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Roseanne Barr

My Neighbor MURDERED My Goats!

3/2/2011 6:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Roseanne Barr claims her neighbor is a gun-toting NIGHTMARE -- who slaughtered the comic's goats as part of a campaign of terror ... this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

Roseanne Barr Goat

Barr -- who lives on a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii -- filed a request for a restraining order against her neighbor Roree Oehlman and her husband Richard ... claiming the couple has had it out for Rosie since she moved in.

According to the docs, Roseanne claims the problems began from the moment she moved in -- when her neighbors declared they don't want any "Kaballah studying [that means Jewish) people here on the Big Island."

Roseanne says Roree claims to have guns -- and often harasses and even threatens the comic.

In fact, Roseanne claims one morning she found two of her four goats had been killed -- and shortly after Rosie discovered the bodies, her neighbor allegedly told Roseanne's son-in-law, "That's what happens when you piss people off."

Rosie wants a judge to ban the couple from getting anywhere near her property -- or contacting any member of her family.

In related news, the county recently cited Roseanne for doing "illegal work" on her nut farm ... after Roree filed a complaint in the "interest of public safety."


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Anyone who kills another persons pets or live stock because they don't like them is freakin' coward. You have to be pretty big douche to shoot a pet goat.

1331 days ago


it's hard to believe roseanne's version of anything considering she lied about her parents physically and sexually abusing her and her siblings. they submitted to a polygraph and passed with flying colors. roseanne would never submit to a lie detector test. the machine would melt as soon as she answered the first question.

1331 days ago


Since I live in Hawaii and see the comments about savages and such ignorance, I will tell you that along with feral pigs, goats do an enormous amount of damage to the flora and the aina in general, that's land if your not aware.

Haoles bring one of two things to the island when they move here. Humbleness and respect for the land and the people of these isles, or, arrogance and disrespect and feelings of being better than the kanaka maoli. I suspect that she is the latter. Was the action of the neighbor correct??? Absolutely not. However, she of all people, is a fish out of water. She wouldn't know Aloha spirit or have time for it if it bit her in her whale butt.

1331 days ago


I live in Hawaii and she is the antithesis of what the Aloha spirit is about, and the goats do extensive damage to the flora here, just like the pigs.. not Rosanne of course, but they are considered tramplers of the aina (land).

She is disliked for her attitude apparently, and that's a huge thing in Hawaii. You can be an accepted Haole with some humbleness and respect given to the Kanaka Maoli, but if you treat us like your servants or you're better, your toast and ignorable.

1331 days ago


Sorry for the double post.

1331 days ago


Kaballah doesn't nessesarily mean jewish (judaism). Its actually jewish MYSTICISM, not judaism. Why is it important to tell the difference? Because Kaballah is in essence satanism. Satanist love goats. JUST SAYING. Btw, most ppl in hollywood are into satan................:X

1331 days ago


Btw, just because of what I said doesn't mean its ok to kill peoples "pets". Shouldn't happen.

1331 days ago


No!!! Not her goats!

1331 days ago


If Roseanne moved next to me I'd go out and buy a gun! She's a rich celebrity, she should move to the middle of nowhere.

1331 days ago


Is that Dame Edna (tm)?

1331 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Is this another sequel to Babe?

1331 days ago


Sorry, Pua, but it's not "ignorance" to call somebody a savage when they kill innocent animals merely out of petty need for revenge against the owner. Whoever has qualms with another person should take it up with that person, NOT take it out on other people or their animals. There ARE non-violent ways of resolving problems, even with difficult people!

Roseanne may be disrespectful as you seem to believe, but how exactly do you think that killing her animals is going to TEACH her this respect that you want her to have? Demonstrate the respect that you want other people to have! If anyone sinks to what they perceive to be Roseanne's level, then truly they are no better than she is. Also, even if it is true that goats and pigs are bad for the plants and land, that still does not give anyone the right to kill them just for spite against Roseanne. THAT is savagery no matter what way you want to try to spin it. It is what it is and cultural pride will not change it. There is no excuse for what Roseanne's neighbour did to those goats.

1331 days ago


The neighbors didn't shoot at em. That fat no tallent hag bashed em on the head and roasted em right before her and that no talent drag queen buddy of hers Jackie Beat rolled em up in a tortilla and ate Goat Tacos.

1331 days ago


I just wont to say I love roseanne no matter how much I have seen all of her shows I still watch them.

1331 days ago


Why isn't this neighbor in jail? I didn't know it was legal in Hawaii to go around killing animals that don't belong to you.

1331 days ago
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