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Charlie Sheen:

You Got One More Chance,


3/10/2011 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's lawyer has given Brooke Mueller's legal team an ultimatum -- either settle up today or face a judge tomorrow ... sources connected with the case tell TMZ.

Both sides have been trying to hammer out a custody settlement for nearly a week, but negotiations have stalled.  Charlie's lawyers threatened to go to court earlier in the week, but they thought a deal might be close.  Now, it seems, it's not in the cards.

Sources connected with Charlie tell us ... if his lawyers go to court tomorrow and try and undo the restraining order that is keeping him from his kids ... they will pull out the big guns and expose Brooke's drug issues.

Tick tick tick.


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The "prostitutes," BTW, are the most stable of all these characters! And I hate to be the bearer of the obvious, but . . . the court doesn't mind that more skanks ("mother figures") are in the house. The children's MOTHER is a "prostitute," let's not forget.

1287 days ago

Scott T. Kay    

Those who live in glass houses shouldn't drop boulders from helicopters, especially if they live at the foot of a stone mountain prone to avalanches during earthquakes™ . . . cuz Charlie Sheen-stein and his attorneys will rock their world . . .

My Two Cents™ . . .

1287 days ago


I think the danger of going after Brooke in court is that the judge could wind up stripping both Brooke and him of custody. I can't see any judge giving Charlie custody. Even supervised visits might be iffy at this point. The judge will do what is in the best interest of the children. If Charlie really wanted his children back he should have made them the priority instead of his self indulgent public rants and ravings.

1287 days ago


a ho is a ho is a ho.

1287 days ago


#66...Scott T. Kay

Good post. Rare to find that here on TMZ.

TMZ Cares..... about revenue.

1287 days ago


These women and men who have crushes on Charlie remind me of those people who write love letters to serial killers who are in prison. Sick stuff.

1287 days ago


It doesn't matter if they "pull out the big guns and expose Brooke's drug issues". What's to expose? She has a drug addiction...that obviously means she has "drug issues". Does it really matter WHAT drug issues? No. Does it matter what drugs she's done or how frequently she's done them in the past? No. She's currently IN REHAB for her "drug issues"..and the judge will see that, that is such a non-threat. Hell, the world knows she has "drug issues" and since she's been with him...we assume she's not just smoking weed.

On top of that...she made the responsible move to have her children removed from his custody when he's acting erratic, wild, and violent...and had their children placed with a responsible adult (her mother), not her....her mother while she seeks treatment. Charlie you don't stand a shot in hell when your drug addict ex-wife so blatantly wins the trophy for making responsible choices over you...and she does, hands-down!

1287 days ago


("I think the danger of going after Brooke in court is that the judge could wind up stripping both Brooke and him of custody.")

I know many people think this is a danger, but I personally find this one highly doubtful. There aren't many judges who will remove children from the custody of BOTH parents, when at least one of them is attempting to right things. Brooke is by no means mother of the year, but she is in rehab...and she has put the children with HER mother (a responsible family member) for their primary care. Brooke is not with them 24/7 and has admitted she needs her mothers help to care for them properly while she seeks treatment. I believe a judge is going to recognize that effort as a responsible thing to do for the children. I would be very surprised if #1 Charlie gets the kids back &/or #2 they both lose their children. I really find either of those scenarios very unlikely. Time will tell though.

1287 days ago


I believe it would be a mistake for him to go to court. He needs some help desperately and some time to "re group". If however he goes to court and looses....well, that could be the trigger that most people (aka TMZ, most posters here) seam to be waiting for.

The disgust that I feel towards some people and "reporting agencies" I just can't describe.

This has shown me, once again, the cold hearted and ruthless people that are thriving on others pain and suffering.

Charlie is not the sad story here....the hateful, hurtful people and prospering "News Shows" are.

TMZ Cares.....about revenue.

1287 days ago


How could any judge in his right mind, give those kids to charlie even for a minute??? He really does need a monitor, thats what hes fighting. he doesn't want to give up his smoking and drinking. just to see his kids..and how can he be broke??/ he said hes still getting if he is broke, he would have been broke even if he hadn't lost his job!

1287 days ago


In my opinion to 'settle or go to court' is a no brainer. Go to court, have the restraining order re-issued, and permanently revoke Charlie's visitation with the kids. When Charlie keeps 'WINNING' he'll figure it out eventually.

Interesting that he doesn't go after Denise Richards.

Charlie, keep up the good work. You've actually made it fashionable and trendy to hang with the trolls. If you're looking for cash you might want to contact the mental health association in your area. You're a living poster child for them and let's face it, you're giving the advertising away for free.

1287 days ago


Isn't it ironic how we all thought that Denise and Brooke were the nut jobs. What is the common denominator here? Charlie needs put in a mental health facility until he can prove he is capable of being with his children, however long that takes.

1287 days ago


jim, it's Charlie who has been running to every media outlet to be interviewed. No one twisted his arm to do it. The problem I have is when the media downplays the serious of his mental state and antics in order to keep access to him. They help fuel his delusional state along with the fans who are high-fiving him. IMO they are helping to drive nails into his coffin.

1287 days ago


He does drugs himself, what is he doing complaining about her?

1287 days ago


Charlie looks good in his hat. Charlie makes me laugh, GASHOLE makes me cringe.

1287 days ago
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