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Brooke Mueller -- Flaunting Child Custody

3/4/2011 12:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after Brooke Mueller backed out of a custody agreement with Charlie Sheen, the actor's  estranged wife took their twin boys out to dinner last night at a place where everyone could see them.

Brooke -- along with her twins Bob and Max -- hit up Johnny Rockets at The Grove in L.A. -- a place popular with stars and the paparazzi -- where they dined on french fries and other '50s-inspired cuisine.

As TMZ first reported, Mueller called off the custody deal yesterday because Charlie blabbed about the terms to the media.


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WOWWWWWW....She is just getting all she can right now. Such a dam shame on her to use the Kids like this. Karma is a Bitch and it gonna get her back for what she is doing to them Kids and Charlie. Instead of staying home with the kids she is out with them just to get in the spotlight....what a bitch!!

1293 days ago


One way to let Charlie see his kids?

1293 days ago


#2, #9, #12, don't buy into the TMZ slant, anytime you go "out" to "dinner", "everyone" can see you. And #2,as if TeamSheen is keeping a low profile these days? GET REAL.

1293 days ago


Please set up some court orders that he only see them only while supervised until he gets his life under control (if that is possible) You would regret it for the rest of your life if something tragic happened to those two little angels! Charlie needs to get some help - medication and counseling is the only way he is going to be healthy enough to share custody! Go with your gut Brooke!

1293 days ago


You may think you are winning Brooke, but you aren't. There is only one winner in all this and it is the guy with Adonis DNA.

1293 days ago


Ok...They look happy and SAFE. Paps will be up there as* anywhere they go! It was probably easier just too let ya all take the pics then hiding.I dont see anything wrong with this. What I do SEE wrong is those kids anywhere near the unstable Charlie Sheen and his slu*ts, his lifestyle, fine whatever kill yourself. But those kids do not need too be in that environment. Here is hoping there MOM can be the rock these babies need. Because CH has proved nothing but unstable. And I am sure any judge would agree, all the interviews he did this week. The text messages, real stable guy...

1293 days ago


In NORMAL society a Mom with her children is a 24/7 life experience, NOT a Celebrity Photo Shoot.

1293 days ago


That s***my whore needs her worthless ass kicked. I hope that pig bitch gets hit by a bus

1293 days ago


Prejudice much against women? She has the kids right now and I'm sure she is happy to have them with her. Wouldn't you after a manic depressive in a manic stage with violent tendencies had them. I would be smiling and trying to let my kids be normal even for an hour at dinner.

1293 days ago


And why cant she go out to eat with her kids? Im so sick of TMZ's one sided "reporting" You send anyone with a camera out on the street and then add your biased comments to the photo. Shame on you

1293 days ago


You GO Brooke, you just keep on walkin' girl, it's one step at a time, one day at a time, you CAN beat this, remember Denise walked the path of fire too, and the media beat her up daily. TeamSheen will crash and burn and YOU will be left standing. Like the Phoenix you can rise again, and after the smoke's cleared, everything that made you weak will be burned away, and what will be left? The steel resolve of a woman who's seen the edge and lived to tell about it. YOU can be a success story Brooke, it CAN be done, don't weaken, don't fold. Don't think about tomorrow, stay in the moment, stay in "today" only and let tomorrow take care of itself. One day at a time, girl. One day at a time.

1293 days ago


Hey Charlie - you're kids are here! WINNING!

1293 days ago


Here is a lesson for all you IDIOTS out there! Chicks are untrustworthy worthless bags of garbage! ***** is not worth it!!!!! Stupid wortless pig ****ing whores need to be delt with via the back hand!!!!!

1293 days ago


She's not showing them off... she just took them to a restaurant. Stupid headline, TMZ.

1293 days ago


all I can say is these poor kids - One parents a drug addict while the other is an attention seeker - do what's right for your kids people!!!!!!

1293 days ago
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