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John Stamos

'There's No Replacing Charlie Sheen'

3/5/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Stamos skillfully deflected our questions yesterday in NY when we asked about rumors he might be replacing Charlie Sheen on "Two and a Half Men" -- but there's just something about his answers that makes us wonder ... is Stamos hiding something?

UPDATE: Charlie Sheen was fired by Warner Bros.


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i think charlie has said enough and that hes probably not gonna be back on the show if it comes back at all.
all they gotta do is open the show with everyone coming back from a funeral and let it slip charlie was hit by a car in the crosswalk or some other excuse and then go on with the show IF IT EVER COMES BACK. they replaced the guy that does chuck and dont ever bother to watch it anymore.
if i was charlie id be hoping like heck he got a part in the baseball movie coming up and go on down the road. im totally burnt out on hearing him rag on for as long as its gone on
looks like hes got a strong case to get his pay according to what the contract sez

1335 days ago


they should use his brother emilio,actually i watched the show last night and even I find it rather discusting.Charlie is gross,its not funny and the women in it are not even good looking.Very lame show

1335 days ago

sheens.pitbull A T g mail    

I think it would be a good idea. The character could easily be replaced and it would teach Sheen a lesson.

Posted at 3:15 AM on Mar 5, 2011 by Amy

Sweety, let me break this to you gently...

Corporate networks are NOT in business to teach actors 'lessons'. Whatever decision would be made, that point should be nowhere on their list of benefits 'the decision' would have.

There's plenty of threads on Charlie if you want to spank him, bash him, and generally wear your unimportant and infantile hatred on your sleeve.. this thread is about the show itself.

The only criteria the show will ever see another episode is if the suits can find a way to PROFIT BIG from it, period. The show has already exceeded all usual TV sitcom expectations. It actually can just die without needing to find some 'emergency' replacement actor.

1335 days ago


how bout mel gibson or jack nicholson theyve got the tude and some old guy pulling the chicks would be a crackup

1335 days ago


If the show were to continue without Charlie, Robert Downey Jr would be a good choice.

1335 days ago


#14: stamos can play charlie's unknown half brother,his father could had ,had an affair and shows up at charlie's funneral after he dies at the hands of one of the many women he banged,and surprise he is just like charlie,to his brothers shugrin


Yeah, I'm sure the 2.5 Men execs are on this comment board looking for ideas. Give it a rest already.

1335 days ago



1335 days ago


Stamos is excellent actor: but someone darker who could better channel their inner 'creep' should be considered: better to go with Rob Lowe or James Bader.....

1335 days ago


Replace Shkeenk with an endless stream of various porn stars, hookers, Heidi Fleiss, and drug dealer types looking for Chuckles with various stories about why he is missing and why they are after him.

1335 days ago


I hope they don't bring Sheen back or replace him. Have everybody come back for Charlie's funeral - it's not like the character didn't live on the edge on the show (hmmm...funny how life imitates art - and Jake inherits the beach house. Heck, they could have Judith and Alan remarry and live there with Jake and his wife. They could also bring in somebody as an uncle or something, but otherwise, they could also just let the series sunset.

1335 days ago


I like the James Spader idea. He'd be just smarmy enough to fit right in.

1335 days ago


I like Stamos but honestly, he can't hold a candle to Sheen. I guess, tho, considering the state Charlie is in, Stamos might earn a few bucks replacing him.

1335 days ago


About time CBS got smart.They have excellent cast and excellent writers.Sheen is the least funniest on the show.It was easy for him as he was not "acting", but rather extending his real life into a TV show.

1335 days ago


Porn Star "I want him to go to Oregon with me and put a hit out on a little man, I hear he is good at that sort of thing"

Hooker " Charlie came by and left so fast, he left this weird watch and I wanted to return it. It was all kind of blurry, he said Ah, Oh, Eh, and the cops came by and he had a conversation with them with his clothes off after he tore the pictures off the wall in our hotel room. OK I have weird johns but this Charlie guy - WOW - so strange my pimp didnt believe me either"

Lost Child "I had a DNA test and it came back saying I have Tiger Blood. So is this where I would find the old Tiger? Kind of funny, because my schoolmates think I act like a P***y cat, but blood tests dont lie!"

Drug dealer "I have this briefcase for Charlie, but he still owes me 50 large for that last drop of product. He was supposed to pay us on the spot, but got into the stuff too fast and then split a gut before he could deliver the cake.

He said he had a bet going that he could slam a quarter oz rock with one hit with his AddictoMax 3000 CrackBong. Dude - thats 7 grams in one bowl! Well you guessed it, the ambulance took him away - AGAIN!"

1335 days ago


how about geo. w. bush
now there's a real clown

1335 days ago
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