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David Arquette in Head-On Car Accident

3/4/2011 7:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Arquette was just involved in a head-on collision and he's injured ... TMZ has learned.

David Arquette Car Accident

David was driving in West Hollywood just a few minutes ago ... when his car veered into oncoming traffic.

David is lying on the ground right now -- bleeding --  as fire trucks are racing to the scene.

David Arquette Car Accident Video
A witness tells TMZ ... David was behind a car that stopped suddenly.  David then swerved to the left to avoid hitting the car and went into oncoming traffic.  David slammed into a car going in the opposite direction.

David was driving a silver Cadillac.

David Arquette Car Crash Pics
We're told David was on his way to Burbank airport to board a private jet which was going to Las Vegas, for the grand opening of Sugar Factory -- a candy store at the Paris Hotel.  He was supposed to attend a party hosted by Kim Kardashian.

UPDATE: He's being taken away by ambulance right now.

UPDATE 3:13 PM PT: Authorities now say the drivers of both vehicles suffered minor to moderate injuries.

Story developing ...


No Avatar


Pff, celebrities, they really do anything these days to get their faces in the media. In the mean time thousands of people die every single day due to poverty. I reckon that's more important than these arrogant and selfish celebrities.

1299 days ago


who cares? the guy is a total loser. i don't even know why he is "famous". is it because he's such a total wimpy idiot?

1299 days ago


this guy is an idiot....swerving into oncoming traffic..good move there mario

1299 days ago


It's really a bad news..

1299 days ago

Stuart J Cronnov    

wow - this might be a wake up call.
Hope hes ok

Stuart J Cronnov
Golf Webmaster of:"

1299 days ago


Has anyone considered the possibility that the person in front of him that slammed on their brakes was trying to cause an accident. There are people out there looking to be in accidents with drivers in expensive cars. It's a way to extend unemployment benefits.

1299 days ago


Very nice pictures indeed, TMZ, but your favourite phrase " rushed to hospital " is missing ! How come ?

1299 days ago

money maker    

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1299 days ago


Looks scary!
Nobody deserves to be wounded, I hope both recover..

1299 days ago


Looks scary!
Nobody deserves to be wounded, I hope both recover..

1299 days ago


Oh. please! He's faking it! He wants sympathy because he is trying to revive his career. Did you not see him on Oprah last week??

He's probably out of work and jealous Charlie Sheen is getting so much attention.

1299 days ago

Queen Karma    

What about the folks in the other car.
Hehad just better finsh this nice, sweet, fast,easy.
Have his lawyers give each person in the other car $100,000.
Hopefully, the people won't be greedy and try to go to court,drag it out.Settle now. Add a new car ,same as that one,or value of that car when it was new for the owner to get another car.

1299 days ago

Jedi nights    

WOW I guess most of you did not BOTHER to actually READ the 5 sentences to this story. A person in front of him slammed on their brakes, he swurved to the left to keep from hitting them and he hit a car head on. Nothing to do with drinking or a suicide attempt.

The person who stopped unexpectedly in front of him was probably texting or on the phone. Apparently not paying attention, kind of like some of the readers of this story.

Posted at 3:54 PM on Mar 4, 2011 by And thats the truth


Yeah, and David was following too closely, and probably also texting or changing the radio station. Sorry, but Arquette's little driving move could have killed someone. It wouldn't have been the driver in front of him's fault, it would have been his fault. People stop suddenly for any reason, all the time. That's why you have to keep a safe distance, for braking. What you don't do is avoid a rear-ender, by getting into a head-on collision. I hope the driver he hit sues. That's the only way these bad drivers learn a lesson.

1299 days ago

Loser Courtney-Ex    

And nobody cares about how the other driver is doing, you know, the one he hit because he was driving like a maroon?

Arquette was following too closely, probably driving too fast, but also was distracted by his cellphone, radio, or whatever, and his gut instinct is to veer into oncoming traffic?! And if the other person suffers permanent injuries because of this buffoons bad driving skills, then I really could care less if Arquette is okay.

1299 days ago


First of all, why must TMZ be there RIGHT after it happens snapping photos like this, his family shouldn't see these!! What if it was you or one of your family members? Secondly, why are people ASSuming why this accident happened and if he was intoxicated. Unbelievable, that is what people are worried about. A man was injured in a head on collision for christ sake. Have some class people!!! I hope he's alright.

1299 days ago
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