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Charlie Sheen Threatens Custody War with Denise

3/4/2011 1:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen has been yakking with Denise Richards, threatening to strip her of child custody ... sources connected with the former couple tell TMZ.  

Denise Richards Charlie Sheen
We're told Charlie has gone on an attack campaign against Denise in the last two weeks, accusing her of being an awful mother, a loser, and wishing her a slow death. 

We're told Charlie is particularly enraged at Denise because yesterday he asked her to bring the kids over to his home to shoot a segment for  "Dateline" today.  We're told Denise refused to bring the kids over, and Charlie went ballistic.

And, sources say, Charlie has communicated with Denise since we posted the story this morning -- that Denise will not allow their kids around Charlie -- threatening to go to court and change the custody order, among other scathing comments.


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1268 days ago


and e tv online was doing a piece on him. they said is his career dead. defiantly not. is the show dead defiantly so. well i read somewhere that the characters were getting to old to play there parts. so i would not b suprised if this was a way to end the show without losing ratings. run reruns still keep ratings. it is hollywood. but u sure get to see what a NASTY AZZ MF HE IS AND THE COMPANY HE KEEPS.

1268 days ago


Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad
Why we care about Charlie Sheen?

1268 days ago


groovypet use ur imagination.

1268 days ago


its obvious not a lot of you have had any dealings with a drug-f*ucked individual. They are called "f*ucked up" for good reason. They do NOT have the functionality to do anything predictable. In fact, you can be sure that the only predictable thing will be the UN-predictability.

they can say one thing one minute and completely change their mind the next and swear thats the only way they see things, its extremely frightening being around anyone who is "f*ucked up" from meth amphetamines, cocaine, and without some serious therapy, this man will forever remain "f*ucked up"

haha charlie, kharmas a real bitch hey!!!

1268 days ago


IF CS had NO babies involved, then I of course as well as many many many people on here, could care less.

It sadly triggers the angst in so many that were on the "losing" end of custody in general.

Money does not buy custody as what CS felt it would despite his lifestyle. He's already admitted to what it is and of course, has made him fall short.

The winning is now losing and the odds are most high for the safety of children, not a lifestyle.

1268 days ago

Northern Lights    

Warlock, where are you?? Please take time in your WINNING schedule to land the mothership and enlighten us as yesterday!!! You couldn't be eating the heads off the media and spitting them back up, could you?? All for money, of course, b/c you are a fame whore.

MAN UP and stop hiding. Enlighten us. Warlock divine goddesses are on the mothership for a cash flow, but you are too gookkked up to realize ww tt ff is in front of you.

Pay us a visit on our planet.
Peasant minds want to know.

In other news, I have a MAD CRUSH on groovy, fyi.

1268 days ago


I commend Denise on protecting her kids from him. He is too far gone into his addiction to be safe with those kids right now and I also commend her by not sinking to his level when he talks crap to her-she doesn't talk crap back and she knows enough not to talk bad about him in front of those kids as far as I know. She is doing everything right that she needs to do in order to protect those kids and I would agree that maybe some counselling might just be good for her and those kids because of what Charlie is going through and how he is behaving as to how to continue to deal with him in the right way.
Charlie is the one being an **s but it's his addiction talking-I know the addict behaviour quite well-I grew up in an addicted family and lost my dad to alcoholism,so I understand and again the important thing is the kids here and doing what is right for them and trying to keep them safe. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK DENISE AND I COMMEND YOU!

1268 days ago

Sad sad    

JWLor that was great.

1268 days ago


Good stuff JWLor!

1268 days ago


battle of the losers, no one wins, certainly not the children.

1268 days ago


trae aawwwww, and no as team sheen he eats human fetus atleast thats what was said yesterday. he or some lil twit is reading u dont become a hoe like that and hide. and very very good JWLor. i love that just want my mon nite funny back ::))))))

1268 days ago


What's wrong with Charlie? He is out of his mind.

He still thinks he is in a power to say and do this? What a joke.

Wake up Charlie, back to normal please.

1268 days ago


Can we stop talking about Sheen in the media? The more attention you give him, the more he continues to act like the LOSER he is!! He's a real fine example of a good father - hookers, drugs, crazed behavior.

1268 days ago


It's over before it started Denise, just hand over your rights for the children to Charlie because he will win at all costs. THIS I COMMAND.......

1268 days ago
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