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Brooke Mueller -- Flaunting Child Custody

3/4/2011 12:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after Brooke Mueller backed out of a custody agreement with Charlie Sheen, the actor's  estranged wife took their twin boys out to dinner last night at a place where everyone could see them.

Brooke -- along with her twins Bob and Max -- hit up Johnny Rockets at The Grove in L.A. -- a place popular with stars and the paparazzi -- where they dined on french fries and other '50s-inspired cuisine.

As TMZ first reported, Mueller called off the custody deal yesterday because Charlie blabbed about the terms to the media.


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Butt Lovin Bear 401    

Oh please, "Flaunting Her Child Custody" Give me a break TMZ. I'll bet there are paparazzi, of which you are also, hanging around her 24/7. So no matter where she goes everyone will see her. Very misleading headline.

1327 days ago


Look at those pupils. High as f*ck!

1327 days ago


First and foremost, money talks. CBS can threaten all they want. Charlie Sheen has made the producers, etc. extremely wealthy. Up to this point I would say that a very high percentage of the American male population would love to live Charlie Sheen's lifestyle. However, he cannot expect to live that lifestyle AND maintain custody of minor children. It just isn't acceptable. IMO, he has a choice to make - his lifestyle or his kids. Brooke Mueller was no dummy - she married him and had 2 kids, so............she's set for life unless he blows all of his money on partying, which apparently is a good possibility. And, his "godesses" are in it for the publicity and the cash/booze/drugs. Let's face it - he's type-cast and after Two and a Half Men - what's he going to do??????????

1327 days ago


Gee, Brooke finally feels she may have a breath of fresh air with their boys to take them out instead of keeping them in hiding because now she was able to break a little of her silence and maybe feel an inkling of confidence to be able to do this and she gets slammed.

Keep up the keep up Brooke! No one is perfect and EVERYONE falls....stay strong and it is so nice so see the boys out and all of you smiling.

Other people have a life other than the one man show Charlie Sheen!

All of the negative people obviously live a negative life that somehow is being triggered by what is going on.

PS: Since Brooke is dealing with a time of her life where she is trying to overcome this - it most likely behoves her to legit have the two nannies and her mom to keep the flow going.

You can't try to do this on your own and expect to know how to get back on your feet without help - IF you really want it.

I support you Brooke!

1327 days ago


Oh please the only thing she is thinking of is her next hit off the crack pipe - those kids are so screwed.

She knew what Charlie was about when she married him. Drunk on Xmas morning -yeah those kids are going to be just fine.

1327 days ago


she looks stoned in that video. her eyes are WIDE open

1327 days ago


flaunting her kids by taking them out to dinner the outrage! lmao @ TMZ

I guess the porn Goddess's with them on camera was more appetizing and humble to you

1327 days ago


STAY STRONG BROOKE, for Those Beautiful Baby Boys.
Your a Great Mom, no matter what the Media and Charlie try to portray you as...You at least, are getting the Help You Need.
That makes you A great Parent.
I hope you and Denise, talk to eachother, to stay strong, for the half siblings.
They need eachother, more than you know.

1327 days ago


And why did she feel the need to parade her children in public right now? Yeah, she's thinking of their best interest. Poor kids, not everyone was mean't to be a parent. OBVIOUSLY!

1327 days ago


What kind of a mother would travel on vacation with her ex-husband and 2 girlfriends - only a crackhead mother.

Now she is upset we know that Charlie agreed to buy her a new house for joint custody and she still uses drugs- as if we didn't already know that she is a gold digging whore.

1327 days ago


Charlie Sheen shouldn't have curstoy of a dog let alone children. He is crazy as the day is long and kids need someone a little more stable than that. As a teacher in a public school I deal with too many students in situations like his and it isn't pretty.

1327 days ago


Everyone wondered when CHUCKLES was going to shave his head like BRITTANY?


1327 days ago


This ho snorts up her nose like crazy and wants us to think she is the mother of the year, pleaseeeee. Not much about Lindsay Lohan

1327 days ago


Charlie can't take his kids around his whores ? WTF is Brooke? Isn't she into threesomes, what a pig.Crack head is no better then him.With out his money she would have chit.She has no talent except her nose.

1327 days ago


I agree w/the comments about Brooke, it's not like she didn't know who she was marrying. Didn't she just go away with him? It all about the money for her. It's funny too that Denise was bad mouthing him andvthen magically she started talking positive about him, again money talked. I am a woman and I get mad when mothers feel that they own their kids and the Dad is there only to pay the bills and in their cases keep them in the "luxury" they are use too. The money is for the kids not for their use I.e. Drys, plastic surgery and whatever else. Shame on them. I'm not a Charlie Sheen fan but I am a fan of dad having rights not just their wallets.

1327 days ago
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