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Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller Headed for Court

3/7/2011 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen has just made it official -- he's fighting Brooke Mueller in court tomorrow for custody ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the case tell us ... Charlie's lawyer just gave Brooke's attorneys notice that they will ask a judge Tuesday to undo the restraining order prohibiting Charlie from seeing his kids.

TMZ broke the story ... settlement negotiations between Brooke and Charlie stalled this weekend because of several issues, including a requirement that a monitor be present when the kids are at Charlie's home.



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Let the court decide. The guy should at least be able to see his kids. It's his money she's using to fight him in court, meanwhile she's the one that can't seem to kick the crack habit.

1304 days ago


This is one time I would love to be a judge in this case cuz you can't deny what Sheen has said himself about cutting off heads, etc., and it's obvious this home is not the best place for children. But, yer Honor, I meant Other people's heads and kids, not my own! They'll be fine here with me and my Ho's. Oh, and wanting to cut somebody's face off and wear it shopping? No, no, no...I was just kidding! Whazzat? No one believes me?

1304 days ago


Who is going to give you custody Charlie?

1304 days ago


Charlie - what's more important to you .. your kids or these porn stars living in your home?

1304 days ago


this is all just an act for a new tv show

1304 days ago


A snowball's chance in hell Charlie will get custody now. No judge is going to do that. Charlie obviously doesn't listen to his lawyer or he would have never made that video last night. His lawyer will still go to court and charge him legal fees anyway.

1304 days ago


Let's see...does he WANT us to watch and THEN cut our throats? Or does he just want to cut everyone's throat "in general"? cuz I'm getting the feeling he doesn't like us anymore and I'm not watching if he really, really doesn't like me :).

Oh what the hell, live life on the edge...WATCH CHUCKLES KORNER AND TAKE THE RISK OF GETTING YOUR THROAT CUT...Gee, hope all goes well in custody court today CHUCKLES...your latest rant should have the judge in STITCHES! That is what you intended right? it's "All a joke...smoke and mirrors" isn't that what you said?

Ah need an exorcism...someone, quick, call the CATHOLIC CHURCH!

1304 days ago


Please please please, in future any women *********** with Charlie Sheen. Be on birth control or a medical desterilization. His poor children and what they must endure, what a nut job.

1304 days ago


Fair is fair... if Brooke is going to insist on their being a monitor any time the children are in custody, then there needs to be a monitor when the children are in the custody too. She's a crackhead alcoholic who, unlike Charlie, is incapable of being a functioning addict. At least Charlie has that strength going for him.

I mean let's be real this is the same chick who was drunk off her ass and probably high too on Christmas morning... Mother of the Year she is not. Hell she's not even Crackhead Mother of the Year.

1304 days ago


Maybe the judge can give temporary custody for a year to Brooke Mueller's mother if she is reliable, good parent.

Let's face it, both Brooke and Charlie need to prove that they are reliable people who don't do drugs all the time and can take care of the kids.

1304 days ago



I agree. Again, I ask. With all the tv,radio and internet exposure. Has Charlie EVER made a public apology to his fans and family for all the "mess" he's caused? How many times has he pleaded his case about his kids. Granted he restrained from talking but if I had this exposur; I'd be showing the WORLD what a great parent I am. Not trashing everybody on the internet. LOSER

1304 days ago

get real    

Dear Brooke.. Hope Your Atty. Takes this Copy of Your Husbands Latest Rant to court with You... Please also have a Text written of this Video. No way, will Any Real Judge Let Charlie have any Access to The Kids. You need help with Your Drug addiction.. He needs to Be in the Psycho ward... Maybe a Judge can Issue a 5150 Hold for at least 14 days on CS.. Maybe this is what it will take to get help. A Court Moniter would be in Danger at CS house with the kids.

1304 days ago


Homely ol' Charlie will need a lot of luck to even see the kids with those two domestic violence convictions, the death threats and the erratic public behavior. BTW do we know if he's still alive today?

1304 days ago



I bet your divorced and paticial if no custody of your kids with a comment like that. Honestly, you let your kids spend time there without you......

1304 days ago


For some great tasting cookies, try "I Dream of Sheeny! How totally funny and nutty! haha

1304 days ago
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