's a little more intelligent than the haters give her credit for, hmm?

1328 days ago


A porn tape turned into a song that leaves me feeling like I'm the one getting screwed. There used to be a saying, know when to say when - she needs to realize that her lack of talent is bigger than her over inflated ego and cartoonish ass.

1328 days ago


Dream has that look on his face like "yea imma smash later" LMFAO!

1328 days ago


Discuss the single:

1326 days ago

Nicole Johnson    

People need to stop being so hateful...We obviously know that Kim does not think she's gonna win a grammy for this song but I think she was just having fun its a good club song to dance to thats it its not something that anyone is going to compare to musics greats...but its a good song to dance too...People are all just jealous because they know that she can make more money in a minute than most can make in a stop being jealous...If you like the song then download it if you don;t then look past it...It's as simple as that.

1325 days ago


I don't care why they did it! It was sick to torture people with this horrible sound, charity or not. Doing it in the name of charity is interesting though because I would give St Jude's twice as much money to NOT have to listen to one second of her whiny voice.

1324 days ago


This song, Kim, & the people involved are a disgrace to the music industry. She has no such talent to begin with to even be famous and then because of the fact that she is famous she has the connections to make herself a song? Really? It's a shame that there are so many talented people out there and this is the type of BS that the music industry pulls. It makes me sick. She is seriously useless to the world, shes 30 singing about partying, grow up, she should be married with kids right now. The whole Kardashian family sucks, period.

1321 days ago

The Fan    

She sounds alot like Britney Spears.Either Britney Spears can't sing or she should be nervous that Kim Kardashian will end her career.

1320 days ago

The Fan    

If Kim starts a singing career at 30 she will NEVER have kids and/or find true love. She barely have time for her 6 million dollar career without music.What make her think that she has time for a music career.

1320 days ago


I'm not at all a fan of Kim - but in her defense - MOST pop music is over processed and boring now. I can barely stand it, as a genre. You can be tone deaf and put out an album, if you have the $, which she obviously does. It's so sad.

The thing is, you can throw a rock in LA and hit a vocal coach - so there is no excuse for those lazy vocals. She sounds like she's half asleep during the recording - however, her voice could probably sound nice with some training.

Kim - if you are reading this - get a good coach. It's money well spent, if you would like to be respected as an artist.

1314 days ago


Honestly Kim you should've further pursued your career in porn movies as on Kim K Superstar Sex Tape your oral skills in this flick are much better than what you deliver in your "music video".

1314 days ago
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