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D.A. Gets Financial Help From Oksana's Lawyer

3/3/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

L.A. County District Attorney Steve Cooley -- whose office will soon decide the fate of Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson -- attended 2 fundraisers on his own behalf at the home of the lawyer who negotiated Oksana's $15 million settlement ... which is the core of the extortion investigation.


TMZ has learned Eric George, a prominent Beverly Hills civil lawyer, hosted both campaign fundraisers last year, while the L.A. County Sheriff's Department was conducting its investigation. 

And documents reveal ... George contributed more than $8,000 to Cooley in 2010 ...  of that, George contributed $1,992 in August ... while the Sheriff's investigation of Oksana was going full bore ... we do know, however, George has had a long-standing friendship with Cooley and has made contributions to him in the past.

As TMZ first reported, George negotiated a $15 million package for Oksana during her mediation in May, 2010.  Law enforcement sources tell us ... Sheriff's investigators believe there's "strong evidence " that Oksana extorted Mel by threatening to release the explosive tapes unless she got the money.

TMZ broke the story that the D.A.'s office disagrees with Sheriff's investigators and has all but decided not to prosecute Oksana, but we're told Mel Gibson will be charged with misdemeanor domestic violence.

And we've learned ... Cooley has been involved -- holding a meeting in his office in December to review the case, though a D.A. spokesperson says no decisions were made during that meeting.
There is grousing among some people in law enforcement -- especially in the Sheriff's Department -- that Cooley should have completely removed himself from the decision-making process given the fundraisers and contributions from George.

George had no comment to TMZ, but a Sheriff's spokesperson has told us the only person under investigation in the extortion matter is Oksana.

Although sources tell us the die has already been cast, a D.A. spokesperson tells TMZ ... prosecutors will make a filing decision "very soon" and Cooley likely will not participate -- because he's about to go on a long-standing, out-of-town vacation for a week and a half.

The spokesperson would not say whether Cooley would make the filing decision if he's back in town when his deputies make their recommendation.


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conflict of many interests, i protest much!!!

1333 days ago


Not for nothin'...but isn't MEL known to be a huge contributor to the Sheriffs Dept.? So it would stand to reason that BOTH of them have a conflict with LAW Enforcement.

I mean isn't that why they had MEL'S arresting officer omit FOUR PAGES of his report because it 'reflected badly" on MEL?

I'm no fan of the RUSSIAN WHORE...never have been, always thought he was an IDIOT for being with her...but you can't lay out one side and not the other...I WISH THEY WOULD BOTH EFF OFF and end this charade.

Posted at 1:33 AM on Mar 3, 2011 by Lori


Mel, like other celebs, once did a PSA for law enforcement. LE has a profile for handling celebrity cases (in order, at least in part, to prevent officers from making themselves small-time celebs for their collars). Officer Mee violated the protocol when he arrested Gibson. No, it doesn't cut both ways here. This has been thoroughly discussed in earlier Mel-Ox threads: there is something wrong either in George's conduct or Cooley's or both.

Cooley's long-planned vacation is going to be used to cover his bottom.

1333 days ago


Mel never had a chance in the Los Angeles legal system.
If they had tried this in New York, Florida, Chicago, Washington, even Las Vegas, Nevada, it would have been a completely different result.

However, Oksy was willing to do whatever it took to win her big settlement, and after burning through 40+ attorneys and spending a year discrediting Mel in the media [with the courthouse's blessing] this is the result.

The moment she's in the clear she will dump Horowitz, and everybody she's been spending time with downtown, and they will all be looking at each other in disbelief, like her ex-bodyguard. "I thought she really cared for me... I thought I was special..."

She's spent a lifetime manipulating elderly men, and last year she raised the stakes for every future ex-girlfriend and ex-wife, for the rest of time.

Think of it, $20k per month plus $10 per month in living expenses for a child out of wedlock, with a guy she never even lived with. She could give master clases on Gold Digging.

1333 days ago


Well, I guess someone was reading the other thread.

Posted at 1:02 AM on Mar 3, 2011 by Midwesterner

In my opinion, some of the trolls are workers of TMZ. They come in to stir the pot.

Not for nothin'...but isn't MEL known to be a huge contributor to the Sheriffs Dept.? So it would stand to reason that BOTH of them have a conflict with LAW Enforcement.

Posted at 1:33 AM on Mar 3, 2011 by Lori

Sheriff's investigate crimes. They cannot prosecute. That is a big difference. If there is a conflict with Law enforcement which pertains to the investigation then an internal review is needed.

1333 days ago


And the whole world is watching this

1333 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Cooley has not ruled out a possibility
to run for the historic 4th time.
"if no qualified candidates
stepped forward or
contenders appear likely to win.

'Cause, you see,
Cooley is like GOD -

HE decides who is
***Team Mel***

1333 days ago


I'm looking forward to reading the books which will undoubtedly be written by LE members (both the real AND the pretend ones) about OG and the cancerous infiltration of the American justice system by her cronies from Mother Russia and Israel.

And don't flash the anti-Semitic card at me. Do some reading and you'll discover that a lot of the crime syndicate heads have moved from the former Soviet Union to Israel.

Have a Google-translated read of and learn about the corruption imported to many parts of the government of NYC. And Americans let them in! That's what I can't understand.

1333 days ago


thats funny lawyers and useless laws that cover essential laws are funny -- lawyers are funny "people" -- "people" are funny -- unions are funny that they need so many people to get a lawyer to address grievences that are already defined and based in law to observe -- what "people" call entertainment is ssssaaaauuuuoooo f-ckin' funny -- this sh-t that has been stated is a little funny -- in that not so funny like of way - anywhat its been flushed before it is going to be flushed ---- again -

1333 days ago



And Americans let them in! That's what I can't understand.

Posted at 1:44 AM on Mar 3, 2011 by observer77


Trust me, Observant One, most Americans can understand it, either.

1333 days ago


Pardon. My post (#25) should read: . . . most Americans can't understand it, either.

1333 days ago


Jesus Christ. This is really trying to make something out of nothing. LA County Sheriff's office needs to realize when they refer a case to the DA, it's the DA with the expertise in deciding whether or not he can actually GET A DAMN CONVICTION on it.

If you aren't an American, you would have no clue what I am referring to - nor could you comment.

1333 days ago


This looks like it is going to be a long drawn out trial that is going to once again expose the LA Justice system as corrupt. If this little tidbit is true they really should just drop this whole thing or Mel's lawyers are going to call everybody in the prosecutor's office to the stand and just torpedo their credibility.

1333 days ago


Thank you Midwesterner, for your kindness...

Funny, everybody seems to forget that back in Denver when Charlie "threatened" her, she pulled an alcohol level 3 times the legal limit and Charlie was stone cold sober. However, she screamed and yelled that he'd threatened her on the 911 call, and they came a running.

Last week she was one of the "goddesses" enjoying the same high as the rest of them, until they had an arguement 2 hours later and she bailed on the trip. The truth, I'm guessing Brooke could give Charlie lessons on getting high, but nobody is paying attention.

1333 days ago


You think that other countries may not know about how the U.S. justice system works? You think Law Enforcement are clueless when it comes to crimes committed?

1333 days ago


A-Ha I should have known. Cooley the crook is under the bed with Oksana. I wonder if other news sites will report this.

Team Mel.

1333 days ago
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