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'Chipped Warlock Fang'

Caused Spat with Bree

3/5/2011 7:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chipping your warlock fangs is a very painful experience, so when it happened to Charlie Sheen last night ... he took out his frustration on Bree Olson. Wait, WHAT?!?!?!?

Charlie and Bree had a little fight last night -- which Sheen tweeted about, saying she had "left the building." As we previously reported, things are all good now.

Charlie explained the tiff to us this way: "I chipped one of my warlock fangs on a great white shark I had to murder. Pissed me off and like an ass I took it out on her."

Hope that clears things up.


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The dude is such a DILDO!

1294 days ago


I think it's time for his cars to start mysteriously rolling off a cliff again. That would be uber entertaining.

1294 days ago


He should gay marry Mike Vick! Ha ha ha ha haha! Now that would be funny!

1294 days ago


She is Use to getting USED and ABUSED, so I dont quite understand what she is getting Mad at...She is a HOE BAG.
He wants to Abuse Her, Obviously she ENJOYS IT or she wouldnt be Back.
In fact, maybe he should Punch all her Teeth Out of her Head, so he buy her new teeth. Or How bout, cutting her head off? Like he said he would do to Brooke and Denise.
Or Put a Pen thru her Eye. I mean these Girls do Realize what they were in for, correct???
And THANK GOD THE TWINS BOYS WERE GONE, from this CRAZINESS in the House, when he Chipped her TOOTH, with his Fist...

1294 days ago


If you are going to perform gymnastic feats, every now and then, warlock fangs will get chipped. I guess it's an occupational hazard.

1294 days ago


Doesn't everyone remember Phil Spector's out of control wacko spiral? The difference is he kept his sprial somewhat low-keyed that is, until he murdered a woman. Then we find out more about his drug-induced wacko and delusional behavior. The goddesses should know by now that their lives are at risk while in that house. Is it really worth the money Charile is paying them?

1294 days ago


Well Charlie just made it clear that the children should not be near him. Unfortunately as Harvey said filing for a conservatorship of Charlie is not going to happen. I can't understand this. It appears Charlie is a danger not only to himself, but to others & yet no one can petition for conservatorship???? Really???

At least his latest actions should prove to the Court that he should not have physical custody or even be in the presence of his children.

1294 days ago


News Flash #27 for Anna and Edwina!

Welcome to the Post Feminist Young Male Culture of equal treatment for women, you demanded it, you got it! Your complaints now fall on deaf ears, we don't need to listen to you to get laid! Save your complaints for someone who cares, that would not be us. Understand this: you are disposable, interchangeable and we have lost that loving feeling for your gender, you abused us, our fathers, our uncles and our legal system. You transformed our culture in a toxic way towards men!

Check it and see. Every city has battered woman's shelters, try to find a single city with a battered man's shelter; women are more likely to be the batters, by the way! Just ask the women...

Your value proposition has failed. Your cost benefit has dropped to negative. Ask any young man if he would rather spend the weekend with a female college valedictorian or an amateur porn star who will leave for cash and you will find a consistent answer: "we ain't here for the conversation!" You should not be surprised, you earned it!

Today, the Princess we all love and desire will be tomorrow's spoiled milk. Why would we invest time and money into a bitter deal like that (let alone love and emotions)?

You lack skills in the bedroom. Enough on that topic, do your homework!

All things considered, North American female behavior and attitude make me want to support Sharia Law when it comes to how women are treated (kidding here, but not by much!). The world has changed and it is not going to get any easier for young families. Smart young men have done the mental triage and tossed needy women out of the boat. Good luck on trying to claw your way back into the American Dream!

Women are delusional if they think the only problem they face is being disposable! As for violence towards women, American men also abhor acid face washes for girls going to school; grow up and quit your bitchin'!

Also, try to be relevant; the boat is leaving the pier and not all that many women will be on board. You could start by paying your own way...and quit being drama queens. Oh, and lose some weight!

1294 days ago


numba 131 jack u r so funny ::))) me likie some jack ::))) carry on jack i will pick up ya slack later. I HAVE CHEETAH BLOOD ::))

p.s. that warlock is doing ritual this weekend on charlie sheen now he can add to the list help him get his fame back. oh my bad i ment fang back lmmfao.

1294 days ago


The gift that keeps on giving -

"The Charlie Shkeenk Train Wreck Show", with new episodes all the time, wilder than before!

And this aint no Leave it to Beaver Schtick, this is GNARLY CRAP!

Hey Charlie if you can smoke a 7 ounce crackrock, why not go for a 1/2 oz?

1294 days ago


So from all these ramblings we deduce Charlie is off the wagon, and higher than a kite.

When will the LAPD catch him DUI, and then a court ordered Blood and Body Fluids test for all that causes "influence".

JUDGE: Throw the Book at him.
JUDGE, PLEASE: Jail time or State Mental Institution or Both, but deny any form of Communications by Tweets, Telephones, Internet Access etc. You can allow Lawyer visits and close family.

1294 days ago


did he lose another tooth on this whore?

1294 days ago


Andrew Wilfahrt 31, Brian Tabada 21, Rudolph Hizon 22, Chauncy Mays 25 are all soldiers who gave their lives this week with no media mention. Honor THEM by re-postin this status! Support our troops!!!!!!!

Posted at 9:35 AM on Mar 5, 2011 by Lori

Thank you to these brave men for their sacrifice to our Country and my sincere sympathy to their grieving families for their
great loss.

Makes one realize what a coward Charlie Sheen is.

1294 days ago


I think Charlie really hates women and prefers whores and porn stars because they generally have low expectations. Misogynists are attracted to women who let them get away with treating them badly.

1294 days ago


i heard he likes it a diff way so that would explain the cotrol thing with young girls. uh CHARLIE WINEHOUSE i can go get bubba in the back room for u. ::))))) yall have a nice day ill b back later. AND WINEHOUSE I GOT EYES IN THE BACK OF MY HEAD DONT TRY TO CREEP ON HERE LIKE U DO OR I WILL PUT U BACK IN TIME OUT LIL B-I-T-C-H- BOY!

1294 days ago
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