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Charlie Sheen:

You Got One More Chance,


3/10/2011 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's lawyer has given Brooke Mueller's legal team an ultimatum -- either settle up today or face a judge tomorrow ... sources connected with the case tell TMZ.

Both sides have been trying to hammer out a custody settlement for nearly a week, but negotiations have stalled.  Charlie's lawyers threatened to go to court earlier in the week, but they thought a deal might be close.  Now, it seems, it's not in the cards.

Sources connected with Charlie tell us ... if his lawyers go to court tomorrow and try and undo the restraining order that is keeping him from his kids ... they will pull out the big guns and expose Brooke's drug issues.

Tick tick tick.


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Charlie should call his new "Faux Show" TRUTH TREK. He could wear a Star Trek shirt. Talk like Bill ****ner. He can be the Captain Kirk of truth. That way maybe at least he could get a decent job with Travelocity

1321 days ago


Maybe people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. So what if he "exposes" her drug issues. Like he's not using drugs?? At least she went to treatment and appears to be in recovery, he clearly needs treatment and is nowhere near recovery. Furthermore, her attorneys should have a psychiatric evaluation ordered of Charlie before any consideration to restore his parental rights unless he has supervised visitation. The media eats this crap up without any comprehension of how the legal system really works.

1321 days ago


Hey i was thinking, does Charlie Sheen know Howard K Stern of Anna Nicole Infamy ? Is Charlie getting his , "Charlie SHeen" from HKS , Sandeep Kapoor and Khristine Eursuchabitch ?

Just wonderin !

1321 days ago


this is so the best scenario his wife will keep the kids and he will get limited and monitored visitations,,the worst is the kids will be taken away from the mother..another example of s***bag lawyers ( charlie's ) who will do anything for money including hurting the children..

1321 days ago


I really don't get it. If Brooke doesn't give in and let the Whackamole have alone time with his kids, then he will bring out crap about her drug use. So then what is the judge supposed to do? Say Charlie is the lesser of two evils? I don't see how a judge would have any choice but to strip them BOTH of custody. Those poor darned kids.

1321 days ago


83 is totally right. I feel bad for all the times I have clicked on these stories, too. We are all contributing to his eventual lousy death. I have not added him to my twitter, but i read lots of articles. We are all too blame. Sad.

1321 days ago


Christy...he doesn't have the girls. denise has full custody.

Posted at 7:11 AM on Mar 10, 2011 by HarlotO'Hara

I think she is talking about my godesses.

1321 days ago

Queen Karma    

#65 Scott is and others against both of them make sense.
Why should Brooke have these babies?
She is friends with Paris Hilton(a known cociane user)... making a reality show with Paris...Brooke is living in a sober living facility, AGAIN, has had susbstance abuses on /off for years , was mahsed drunk or drugged on Christams 2009...missed Thanksgiving 2010 with the babies cos' she was at sober living, and these are the good things about her.
Why? Because she is the kids mother.
That poor reason has given us some messed up kids many times over.
Thought we were finished using that lame exucse, "the mother..."
Add to she married and twins( IVF) oh, get real, two in one shot to equal Deinse 's two money makers, ASAP with Charlie? Why? MONEY!!
Why would anyone marry an ugly, deranged, mentally unbalanced, batshet crazy, ignorant, addicted on/off, geneticaly flawed, and these are the good things about Charlie? MONEY!

1321 days ago


Don't settle Brooke...make him go to court, this way a judge can make him go to rehab...right now, it seems you are the only one that can possible save his life.

1321 days ago


THEY BOTH HAVE DRUG ISSUES which is not a surprise to anyone but Charlie's drug issues seem to be worse than Brooke at this a situation like this if he wants to expose her drug issues then she should expose his that is if he has anymore to be exposed. Fight fire with fire Brooke.

1321 days ago


Pot, meet Kettle.

1321 days ago


Charlie's attorneys are bluffing. So what about Brooke and drugs. What about CHARLIE and drugs. At least she hasn't lost her mind and gone on a violent, blood rant. PLEASE.

There is no way they will allow those kids to be under that man's care. DSS must step in if anyone is that crazy.

1321 days ago


So rather than show his children and their mothers that he is a safe and sane person, by getting medical help/rehab, he is going to hide behind a lawyer.

Revolting little arrogant man.

1321 days ago

J Johnson    

Those poor kids. It makes me wonder why SHE hasn't gone to court yet. How much ammunition does she need against him?

1321 days ago


Take off the Giants cap, Charlie- you're hurting our rep.

1321 days ago
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