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Rodney King

Pulled Over By Police

-- Cited

3/3/2011 10:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rodney King had another clash with police this week -- the day before the 20 year anniversary of his infamous beating -- but this time, Rodney was only hit with a citation for driving without a license ... TMZ has learned.


Cops in Arcadia, CA received a complaint about a man driving recklessly in a green Mitsubishi Tuesday afternoon ... and when they located the vehicle, they saw King behind the wheel.

A spokesman for the Arcadia Police Department tells us King was pulled over when cops witnessed the car making an unsafe lane change -- and when they approached the vehicle, King admitted he had been driving with an expired license. 

We're told King was cited for the license -- not the reckless driving -- and immediately called a friend to drive him home.

And absolutely nothing else happened.


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or to put it another way is that where should all of the bodies go that fill in that void of nothing (this nothing does not have anything to do with the way the article was stated) ----

1332 days ago


amazing. they don't follow the law and when they catch a beating, they claim racism. unreal.

atleast this time he didn't mouth off. i guess the beating did teach him something.

pretty simple to everyone out there: don't break the law, and you don't have to worry about coming into contact with cops. simple.

1332 days ago


Dam I was hoping for another riot I still have the same TV from the last riot when you got beat up maybe this time me and my homeboys can get a widescreen TV the nice ones like a 52 incher The only problem is how can i carry it in my car I cant drive I have expired tags and i am waiting for my unemployment check.
I should have voted for bush.

1332 days ago


Why wasnt he arrested for reckless driving and no license?!! If that was me my car would have been impounded and I would have been in jail!!! With reckless driving he could have hurt someone!! And we are worried about Lohan stealing a necklace?!! Come on whats more important?!!!

1332 days ago


Is he getting Botox?

I'm glad he didn't run away resist arrest, try to beat up the cops and start a riot this time.

1332 days ago


You guys, please leave him alone

I used to be a total hater, but this guy has worked really hard at sobering up and so far has beaten the odds

TMZ, why are you posting this story? People get pulled over and cited ALL the time. Please.......give me a break. And please do not try to tear this man down after he has made so much progress. Look at him. He's hardly recognizable. That's how much he's improved. I'm not the biggest believer in rehabilitation of the soul, but I honestly think he has done a good job. He did not resist arrest. Leave him alone

1332 days ago


You know why they didn't pop him upside the head?
Because he PULLED OVER.

1332 days ago


And by the way, Lindsay.....

I am a total hater.....but if you clean up and genuinely prove yourself, I will eventually defend you, too. Not "phony" remorse for the cameras. True improvement and I will be in your corner. As it stands now, no. But people can change. Not feeling it these days, though......

1332 days ago


HOOTIE? Is that YOU?

1332 days ago



Lori after you have your brain damaged by the cops see how well you remember to do things on time!

Posted at 6:34 PM on Mar 3, 2011 by dd

Oh that's the funniest thing I've heard all day! mean a TWELVE second beating caused him to FORGET to get a LICENSE TWENTY YEARS LATER???

1332 days ago


Watch Rodney King use the 'race card' to get off this DUI. "Can We Y'all just git along!"

1332 days ago


You have no heart Lori. Terrible comment.

Posted at 6:44 PM on Mar 3, 2011 by Story
Why? Because I expect EVERYONE to have legal license to drive when they get behind the wheel of a car? WOW sorry for being such a tight ass...DRIVING is a privilege not a right, and driving while under the influence (KING) and then running from the cops (KING) wellllll then that changes things huh?

1332 days ago


Good luck to you, Mr. King. You deserved to get a break after what you've been through, something that shouldn't have happened to anyone. Take care of your license thing and ticket and have a good, positive life.

1332 days ago


yeah goto mediajerk and click the links!!! guess what they bring you back HERE!!!!

1332 days ago


"Can't we all just get a Long Island Iced Tea?"

1332 days ago
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