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D.A. Gets Financial Help From Oksana's Lawyer

3/3/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

L.A. County District Attorney Steve Cooley -- whose office will soon decide the fate of Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson -- attended 2 fundraisers on his own behalf at the home of the lawyer who negotiated Oksana's $15 million settlement ... which is the core of the extortion investigation.


TMZ has learned Eric George, a prominent Beverly Hills civil lawyer, hosted both campaign fundraisers last year, while the L.A. County Sheriff's Department was conducting its investigation. 

And documents reveal ... George contributed more than $8,000 to Cooley in 2010 ...  of that, George contributed $1,992 in August ... while the Sheriff's investigation of Oksana was going full bore ... we do know, however, George has had a long-standing friendship with Cooley and has made contributions to him in the past.

As TMZ first reported, George negotiated a $15 million package for Oksana during her mediation in May, 2010.  Law enforcement sources tell us ... Sheriff's investigators believe there's "strong evidence " that Oksana extorted Mel by threatening to release the explosive tapes unless she got the money.

TMZ broke the story that the D.A.'s office disagrees with Sheriff's investigators and has all but decided not to prosecute Oksana, but we're told Mel Gibson will be charged with misdemeanor domestic violence.

And we've learned ... Cooley has been involved -- holding a meeting in his office in December to review the case, though a D.A. spokesperson says no decisions were made during that meeting.
There is grousing among some people in law enforcement -- especially in the Sheriff's Department -- that Cooley should have completely removed himself from the decision-making process given the fundraisers and contributions from George.

George had no comment to TMZ, but a Sheriff's spokesperson has told us the only person under investigation in the extortion matter is Oksana.

Although sources tell us the die has already been cast, a D.A. spokesperson tells TMZ ... prosecutors will make a filing decision "very soon" and Cooley likely will not participate -- because he's about to go on a long-standing, out-of-town vacation for a week and a half.

The spokesperson would not say whether Cooley would make the filing decision if he's back in town when his deputies make their recommendation.


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And I should have said this straight away.........

Many thanks for this thread, Harvey.

I feel you are also searching for the truth.

1328 days ago


shirleysherlock, you're BACK!

maybe you weren't away but i haven't seen your war cry for ages......i kind of lost interest since the two loud-mouth posters took over.

1328 days ago


Morning everyone,

This DA has a past and it's time to dig!
Let the fingers fly and the truth commence.***entary-steve-cooley-deborah-peagler.html

1328 days ago


Wow so not only is the DA corrupt, he's a effing p*ssy as well... He made the wrong decision and this will backfire on him. Your dirty laundry is about to come out Cooley!

1328 days ago


Well, the consensus is that if the DA Cooley doesn't want to be under investigation himself in the nearest future Oksana's extortion case should go to the Grand Jury!
Glad TMZ has brought it all up in the open ..

D A Cooley Won't Investigate L A County BoardAug 21, 2010 ... Los Angeles, CA County District Attorney Steve Cooley is the Republican ... The corruption was do***ented in 2006 and 2009 in L A County ...
Posted at 9:05 PM on Mar 1, 2011 by KM

I would like the FBI to find out what have been the communications between horrorwitz and the DA.
I bet the DA told horrorwitz to shut oskana up, because if she keeps talking he can't push the extortion case under the rug. Out of sight, out of mind, he wants everybody to forget all the crap oksana has been doing all these months.
This slimy DA is a disgusting piece of work. The Cops should let it out how frustrated they are with this guy.
The cops have played ball with this DA thinking he would go after oksana once he had all the facts. Now the DA does have all the facts and KNOWS she is guilty and he still will not prosecute. 9 months work down the drain, if the cops knew from the beginning this DA would never go against his "extortion buddies", they would have ended the case 9 months ago and not put all the time and man-hours into the extortion part of the case.
The cops got screwed on this case, just like Mel is getting screwed. Mel is right to think it's about who the DA is in bed with, all those extortion lawyers.

Posted at 5:53 PM on Mar 1, 2011 by john

The Cops know she is guilty of extortion and have worked on this case for over 9 months, because the DA kept saying he needs more proof, and the COPS got it, then the DA kept dragging his feet._______________
She is guilty but DA does not want to charge her for political reason (...) It was no negotiation it was EXTORTION. Period. But DA is not going there.
Posted at 5:04 PM on Mar 1, 2011 by Janeny

"Show no fear in pursuing the criminal element,
but also be fearless in the pursuit of justice"
Steve Cooley in his 2000 swearing-in ceremony speech
***Team Mel***
Posted at 4:22 PM on Mar 1, 2011 by Fidel's niece

I think the DA is hoping Mel will not go to court. If he does, not only will Ox be exposed but the public will know how much evidence the LASD had and the DA refused to charge her. Either way - alot of people are going to be exposed if Mel is charged and opts for a trial.
Posted at 11:51 AM on Mar 1, 2011 by Tellthetruth59

Kind of a catch 22 for the DA isn't it? I hope Mel calls the DA's bluff if he's charged.
Posted at 12:24 PM on Mar 1, 2011 by Celtic

If the D.A. follows through with the stupidity of charging Mr. Gibson and not following the L.A.S.D.'s recommendation, won't the D.A. be the TALK of local law enforcement agencies, maybe the talk of all law enforcement?
I mean putting everything else aside, look at how many man hours went into this investigation? If he doesn't FOLLOW THE LAW, the D.A. is WASTING everyone's time, money, and energy.
And if he doesn't FOLLOW THE LAW, he needs to resign his position for gross incompetency and lack of having a BACKBONE.

Posted at 3:32 AM on Feb 28, 2011 by Ira Black

1328 days ago


Brian Brokaw, Harris’ campaign spokesman, said the lawsuit and subsequent federal injunction raises issues of character and "paints a troubling picture of a politician who places personal vendettas over public safety. This should raise serious issues concerning whether we want him to be the next attorney general

This pretty much sums up Cooley! Dig people dig!

1328 days ago


I think Harvey is saying that Eric George could be in trouble as well based on that comment from Sheriff's spokesman "only Oksana is being investigated for extortion" - which is why Cooley the Red Nosed Raindeer is covering for his bud.

Harvey also alluded to Cooley's corruption a few posts ago when he said "the DA is personally handling this case."

Interesting. Not surprising - I never felt George was on the up an up and didn't trust him - but I'm glad the corruption at the DA's office is being exposed.

1328 days ago

Fidel's niece    

All roads lead to "Passion"...

Cooley received a maximum donation (13,000)
for his unsuccessful Attorney General campaign last year from
THE ANSHUTZ CORPORATION, started by Philip Anschutz in 1965.

in 2004 Mel's Icon Productions Inc.
sued Philip Anschutz and his company
REGAL Entertainment Group for
CHEATING the actors distribution
company out of the revenue from
the hit movie "The Passion of The Christ".
(Mel sued for 40 million).

The settlement was a multimillion
dollar award to Mel's Icon Prod.
from Anschutz company.

1328 days ago

Fidel's niece

THE ANSCHUTZ CORP. CONTRIBUTION to Cooley's campaign 13,000.

***Team Mel***

1328 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Cooley took campaign donations last year
from the OIL firm prosecuted by D.A.'s office
for violating state environmental laws,
records and interviews show.

Oct 22, 2010 Los Angeles Times

***Team Mel***

1328 days ago


I think Harvey is saying that Eric George could be in trouble as well based on that comment from Sheriff's spokesman "only Oksana is being investigated for extortion" - which is why Cooley the Red Nosed Raindeer is covering for his bud.

Harvey also alluded to Cooley's corruption a few posts ago when he said "the DA is personally handling this case."

Interesting. Not surprising - I never felt George was on the up an up and didn't trust him - but I'm glad the corruption at the DA's office is being exposed.

Posted at 3:25 AM on Mar 3, 2011 by Tellthetruth59

TTT, re: "only Oksana is being investigated for extortion"
I read that differently i.e. Shereff's spokesman is 'reassuring' DA that EG may be in the clear after all :) so it would be stupid of Cooley NOT to charge Ox and get himself under a scrutiny / investigated in the process .. ???

Also glad the corruption at the DA's office is being exposed!!
Wonder IF mainstream Media are going to pick this up ..

1328 days ago


How in the heck did this guy become a DA? He is so corrupt!

1328 days ago


There is so much stuff on this guy I don't know where to start. We the people need to stand up and stop taking sh it from all these corrupt bastar ds.

1328 days ago


Thank God this celebrity- enamored ambulance chaser didn't win the state election for AG.

1328 days ago


@Champix - yes but if George was her attorney and she's charged... that will not bode well for him. Note the "scheduling" problem George always seemed to have. The loooong European vacation he took and he had no idea he was being trashed in the press by Putz until he got home and read Radaronline ;-)

An old TMZ story from Sept 2010:

Extortion vs Negotiation

L.A. County Sheriff's Department spokesperson Steve Whitmore tells TMZ his Department is several weeks away from wrapping up its investigation. As Whitmore put it, "One of the challenges investigators are facing is what is considered a legal negotiating tactic and what constitutes extortion."

TMZ has learned ... the L.A. County Sheriff's Department is combing over key pieces of evidence in the Oksana Grigorieva extortion investigation ... and law enforcement sources tell us the focus is on Oksana's iPhone, as well as text messages and emails between Mel and Oksana.

Whitmore would not discuss specific evidence in the investigation, but did say investigators are conducting forensic analysis of the items.

And Whitmore says there are two attorneys whom investigators still want to interview, and there have been scheduling problems. TMZ knows the lawyers are Eric George and Sonia Lee, who share a practice and represented Oksana in the mediation in which Mel agreed to pay a total of $15 million in return for the tapes and other evidence.

We've learned George -- who has been out of the country -- will be back in L.A. later this week and is eager to speak with investigators. We understand Lee is also willing to sit for an interview.

And, we're told the only person who is the target of the investigation is Oksana.

1328 days ago
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