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John Stamos

'There's No Replacing Charlie Sheen'

3/5/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Stamos skillfully deflected our questions yesterday in NY when we asked about rumors he might be replacing Charlie Sheen on "Two and a Half Men" -- but there's just something about his answers that makes us wonder ... is Stamos hiding something?

UPDATE: Charlie Sheen was fired by Warner Bros.


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CBS and lorre are not going back because of the public image charlie likes to destroy of himself. the goddesses are going to have to go and hes going to need to gain about 5-10 lbs. of health and color back to his face before they even consider it. then hes going to need to be cleared by health officials so he can be insured again and this means no current or recent drug use. the above according to charlie is not going to happen anytime soon. so what IS going to happen..

1328 days ago

2 And a Half Cents    

Charlie Sheen is not a comedian- he is a depressed, self destructive drug addict who is silently crying for help. He has rejected the concern from his parents and family, yet, it will be those very individuals that bail out Charlie when he reaches emotional bankruptcy- they will either wipe his tears when they begin dripping from his eyes when he realizes all the pain and suffering he has caused to his family and himself- or his family will end up wiping his mouth because he will be completely paralyzed from a stroke resulting in a coke overdose.
Publicly Charlie is winning.
But his grandiose self esteem is losing big team. Please do not feed his craving for self destruction any longer. Let him go hungry- When he is starving, he will begin feeding on the people that really do love and care about him. Not the bloggers in TMZ or any other website.

1328 days ago

red sox    

John Stamos is so ridiculously sexy mmmmm

1328 days ago


Jon Cryer is funny as hell but has NO BALLS. He allows them to put lipstick and blush on his face. Then they have the nerve to darken his eyebrows. He lools like PeeWee Herman! They could have managed just fine without Charlie Waffles for the rest of the season. They're all boneheads over there.

1328 days ago


Love the Matthew McConaughey idea! He has that stoned/drunk persona down pat, and is more humorous than John Stamos. Has TMZ heard if he is being considered?

1328 days ago


I have tried to watch that show but have always thought Charlie Sheen sucked and was overrated. I think John has a ton more charisma and would be a great fit. I say "YES".

1328 days ago


Just like replacing Darren on Bewitched.

1328 days ago


New Charlie every episode! Yes! That is the greatest idea ever!!! I don't even watch the show, but I'd start watching if they did that. Love it!

1328 days ago


I'd watch again. Mr. Stamos is a great actor and funny, while dark. Fantastic idea!


I totally agree... what a fantastic replacement!!!

1328 days ago


TMZ your falling behind on the Charlie Stories... Last night Charlie tweeted one of his goddesses walked out and left him. He is looking for a replacement.

1328 days ago


FINALLY -> a GOOD looking and SEXY guy.
I'd watch if Stamos was in.
Charlie is just plain nasty looking and he sounds like a crackhead spaceshot. Throw Charlie in the dumpster with his fake twitter account and idiots who follow it.

1328 days ago


I'd watch Stamos or any replacement. Gladly. There's a great cast in place--it's the backbone of the show. In fact, they're the most enjoyable part.

But it's really up to the writers to make a show great--Not an arrogant, overpaid, sef-involved, drug-addicted star.

1328 days ago


They ought to make an example of Sheen thru his character. Have him die of some type of unchecked STD or have him crushed suddenly under a broken condom vending machine being lowered down outside a building, like the classic piano smashed on the sidewalk.

1328 days ago


Anyone can be replaced. Remember when Shelly what's-her-name quit Cheers? Fans thought the show would be over. Kirstie Alley stepped in lasted longer and did a better job than Shelly. I don't know about John Stamos, but I do think the show would go on.

1328 days ago

cindy mclaughlin    

Whats the matter with all you people? Can't you clearly see the whole mess is about business. His personal life is probably no different than yours or someone you do know. Looks like Charlie detoxed on TV. On Piers Morgan last night he looked WAY better and was remorseful in a few of his "Epic Evening" rants, he said were due to lack of sleep. Anybody that knows anything about addiction can relate to the sleeplessness, restlessness, mind all over the place type of symptoms.. It's called Cold Turkey where I come from!! I'm 50 years old and have been a fan of his for a very long time. BTW The sit com will never be the same without him..Whatever happens, happens!! Give the guy a break and remember you could possibly live in a glass house yourself.

1328 days ago
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