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Charlie Sheen: I Twitter for Cash!

3/3/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen told TMZ ... the reason he's taken up Twitter is simple -- it's a "cash cow."


Sheen told us ... his primary motivation behind the new ramblings is that he can score a fortune through advertising.  To give this some context, Kim Kardashian is reportedly pulling in $10,000 per tweet.

We pressed him more, and Charlie interrupted by saying, "Mike, I'm unemployed!"

In just 48 hours, Charlie has attracted 1.1 million followers. 



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Nuff Said    


1297 days ago


charlie theirs nothing wrong with him hes a very nice guy i met him in the 80s he show me a short cut to i think roy rogers beach through a bunch of bushes i ran a bussiness for 30 years i got the same way he helps eveeryone around him and hes just upset that anyone turns against him i been their hes just saying things out loud some people just keep them inside their hole life hes just says things and moves on hes his ok he earned the right to commplaine he does make alot of people money and happy hes just a big kid inside hes not hurting anyone nut him all the people that think something is wrong with him are just guessing hes a stat enjoy him while we have him

1297 days ago


Um, yeah. ALL YOU LOSERS FOLLOWING HIM ARE JUST A PAYCHECK! How about you all leave him as fast as you joined him? That'd send a message. Oh wait, you won't, because you're a troll just like he says you are!

1297 days ago


I really hate this guy.Would somebody please just shut him up!

1297 days ago


Well God bless capitalism !
If Charlie didnt sign a morality clause when he signed up for 2 1/2 men then he tests negative for all drugs which he did. Seems to me and in the eyes of the law he stands a good chance to win against CBS. Charlie may come across too twisted for color tv but perhaps his rage is coming from knowing how many innocent folks are impacted in the wallet by CBS shutting down the show. Seems they know this too or they wouldnt have agreed to pay 4 weeks to the production crew. Sheens are known for activism and right is right and wrong is wrong. Ill admit he speaks in circles and at times seems nuttier than a fruitcake. My concern is his anger. Fear leads to anger..anger leads to hate...hate leads to suffering...Charlie Sheen is obviously suffering and should wake up and realize he has to love his children more than he hates his ex's and act accordingly.he should value his children more than two Goddesses who have arrest records and surround himself with a positive sober circle of friends that truly care about him and wont kiss his patootie and be little yes people to his every thought.I dont feel sorry for him...he is intelligent enough to know if you want visitation with your children you better suck up the crazy and me me me mode and act as if your a straight laced arrow because if you dont you will loose the right to be with your children. Im not saying its right or wrong having two 20 somethings sleeping in your bed but when it comes down to having or not having time with your kids suck up the crazy Charlie for your children. Do the monkey dance "the man wants" because anyone who loves and values their children would.

1297 days ago


I really hate this guy.Would somebody please just shut him up!

Posted at 7:00 AM on Mar 3, 2011 by kimd

he'll off himself sooner rather than later.

1297 days ago

Comment Ads Suck    

The guy owns watches worth $500,000 and he needs to tweet for money? Hrm... goddesses must be high maintenance.

1297 days ago



1297 days ago

Jerry Springer    

I need to learn more about twitter.

1297 days ago


I love it. The train wreck continues and $$ prospers. Only in America. Charlie has $$millions. He should start a cable network.
PBC - Porn Broadcasting Company. He'd make even more $$

1297 days ago


and why should any one follow what hollywood douche bags are doing, ie charlie, kim, gaga, gag!!
greed is the only reason they are on these sites

1297 days ago


Sheen would want the public to think he raised his twin boys. First, he just got his sons for a visit a week or two ago. Second, he refused to turn them over to their mother a week ago, instead allowing his hos to "raise" his sons. Being filmed caring for his sons this week was nothing more than a farce. I was sickened by reporters and interviewers this week trying to portray Sheen as a doting father and victim losing his children to a "bad" mother. Interviewers yesterday painted Sheen as the injured party here trying to drum up sympathy for a crack head and his hos. This whole thing is disgusting. ..

1297 days ago


I think it's a mistake to say that Charlie Sheen has "1 million followers". Most people think he has completely lost his mind and want to hear what other wild comments he is going to come out with. I have never "twittered", but have considered signing up just to hear/read his next outrageous words. This is terrible I know, but isn't that what most people are doing? We are all waiting for the big "crash" that it appears he is going to have. I do hope he decides to get help, but....

1297 days ago


If only WE were paid every time Vomit Charlie made the news!

1297 days ago


way to go. in other words why let gossip sites make money when they can do it too , the difference is that they make money, not the gossip sites and papers ... clever. sign of the times, changing.

1297 days ago
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