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D.A. Gets Financial Help From Oksana's Lawyer

3/3/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

L.A. County District Attorney Steve Cooley -- whose office will soon decide the fate of Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson -- attended 2 fundraisers on his own behalf at the home of the lawyer who negotiated Oksana's $15 million settlement ... which is the core of the extortion investigation.


TMZ has learned Eric George, a prominent Beverly Hills civil lawyer, hosted both campaign fundraisers last year, while the L.A. County Sheriff's Department was conducting its investigation. 

And documents reveal ... George contributed more than $8,000 to Cooley in 2010 ...  of that, George contributed $1,992 in August ... while the Sheriff's investigation of Oksana was going full bore ... we do know, however, George has had a long-standing friendship with Cooley and has made contributions to him in the past.

As TMZ first reported, George negotiated a $15 million package for Oksana during her mediation in May, 2010.  Law enforcement sources tell us ... Sheriff's investigators believe there's "strong evidence " that Oksana extorted Mel by threatening to release the explosive tapes unless she got the money.

TMZ broke the story that the D.A.'s office disagrees with Sheriff's investigators and has all but decided not to prosecute Oksana, but we're told Mel Gibson will be charged with misdemeanor domestic violence.

And we've learned ... Cooley has been involved -- holding a meeting in his office in December to review the case, though a D.A. spokesperson says no decisions were made during that meeting.
There is grousing among some people in law enforcement -- especially in the Sheriff's Department -- that Cooley should have completely removed himself from the decision-making process given the fundraisers and contributions from George.

George had no comment to TMZ, but a Sheriff's spokesperson has told us the only person under investigation in the extortion matter is Oksana.

Although sources tell us the die has already been cast, a D.A. spokesperson tells TMZ ... prosecutors will make a filing decision "very soon" and Cooley likely will not participate -- because he's about to go on a long-standing, out-of-town vacation for a week and a half.

The spokesperson would not say whether Cooley would make the filing decision if he's back in town when his deputies make their recommendation.


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-- Bodyguard ... $13,000

Yet we see no bodyguards...only published whereabouts of child for would be kidnappers.

Posted at 7:28 PM on Mar 5, 2011 by sugart*ts

And, now...according to the "ALLEGED" Kris Herzog that posted here and is speaking to Azlee on a regular basis, plus what he's said, PUBLICLY, he was NEVER paid for his services.

The actual ONLY TIME we saw her with bodyguards was Kris and a few of his Cronies supposedly from the bodyguard site and they were all working free of Charge. Once Kris got kicked to the curb and then THROWN UNDER THE BUS, when have we seen her with bodyguards???

1) She was out, going to a depo? She had Herzog, and another guy with her.

2) She went to a movie theater with Alexander and had the bodyguards with her.

My problem is this...where the FLUCK were these bodyguards when she was going to and from Depos.

Where the FLUCK were these bodyguards when she was going to and from court will filing outrageous claims with Horkhisbitz.

Where the FLUCk were these bodyguards when she had pictures taken with her and Lucia on the grounds of the Sherman Oaks house and, sorry, Bodyguards follow you straight to your front door.

Where the FLUCK were these bodyguards when she went out to the movies with her mother

Where the FLUCK were these bodyguards when she dropped her mother off at the airport and pushing baby Lucia in a stroller. You don't think that TMZ would've been smart enough to photograph all the bodyguards? Come on, they do it with REAL STARS, people with Talent, people popular and have a massive fan following. Watch TMZ the t.v. show, whenever they get a VERY BIG star on the show, you've got some unknown, some un-named guy hanging around in the background or next to the star, you know damn well it's a bodyguard.

CONSIDERING, Herzog used a photo from Ivy of Nicholson leaving the place and he jumped in the picture to PROVE he was supposedly a bodyguard for him makes you wonder why we don't see a ton of photos of Oxymoronic and her NEW bodyguards that cost 13 grand a month LOL

1325 days ago



-- Bodyguard ... $13,000

Yet we see no bodyguards...only published whereabouts of child for would be kidnappers.

Posted at 7:28 PM on Mar 5, 2011 by sugart*ts
Exactly, and that's why I have posted before that Mel's lawyers need to revisit this and ask for a downward adjustment in child support.

Posted at 7:33 PM on Mar 5, 2011 by fuddyduddy

ROFLMAO...psych...I'm behind on reading and posting as I go along. At least SOMEONE is thinking they way I am.

1325 days ago


they met at a fundraiser for Bill Clinton in Washington while she played the keys

BWUAHAHA, she played the "KEYS" as in, she played piano at the function or she played the "KEYS" as in, here's Bill's, here's Ted's pick which one you want to do first?

1325 days ago


Last one :)

Tim's data not sure how accurate

11718 Barrington Court Suite 252 Los Angeles, CA 90049 •
Timothy 15 Golden Square #315 London W1 ENGLAND
Timothy Dalton (1944 - ) Date of Birth: 21 March 1944 Place of Birth: Colwyn Bay, Wales, UK

He is OLD

1325 days ago


Oxa is said to have bought an apartment in Moscow when she was there for her “charity” tour
Go here about what a great father Mel is

1325 days ago

С Тимоти Далтоном у Оксаны начались отношения ровно через год после истории с Аланом (1995). Познакомились они, когда дочь в поисках работы обратилась в гильдию переводчиков. А в Лондон как раз привезли фильм «Утомленные солнцем». Оксану пригласили переводить. С Тимом они прожили восемь лет. Не все было просто.
Расставание с Далтоном больно далось. Но они нашли в себе силы остаться друзьями и вместе воспитывать сына Александра. Оксана после их разрыва говорила: больше никогда у меня не будет актера!
Прошло семь лет. И в жизни Оксаны появился Мел Гибсон. With Timothy Dalton Oksana start a relationship exactly a year after the story of Alan (1995). (the guy who got her a UK passport). They met when her daughter in search of work appealed to the guild of interpreters. And in London, just brought the movie "Burnt by the Sun." Oksana was invited to translate. Tim and they have lived for eight years. Not everything was easy.
Parting with Dalton hurt dalos. But they found the strength to remain friends and together to educate his son Alexander. Oksana after their breakup, say: never again I will not be an actor!
Seven years have passed. And in the life of Oksana came Mel Gibson.

1325 days ago


Between November 1995 and March 1997, Lewinsky had an intimate... News of the Clinton–Lewinsky relationship broke in January 1998... On January 26, 1998, the president claimed "I did not have sexual relations with that woman. His last day in office on January 20, 2001.
In 1995, Dalton began a relationship with Oksana Grigorieva which produced a child in 1997, Dalton's son Alexander. Over the following years, Dalton has been a caring and loving father of his son. Very much a private man, Dalton's pastimes include fishing, reading, jazz, opera, antique fairs and auctions and, of course, movies.
Oksana, gave birth in London to a boy, Alexander on 7 August 1997.
On January 28th 1998 Timothy went to Chicago to record Star Crossed Lovers with Lynn ..
I believe I believe this is when Oxa moved to the U.S. too and Tim sometimes between 1998 and 2001 introduced her to Ted Kennedy, and yes, Clinton was in the middle of this sex scandal and Oksana was not with Dalton any more but with somebody else. This is why Dalton could not and did not want to get her parents in the US or UK.
November 2004) Lives in London, UK.
(October 2005) Lives in Los Angeles, USA.
(April 2006) Lives in West Hollywood with His wife (??? Oksana?) and son.
Other rumors says he and her have not be together since 2000 but as I said I think they fell apart earlier in 1998.

1325 days ago


Trying to google to find that article about Timothy Dalton introducing Oksana to Bill Clinton at that fund raiser. The one where it says that Dalton went to show support for Clinton because Clinton was having his Lewinsky problems.

Well of course I'm not very good at research, so I can't find it.

But came across this picture ... I'm sure someone posted it before, but boy does she look like a biatch in it.

1325 days ago


Now I'm off to bed.

Goodnight all.

1325 days ago


Tmothy Dalton .. Clinton .. Jafee ... etc = as V said, well healed democrats with left leaning sympaties..

Then there is the 'old school boy's network' too ..

If you combine the two a lot of business can be done ??? hmm
Just out of curiosity & lack of knowledge on the subject I typed 'freemasonery/ T Dalton ... -- Flash Gordon movie full of masonic symbolism that T Dalton has a prominent role ... 'old school boy's network' too?

Posted at 10:01 AM on Mar 5, 2011 by champix_o


I've been hesitant to mention this in the past as I did not want to pull Mel's children into this mess, but it may be of some relevance.

I snooped on Hanna's Facebook page about five months ago. One group she had listed in her interests was a Facebook Page on an organization that has Political criticism of Hilary Clinton.

The Clintons seem to pop up quite a bit. First in Oksana's bio, then Bill Clinton getting a role on Hangover, and Hanna's opposition to Hilary.

1325 days ago


The Facebook Page was solely dedicated to Political criticism of Hilary Clinton. On Hanna's Facebook.

1325 days ago


How much is she going to charge to see her last five years' tax returns?

Tee hee

Posted at 4:12 PM on Mar 5, 2011 by middleagedcrazy

Lol, MAC, my best dream is now that credit card charge is leaked in criminal court as Mel's attorneys' slice her to pieces on justifiable slap. Then she faces $millions of disallowed legal fees not forgiven in custody, criminal or bankruptcy court.

EG could play hard ball and lien the "Dodge Charger" (kudos to ever pointed out that irony) not to mention any bank accounts in her name. She will petition every year of Lucia's minority life for mo' money after shutting "father of her child" down. If EG wins "grand theft" of services charge, she's deported for felony. Sweet dreams.

1325 days ago


Posted at 10:34 PM on Mar 5, 2011 by Belinda

Um scuse me, not only does she LOOK like a Beotch, like you said, he doesn't look happy either. His focus is on his son, her focus it pretty much into the realm of NOWHERE!!! And he supposedly, if you read the timelines, which are all posted online by Oxymoronic, they were together for TEN YEARS??? I think freakin' NOT!!!!!

1325 days ago


I've been hesitant to mention this in the past as I did not want to pull Mel's children into this mess, but it may be of some relevance.

I snooped on Hanna's Facebook page about five months ago. One group she had listed in her interests was a Facebook Page on an organization that has Political criticism of Hilary Clinton.

The Clintons seem to pop up quite a bit. First in Oksana's bio, then Bill Clinton getting a role on Hangover, and Hanna's opposition to Hilary.

Posted at 11:16 PM on Mar 5, 2011 by LISA

Seriously, if that's his REAL daughter's facebook page, I'm about to add myself as a fan. I would back this Hannah, whether she's Mel's daughter - or someone pretending to be her. SORRY, but, I want a female president, as in Hillary Clinton, WHY?

1) If anyone can remember correctly, MONICA LEWINSKY wasn't the FIRST woman he was associated with, SEXUALLY, whether orally or otherwise.

2) We all knew, and I'm SORRY I"M CANADIAN and could never VOTE for the pres of the United States. But....we all knew, he was having an affair with Jennifer Flowers WAAAAAAAAAAY before Monica. Difference being, Jennifer had her word and a picture sitting on Bill's lap on a boat. They blew that off and explained he was on a cruise and she was simply a fan. LOL.

So, with all the **** surrounding BILLY BOY. Hillary stuck by him, WHY? SERIOUSLY???? It wasn't just ONE incident or ONE affair he had two that we know of in public, how many more one night stands or two or three week affaris did he have and the government, at the time of being president paid off these ho's with so much money they took it and ran?

Now...what Hannah had as a personal vendetta can't be Bill's past with Hillary as his wife because Hannah's own father was NO BETTER and not just with Ox but what's been disclosed from her own father all these years.

I will say this, from what I posted. IF YOU ARE RUNNING for President, you better be C*CKSURE OF YOURSELF, you better be confident in your beliefs - you'd better be willing, ready and able to enact laws that you believe in very religiously. You better be gung ho about what you want to accomplish, what you want to bring to the table....

How do we get this from Hillary?

I would LOVE to see a woman at the helm but I don't want a broad whose whole marriage was simply a joke. Bill has been ****ing around on her from the getgo, basically when he came into office and having 20 something mistresses. AM I PROUD that Hillary stuck by her man after Monica? FLUCK NO. This wasn't the first affair that was brought to light.

NOW, if after Monica, knowing about Jennifer Flowers, Hillary went to court, filed for divorce, and from all people a past president. Told that sonofabeotch that she wasn't going to take any more and kicked his arse to the curb, got half his estate, got Alimony, got child support I would've been on her side in a millisecond and so would've half of america.

She stuck with, IMHO, a serial cheater, made her look like an ass, when he was a govener after an affair, made her look like as ass after an affair after becoming president. This "I DIDN"T NOT" have sexual relations with that woman, in other words, never put my peepee in her, just let her suck me dry, GRRR.

Anyway, I DON"T want a female pres that puts up with that caca, I want a pres, in the female form that will drop you on a dime with her words, will blow you off when you are stupid and will kick her husband to the curb the MINUTE he cheats.

Dammut, why don't I have a woman like this running for Prime Minister of Canada, GRRRRRRRRR

1325 days ago


BTW, all posters. I had a lapse for an hour and almost a half, there was a reason for it.

Comedy Central aired a stand up comic routine tonight. Yes, an hour and a half.....It was George Carlin, for those of you, my age, you'll know that Carlin was funnier than hell in the seventies, you'll also now, after all these years he was on Cocaine when he did his show.

The show I saw tonight was:

George Carlin: It's Bad for Ya.

This was filmed in 2008, it's him, CLEAN AND SOBER after years of drug and alcohol abuse and if I'm not mistaken he's been clearn and sober for MANY years when he did this standup routine (If I'm not mistaken, also, just before he died too)

Watch the routine, all hour and a half of it. If you have Mel set in your mind, and what he's going through, have all this crap that been posted on TMZ, trust me, you will relate to everything LOL.

1325 days ago
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