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Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller Headed for Court

3/7/2011 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen has just made it official -- he's fighting Brooke Mueller in court tomorrow for custody ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the case tell us ... Charlie's lawyer just gave Brooke's attorneys notice that they will ask a judge Tuesday to undo the restraining order prohibiting Charlie from seeing his kids.

TMZ broke the story ... settlement negotiations between Brooke and Charlie stalled this weekend because of several issues, including a requirement that a monitor be present when the kids are at Charlie's home.



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Wouldn't it be great if Brooke dragged him in to court just so a judge could witness his lunacy in person and hold him on a 5150 as a danger to himself or others.......

1295 days ago

Hey Now    

Poor kids: Dad has gone off the deep end and mom stopped using crack for a week or 2. Hopefully there's some sane family member who can step in while both of these people try and get their lives together.

1295 days ago

real deal    

Well, here's where the rubber is going to meet the road. Charlie has been ranting and raving and talking out of his head since he lost his real job with CBS. He is attempting to justify an unjustifiable, selfish and destructive lifestyle. His appearance is still appalling and he cannot seem hold a lucid thought. Any valid points he had about AA are lost since his success rate appears to be lower than AA's at this point!

All of that is going to be considered in assessing whether he is capable of having partial custody or supervised visits. It would seem to me that he will get the latter. Supervised visits, by the way, is LOSING. And that's real life there;
and it's gonna sting. And Denise isn't going to be far behind.

Sheen's Korner shows that he has absolutely no improvisational skills at all. He needs a writer and a script. In the end, all he can do (semi)effectively is stand on a mark and deliver lines. It also seems like nobody wants him to advertise their product for anything more than a glass of chocolate milk.

Clean it up homie and get back to real work; get your head out of your ass and be a father to your kids. You are either going to overcome this, or this is going to overcome you; but you can overcome all of this. I know your way seems right to you, but in the end you are going to lose everyting. And it's just the way it goes for everybody. Tomorrow always comes.

Is that too much like a Tomahawk missile of Truth?

1295 days ago


Does all this mean we might finally get a good widescreen DVD or Blu-Ray release of "Shadow Conspiracy" (1997) in the U.S.?

1295 days ago

Mark s    

This clown is finished. It has just been reported that
Charlie has massive anal fissures.

1295 days ago


I bet Charlie would try to turn his kids against Brooke if there wasn't some sort of monitor around. He'd be telling that Brooke is a loser and a troll or whatever.

Wouldn't that be wonderful for Charlie to teach his kids to say "WINNING" every 10 minutes or make stupid gangster rap hand signs? Little kids absorb and copy whatever they see you know. It's "monkey see, monkey do" with them. Probably not a good idea for his kids to be copying off of crack addicts.

Those kids should be with temporary foster parents or with Brooke's mother if the judge decides she is a reliable person who is great with kids.

1295 days ago


Get ready to loose any visitation rights with your kids Charlie. In your current state I hope the judge won't even allow supervised visits. Reality sucks -- at least for you it does!

Your family needs to get you some help, and fast.....

1295 days ago


WB - Choose 'other' in drop down box:


REMOVE any current or future Two and a Half Men episodes from your line up. Until YOUR star is committed or seeks help for his lunatic, murderous should suspend all airings of this show...ALL RE-RUNS, everything.

I will be BOYCOTTING all products advertised while airing episodes and will be sending letters to those advertisers telling them WHY.

You are contributing to an extremely violent mans narcissistic behavior.

This is the FIRST time I have left a comment in any forum like this...please take this seriously.

1295 days ago


Why is Dr. Drew not making it clear that what Charlie Sheen is doing (going through) is "normal" behavior for someone coming off drugs? His drug and alcohol abuse is very well known. This is someone who has been using for a very long time... Of course he's a lunatic!! Is everyone enjoying themselves making fun of someone in dire need of help??? Where is all the "Christian" compassion for someone who is in clear distress and need?

1295 days ago


The only questions to be answered are: will the supervised visitation monitor be a therapist, a so-called qualified visitation monitor (there really isn't much to "qualify.") or a friend volunteer and where they'll "visit." Charlie is going to demonstrate how family court really works. Well, Charlie and - which reported Supervised visitation was going to have an at bat, last week.

1295 days ago


The very fact his lawyer would agree to proceed with custody issue shows you there are no ethics in his world. The lawyer should have insisted on a complete lock down until they figure out what Sheen's problem is. I suspect Alzheimer's, early onset as a result of frying his mind on too many drug binges. No judge in the world should even consider visitation, supervised or not. The man is going to kill his own kids... dog in a manger, like all the other self-proclaimed deities who think they can play God with children's lives. Lock him away before he hurts someone. Britney got locked up for much less. Lindsay is still being persecuted. Little did these young women know all they had to do was claim to be winners and bring 2 Adonis-like men into their homes. Apparently, no one sees anything wrong with live-in hookers, maniacal rants on a public website and threatening to kill anyone who dares tell him he's not a winner. He is a lunatic loser! LOCK HIM UP!!!!

1295 days ago


Oh my. There is not a studio in the world that will hire Charlie Sheen after all this and there is no prayer in the world that a judge will grant him any type of custody of these kids.

Where is Martin Sheen in all of this?

1295 days ago


DO this Silly A** Man thinks he's going to b granted Custody..........U big Ol Dummy ( n red foxx voice)

1295 days ago


I wonder if Charlie's brother Emilio Estevez is able persuade him to get some serious rehab and psychological help. Emilio used to be a fairly big star. Not sure what he's doing these days.

1295 days ago


Martin Sheen is a coward. He is afraid of Charlie(with good reason)but he could still get him help. I don't think he even sees the twins. Charlie made it clear if he ever interfered again the situation would be bad. If Charlies own Father is afraid of him think about the wives.

1295 days ago
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