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Charlie Sheen:

You Got One More Chance,


3/10/2011 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's lawyer has given Brooke Mueller's legal team an ultimatum -- either settle up today or face a judge tomorrow ... sources connected with the case tell TMZ.

Both sides have been trying to hammer out a custody settlement for nearly a week, but negotiations have stalled.  Charlie's lawyers threatened to go to court earlier in the week, but they thought a deal might be close.  Now, it seems, it's not in the cards.

Sources connected with Charlie tell us ... if his lawyers go to court tomorrow and try and undo the restraining order that is keeping him from his kids ... they will pull out the big guns and expose Brooke's drug issues.

Tick tick tick.


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Charlie you are a jackass. The judge would have to be smoking as much crack as you are to let you anywhere near those kids. You cooked your own goose with your insane public rants and refusal to get help for an obvious mental illness and drug addiction. STFU, get help then maybe a judge would consider letting you see your kids.

1322 days ago


So he's stupid and crazy now? I'm sure the judge was well aware that Brooke not only has a history of drug and alcohol use but is still in outpatient rehab. And yet he was still more than willing to yank those two kids out of Charlie's house and give them to Brooke. Maybe he should just give her what he wants if he really wants to see his kids. Because the judge clearly thinks a recovering addict is a safer parent than a complete whack-job.

1322 days ago


he has a right to see his children

1322 days ago


I can already see Charlie on his next faux show episode of "Truth Trek", drinking vodka from the bottle..pile of coke in front of him..desperately clicking a TV channel changer while ranting, "Scottie!! Beam me up!! This planet is filled with trolls and losers"!!

1322 days ago


#43..."he doesn't have the girls, Denise has full custody"
You said this about #41 "You are raising two little girls in the hose now"
You missed the joke my friend....The two little girls are the goddesses...Charlie is their 'father"....creepsville!!!

1322 days ago


If these were two everyday people, the courts would have taken these kids, and not let either have them, until they could both prove history with cleaing up their drug use and Charlie has another level of mental instability. When you're a celebrity, you get treated above the law.

1322 days ago


he has a right to see his children... after a thorough psych evaluation and under supervision

1322 days ago


i was one of those people who felt sorry for him at first. but when he started talking about hurting babies, he lost me. keep those kids as far away from him and his ho's as possible.

1322 days ago


While Charlie's rants are VERY entertaining, I believe the real fun will begin when the writers of South Park get ahold of him.

1322 days ago

Scott T. Kay    

I am not an attorney (never would want to be in a profession that almost requires you to be, uh, ethically-challenged) nor do I even play one on TV but -- I do know A LOT about Family Law -- and I know the ace Charlie has in his back pocket, if his attorneys choose to use it . . .

Charlie is no Angel, for sure . . . but I think he is getting his shiot together . . . NO ONE knows for sure, certainly . . . and it appears that Brooke is trying to get her stuff together too . . . That's all good . . .

But, and everyone has a BIG BUT, they BOTH have admitted to or demonstrated fairly recent behavior inconsistent with providing an environment appropriate and conducive to raising children . . .

I also believe that they BOTH love their children deeply, however . . .

If you accept my premise and you are Charlie's lawyers, you politely explain the consequences to Brooke of NOT settling this matter quickly and in a way that is fair to BOTH parents and with an arrangement they can both live with . . .

. . . What are the consequences of NOT settling?? Well, since BOTH parents can easily be painted to the court as being unfit, Charlie's attorneys can ask, even demand, that if the children are stripped from Charlie, they MUST also be stripped from Brooke . . . as the law MUST apply equally to EVERYONE . . . There is not one set of laws for mothers and a second set of laws for fathers . . . This is America, for crying out loud . . .

Either they are BOTH unfit parents . . . or they BOTH need monitors . . . or they BOTH get to raise the kids in whatever environment they are capable of providing . . .

Even if you believe Charlie is a 10 (on a scale of 1 to 10) as an unfit parent, Brooke is probably a 7. And if the State of California gets deeply involved in this matter, they will probably find anything over a 5 to be unacceptable. It behooves BOTH Charlie and Brooke to SETTLE, post haste, or risk saying goodbye to their kids for awhile . . .

So there is a scenario in which the kids end up wards of the State of California. Hardball?? Yes, absolutely -- But since Brooke was the one that decided to play CHICKEN with her children, Charlie has every right to use any legal tactics available to him to ensure the LONG-TERM well-being of their children . . .

I wrote a poem a few years back which contained a line I think is appropriate in this situation: "You see kids are not weapons to use in a battle, unless you are a piece of shiot from a shiot load of cattle . . ."

And lest you not forget, Brooke DID throw the first cow pie . . . Brooke started the battle, so she will get what she deserves . . . as we all do . . .

My Two Cents™ . . .

1322 days ago


Brooke should be rolling her eyes at the threat of "exposure." She'll still look like a virgin choir girl next to him. He's certifiably nuts and shouldn't be around children; she'll probably ask the court for an evaluation to prove it. And "Mommy" should be monitored, as well. The poor kids. I just don't get how a woman would DELIBERATELY conceive with CS. Charlie may be crazy, but Brooke's a morally bankrupt predator--who, unfortunately, will be the least-horrible parent for these poor children.

1322 days ago


That fact that Brooke is in treatment and Charlie isn't is in her favor. What? Is Charlie's lawyer going to tell the judge Charlie blinked his eyes and cured himself?

Also Brooke's mom is helping to care for the boys. Charlie has a porn star and marijuana model to look after them.

Great article. Charlie is the example of what not to do if you want custody of your children.

Lessons Learned From Charlie Sheen For Your Custody Trial

1322 days ago


Of course--I'm sure a cash payment could settle everything.

1322 days ago

steven katona    

So, word out on the street is that Charlie is BROKE... not just mentally but his pocket leaks no more. The word is: this is why he is so money hungry right now. why he is doing all this crazy stuff to get parts and shows and money fast. My thoughts on this if indeed it is true: He blew all his money on prostitutes and 8 balls of coke... there are a few very wealthy drug lords and porn stars walking today and we can thank Charlie for that.

Posted at 6:34 AM on Mar 10, 2011 by becky

bravo charlie! you're stimulating the national economy with your binges but you know what? i see talent shine and i'm thinking the judge is going to overturn his decision and give joint custody. good luck charlie! try to be happy for the cameras. you still need a job and public opinion is paramount.

1322 days ago


Truth Trek...South Park...Charlie Sheen and Cartman. My God!! I think we're on to something here!! The making of a GREAT new TV sitcom!!! Catrman and Charlie have so much in common!! They're both manical, self centered narcisists AND they both come across as being cartoon charecters.

1322 days ago
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