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Brooke Mueller -- Flaunting Child Custody

3/4/2011 12:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after Brooke Mueller backed out of a custody agreement with Charlie Sheen, the actor's  estranged wife took their twin boys out to dinner last night at a place where everyone could see them.

Brooke -- along with her twins Bob and Max -- hit up Johnny Rockets at The Grove in L.A. -- a place popular with stars and the paparazzi -- where they dined on french fries and other '50s-inspired cuisine.

As TMZ first reported, Mueller called off the custody deal yesterday because Charlie blabbed about the terms to the media.


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Does the gold digger believe the public is that stupid - she is all show and no substance - playing up the paprazi - I guess the judge will totally believe she is a super great mother cause she took her kids out to eat and she's acting up for the cameras. What a bimbo flake. Who was caring for the babies while she was doping it up????

1306 days ago


I live in LA and the Grove-Johnny Rockets is where tons of paparazzi hang out waiting for celebrities, she put her kids in an unsafe environment and she looked like she was high to me maybe she is a bad mother!

1306 days ago


Wasnt he the one who wanted to have a photoshoot with all his kids/baby mommas and "goddesses"? But its Brook flaunting her kids. And you know what? WHO CARES! She has custody he doesnt. TMZ is so one sided its not even funny. I used to read this site because they had a lot of the stuff before any of the other sites but now I come on here and its Charlie story after Charlie story. I will take slower news over watching 24/7 Sheenwatch anyday. I am now done with this site.

1306 days ago


she doesn't look or seam like she is on any drug like mr sheen said. this man will cheat lie and steal to get what he wants. don't give up brooke keep fighting him.that is what he needs is for people to quit given in to him. he is a nut or insame like he said. you people don't live with him. he is really syco.

1306 days ago

buntcakes molarettii    

CHARLIE sheen is a son of charlie manson thusly he is CHARLIE MANSON II and he was hidden by sheen and tate in thier wild times in LA groupieisms.CHARLIE looks nothin like MARTIN and martin is throwin him under the bus tryin to leave him behind BECAUSE he is a hidden SON of CHARLIE MANSON.I remember little chief baseball martin and charlie the son of manson.CBS was grooming little fake martin`s son that was a manson hidden and he was a Ahole wayback than also.Last game I ever played in baseball was VS cals charlie manson II ake sheen it was setup by hollywood and CBS and my mother and charlie sheen thought he was a killer back than to because his afther was ONE CHARLIE MANSON and I never played B-ball ever again as I didn`t fight kids I was running from the MOB which he was/and is in.

1306 days ago


When I was little I loved going to those type of restaurants. It would be unfair if they never got to go, she can't just stay inside all the time, little kids love to go places. I don't think she is flaunting it at all just by going out to dinner! TMZ this was kinda mean.

1306 days ago


What the hell is wrong with you TMZ ? This article was clearly written to stir the Charlie public breakdown! This would be ok if he were normal and it were not 2 little boys caught in this insanity! I truly feel for the safety of these children and even Brooke. I don't know her and I don't care about her as an individual, but this guy sounds as though he is capable of snapping! Enough of this stoking for the soul purpose to incite this man into more irrational behavior. Think of the children.

1306 days ago

Queen Karma    

I cannnot believe how stupid som eof you are in your praise for Brooke, a crackhead, substance abuser.
Maybe you donot know like many of know, this girl has big substance abuse problems and has for several years. She is in day treatment now. Tell me who your friends are , and I can tell all about yourself.

Brooke is friends with cocaine using Paris Hilton and is filming a reality show.

Charlie, well,you know who his friends are.

Brooke and Charlie BOTH need to go to Betty Ford and stay for 6 months. Detoxt. Then out patient treatment.Speaking to a shrink,therapist,no contact with media. Brooke IS going to fall off the wagon again.She has for many years and even during pregnancy and last week.
Charlie too.
you can't do rehab on your on, on Dr.Drew's tv show, and for a few days.

1306 days ago


Brooke doesn't deserve to have custodial right to those kids, she looks high as a kite. Those kids are screwed, they have two basket cases for parents. I don't know what the Grandparents are doing, but someone needs to step in to intervene because she's just as bad as Charlie, if not worse.

1306 days ago


Since when is Johnny Rockets, at the mall, a celeb hang out? It's hardly Mr. Chow or the Ivy. Newsflash: small children usually like burgers and fries.

Is TMZ that firmly in Charlie Sheen's back pocket? Where was your critique of Charlie when he was having his photo op with his children and his alleged "goddesses?"

1306 days ago


Why cant Child Protective Services take these kids from the both of them. They are both train wreaks and have problems with drugs and booze. Just because they are famous they get this special treatment. I myself am tired of the both of them and they would have to complete various treatment programs before they can have their kids back. I cant believe this woman is using her kids for more camera time. She is a nut job along with Mr. Tiger Blood.

1306 days ago

MJ is LOVE    

Poor little boys.... sad situation.

1306 days ago


Look at her friggin eyes, it looks like she had a crack party with Tyrone from the Dave Chapelle show. Poor kids.

Screw Brooke, she knew exactly what she was getting into when she married Charlie. She wanted money, a house and a lavish lifestyle. She doesn't seem to care about having the children in her life. Someone filming reality shows with crackhead Paris Hilton, isn't concerned with staying clean or being a mother. I bet her parents are the only reason she now has those children. And whats a day treatment?! Are you that strung out you can't enter a regular treatment facility? WHACK I hope Charlie does Whack her! Somebody needs to.

1306 days ago


i wouldnt call it flaunting, you idiots...that is probably the safest place she could go...he did put her in the hospital...geez anything for a story

1306 days ago


since when is Johnny Rockets at the mall a celeb hang out? It's hardly the Ivy or Mr. Chow's. Newsflash: little kids just love cheeseburgers and fries. As well as loving their mothers.

What is shameless is TMZ so blatently in Charlie Sheen's pocket.

1306 days ago
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