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Charlie Sheen: I Twitter for Cash!

3/3/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen told TMZ ... the reason he's taken up Twitter is simple -- it's a "cash cow."


Sheen told us ... his primary motivation behind the new ramblings is that he can score a fortune through advertising.  To give this some context, Kim Kardashian is reportedly pulling in $10,000 per tweet.

We pressed him more, and Charlie interrupted by saying, "Mike, I'm unemployed!"

In just 48 hours, Charlie has attracted 1.1 million followers. 



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1329 days ago


@therock is a Trollhan Enabler no surprise he is a sheen Fan

1329 days ago


This is brilliant. Go get um Charlie

John P McNiff, Philadelphia

1329 days ago


This is yet another reason why Charlie Sheen is winning.

1329 days ago


So he's a wh*ore? We knew that already.

1329 days ago


Sounds like Charlie is "tweaking" rather than "tweeting".

1329 days ago


Just the knowledge that any celebrity somehow makes money off of "tweeting" would be enough for me to stop following. It's ridiculous that they make ANY money for tweeting...your average tweeter doesn't make money from it.

1329 days ago

Whip It    

Living life as a free person! G_d Bless America

"Being in Love means never having to say your sorry"

team Charlie Sheen #winning!/charliesheen

~whip it™
whip it with Kewwwwwl whip, you should try it sometimes..LOLz :p

1329 days ago


Bree Olsen has had more weiners in her than a BBQ grill, what a healthy relationship to be in.

1329 days ago


Sadly, he'll be found in a BAD WAY one day...thank God they got the kids out of his

1329 days ago

steven katona    

bravo charlie your well on your way to a full recovery. nows the time to reach out to brooke and make ammends. step 8 charlie. take those 1st baby steps and show brooke your a changed man. you're on twitter for god sakes! keeping up on the curve is important to show these women that your capable of keeping in tune to the current trends in our society. nows the time to show these vixens the power of sheen as you bank the capital to give these women the lifestyles they deserve! we're all hoping for the big forgiveness on tmz. when will brooke be able to forgive charlie? didn't she know it was all just an act? its for his new 3d movie. why brooke? next time date a gangster. like charlies harmeless. you on pms is dangerous i bet. we all love you charlie! brooke will forgive you but you gotta be able to forgive yourself. make more money charlie. it won't fix your broken heart. i know you love brooke. she is a god eh? look what she did to you in one day! now you pay the price of your delusional outbursts. now you bare witness to the power of a hot blond in got no time to be educated charlie. you now have to be mentored/monitored and guided professionally in real-time. money aint gonna save you from your own mouth and it'll take more than a million fans to outmatch the wisdom of brooke slick move. so twitter away. i'm still on tmz and i'm still your #1 fan.

1329 days ago


It'd be great if people woke up and realized these celebs are ripping you off by following them on twitter or buying their brand of clothing or perfume. It just goes into their billion dollar pot and they don't care about you except that you keep supporting them so they can maintain their extravagant lifestyle. Do you really want to be paying for Kimmy to be pampered in some salon for hours while you work your butt off for every penny you earn? Or support Sheen's weirdness? Wake up. These people are not worth worshiping. The guy who serves meals to the homeless at the local shelter, however, is.

1329 days ago


I think men in this country are so porn-saturated they can't think straight and it's taking our country right down the toilet. I think it's up to the women in this country to unite to put their feet down and stop putting up with this male pornitude and stop putting out until men shape up and pull the plug on the porn and start acting like decent human beings again and treating women right.

I personally think we need some legislation banning porn and hate mongering from the internet and elsewhere - people are acting like animals and rational thinking appears to be at an all-time low. We are going to go the way of Rome and be conquered by the barbarians who are jealous of all our civilization achieved, if we don't shape up and return to our moral bearings and try to be good people.

1329 days ago

Physical Graffiti    

So let me get this straight...there's hungry people everywhere, our military families struggle, education funds are being cut back and someone is paying that kind of money for these two to tweet?!?!

1329 days ago


ROFL, it's uncanny. He really is his TV character. Remember the episodes when he dated the judge, and how he became Charlie Waffles? Now he's Charlie Twit...oops, typo...Charlie Tweats. Money just falls on this guy.

1329 days ago
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